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Crochet On! Working with Two Strands Held Together

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Crochet On! Working with Two Strands Held Together

Thanks to everyone for your comments on my first crocheted scarf. After that project, my co-worker Mily introduced me to crocheting with 2 yarns. At her suggestion, I worked with our Lion Cashmere Blend yarns in navy and camel. My tendency right now is to make tight stitches. So I concentrated and used a large hook to crochet the scarf. I used a pattern that Mily and I deemed the “Vanna Pattern” because it is the pattern used in the give-a-ways on the Rachael Ray show. It is similar to the One-Skein Beginner Scarf with a slight modification. After ch row, I started the second row with dc and alternated with sc making sure to end with a dc. Then I would repeat, starting each row with a dc and ending each row with a dc and alternating in between with the sc.

After completing the scarf I saw Zontee’s post about a crochet hat pattern. I made the hat, and it was quite fun learning to crochet in circles. Once I finished it, though, I realized I am not a crochet hat person. I will save the yarn for something else. I can see now that I will develop a habit of modifying or creating my own patterns to fit my needs and abilities. Mily used the same pattern but with different yarns and a different hook size, which showed me how different yarns give a different look and feel depending on the size of the hook and the yarn.

I’ve started a third project and have many lined up. I will share them with you as I complete or discover something. My next project is a mat for my front door. Be sure to check out my profile under Meet the Bloggers.

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  • You mentioned your next project was for a mat for your front door- I just found a neat project, can’t remember where, but Google should find it- where you cut your old tshirts in a circular manner making as long a strip as possible, about 3/4 inch wide, then using a fairly large hook, I think I used a “N”, single crochet the mat- it’s easy to work a rectangle or an oval, the work goes fast, and the design is limited only by the colors of your old tshirts- cutting them into the strips lets you ignore stains, holes, and those other flaws that landed them in the bag in the basement, and the mats are washable and wear like iron! And everyone so far that has seen them on my porch or floor wants one, neatly solving the what do I make them for Christmas or birthday…..
    crochet on!

  • Way to go, Marc! That’s awesome. I am partially disabled and have found that crocheting keeps me sane. I’m working on several different projects. It keeps my mind busy while my kids are at school.

    I know there are some REALLY BIG plastic hooks available to work with. As another option to using old t-shirts, which is a great idea, you can also use old towels that have torn or are stained.

    Good luck with your project. I hope we get to see a picture of the final piece. Now I need to go dig through the kids clothes and find some old shirts to make a rug from! Thanks for the idea!

  • I am new at crochet, but my mom(deceased) was a great craft person.

  • The pic on this page i have a blanket my father made me when i was very little that looks just like that but pink and purple. My brothers all have one too but they have blue and another color. I am starting my own family now and would like to know how to make them if anyone has an answer please let me know! Thanks…

    I would ask my dad but he is no longer with us pasted away in 2007 over seas. thanks a bunch

    Zontee says: Hi Amanda, check out our 5 1/2 hour afghans by using the search box at — that sounds like the type of blankets you’re referring to. Click here for an example.

  • My pattern calls for corchet wth two strands. Trouble is the rows use two strands of the same color but only call for one skein per color. I guess I have to take each skein and re roll in to two. Then I will have two strands of the same color to crochet with. Is this the best approach? What is the best way to re roll the yarn???

  • Searched further on the web and found suggestion, from LION BRAND! You guys rock! So idea idea is to put skein in zip lock, snip two holes in bag and feed inside thread of skein thru one hole, outside thread of skein thru other hole. I’m going to give this a try!

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