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Do You Love Cables or Lace?

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Do You Love Cables or Lace?

Cables and lace patterns are two beautiful ways to add texture and interest to your projects. Does a preference for one over the other say something about you?

Which do you prefer: cables or lace?

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  • Lace. It’s so airy and pretty.
    I like cables, but they are more tedious because of the cable needle. I don’t like to cable without a needle either.

    As for crochet: I think I like ripples better because I dislike joining motifs.

  • I love both of them. I tend to knit cables more as the fabric is denser and I don’t get snagged by my kitty.

  • Gotta go with the cables — I am laced-out after finishing two Estonian lace projects lately (whew)
    Cables keep me knitting through the boring parts to see the pattern of twists and turns and they look and feel so luxurious and cushy.

  • Well, I like both, but right now I’m working the lover’s knot afghan as a wedding gift, and it it drop dead gorgeous. I’ve had friends and classmates ask waht I was working on, when I spread it out, i got the same reaction of wow.

  • Ok.if I have to choose it. I like cables

  • I haven’t knitted lace in years, but it sure looks pretty. Maybe I’ll knit lacy sleeves on a summer sweater for myself this year! I LOVE cables and other Aran stitches. They look great. Doesn’t hurt at all that others are impressed with my work! LOL I’ve offered to show ‘how to’ but haven’t had any takers. Too bad, they aren’t hard to do.

  • I don’t usually knit lace, but this cowl is next up on my to do list. Cables are my bread & butter, particularly for any men on my gift list.

  • I love to knit and have done many lace projects,I also do cables, they look wonderful.If I have to choose, it would be lace first but I will not exclude cables. I also crochet, love both granny and ripple.I think it depends on the example I see, if the colors are interesting or the texture looks good I’m hooked.

  • I love them both! Having been raised on tailored, classic clothes, cables were a part of life. And I love them, and have made many cabled sweaters as well as Aran Isle items with cables and all their variations. But lately I’ve begun to do some lace as well, and find I love knitting it, and can’t wait to wear it. It makes you feel so feminine because it’s lacey–but not frou-frou, because it’s knitted. How perfect can you get??

  • I love them both

  • definitely cables

  • Definitely Cables!! Just look at that model!!! :o)

  • I would try both, it does not matter to me they are both nice

  • cables!!! Flowers, birds, trees, animals…Anything to do with nature.

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