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FAQ: What is Duplicate Stitch?

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FAQ: What is Duplicate Stitch?

Duplicate stitch is a fantastic way to add color to your project after you’ve finished stitching. With this technique, you simply embroider your design onto the completed fabric, mimicking the look of intarsia or other color work techniques. Duplicate stitch is ideal for embroidering small motifs. You can also use it to cover up small mistakes! Click here to see instructions on how to complete duplicate stitch.

Personally, I love to use duplicate stitch for adding initials to my work. It’s great for school spirit items and birthday presents. Here I’ve added my initial to a swatch using duplicate stitch:
duplicate stitch

Click here for a chart of letters for your duplicate stitch. How do you utilize this technique in your yarncrafting?

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  • I used duplicate stitch to add the Boston Red Sox logo onto mittens for my sister’s boyfriend. They turned out really cool, and it was an easy way to get customized mittens!

  • I used duplicate stitch when I re-made a personalized cardigan for my father-in-l,aw. It had belonged to my grandfather, but no one knew what to do with it after he passed away. It was a beautiful man’s cardigan with trees and a moose knitted in. It was in great condition except for a little minor wear I easily repaired. It had my grandfather’s initials knitted into the sleeve.

    I carefully took apart that section of the sleeve, reknitted it with the plain background color of yarn, and then used duplicate stitch to embroider my father-in-law’s initials. It made an excellent, very appreciated Christmas gift. I told him and the family the history of the sweater, and how my grandmother, aunts and mother wanted someone else to enjoy the sweater Grandpa had enjoyed so much. I think my father-in-law likes it very much.

  • Hey, nice post. Duplicate stitch is really a good technique to hide your mistake,to do embroidery on to a complete fabric.I like this technique. its really amazing. Thanks for sharing this article with us. Keep sharing with us.

  • […] You can also knit or crochet a project in a solid color, then use your contrasting shade to duplicate stitch the initials of you or your school. For a tweedy effect, hold both shades together (like in our […]

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