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This Summer Poncho Has Been Saved 11,000 Times On Pinterest

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This Summer Poncho Has Been Saved 11,000 Times On Pinterest

Mama in a Stitch has nailed it with this new summer look, the Casablanca Summer Poncho. This pattern has been pinned over 11,000 times (!), so it’s safe to say, it’s a hit! If you’re searching for a cute summer project, look no further. Mama in a Stitch writes accessible, adorable patterns, so you’ll fly through this and be wearing it in no time.

The Casablanca Summer Poncho

Where to Wear It

One of our favorite things about this poncho is its versatility! There are so many ways to style it, but we have a few ideas for you. You can wear it over a tee-shirt or a tank on a warmer day, to complete your look. Whether you’re hitting up a farmer’s market or a brunch, you’re sure to get a compliment or two! You could even take it to the beach for a sweet coverup. It will also look lovely over longer sleeves for the transitional weather at the end of the season.

Summer Poncho

Casablanca Summer Poncho

Pattern Details


The open-weave texture is light, and airy, but is remarkably easy to achieve!

The pattern is a Level 2 – Easy (Beginner +), so even if you’re just starting out with crochet, you will feel comfortable trying it! Mama in a Stitch loves to write patterns that work up quickly, so you can admire your FO ASAP.

This style is One Size Fits Most:

  • Bust measurement of approximately 62″ in circumference
  • Width of approximately 31″
  • Length of approximately 34″

Summer Poncho


3 Beautiful Color Options

The pattern uses Heartland Yarn, and there are three lovely color options: Acadia, Mount Rainier, and Pinnacles. Both Acadia (cream) and Mount Rainier (grey) would serve as neutrals for your wardrobe. Pinnacles (a bright blue) would be a fun accent color.

Your Favorite Summer Poncho

Let us know if you’re planning to craft the gorgeous Casablanca Summer Poncho, and in which color! We can’t wait to find more ways to wear this poncho, all summer long.
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  • Disappointed on the Lion Brand is going in regards to the patterns being released only as part of a kit.

    I have loved the Lion Brand related patterns for decades. I have downloaded and made many of them, saved some for later creating sessions. It seems that more and more of the patterns today are being released only in kits. And only in limited colors. I very much prefer choosing my own colors and often the colors being offered are colors I would never wear, even if I were paid big bucks to wear them. And, especially when you add in the cost of shipping, I can by the same yarn (in the colors I prefer) at the same or a better price in a local store (thus supporting local economy as well) right now without having to pay for and wait for that shipping.


  • I also, do not like kits. I have been knitting and crocheting for 40 plus years. I like choosing my yarns, picking my own colors, and I love to buy pattern books, I have MANY. I am working on an experience pattern now. Its beautiful so I do not need a kit.

    I get so upset when I find a pattern that I would choose to do and it comes in a kit. 🙁

    I love the ones that give you the choice and I love the yarn.

    Please consider using the option of we get to choose pattern or kit?


  • Glenda Andre,
    Here is the link to the free pattern. The designer, Mama In a Stitch, also has an etsy shop where you can buy the ad-free printable copy, but the free version is at the following address:

    Hope that helps!
    Holly Beth

  • Hi Glenda!
    I’m a fellow crafter. This particular pattern is by a designer called Mama In A Stitch. She has the pattern available for free on her site (with ads) or to purchase an ad-free version of the pattern from her. If you look her up, it’s easy to find the pattern on her site. Hope that helps!

  • In response to the comment about the pattern only being available in a kit, the pattern is free on the designer’s web site. Check out

  • Glenda, you can get the pattern for free. Click on the ORANGE Hi-lited words “Casablanca Summer Poncho” in the description above. That takes you to the pattern page on Lion Brand where you could order. AND It has info about the pattern including the designer Jessica Potasz’s page “Mama in a Stitch” Click on her hi-lited in blue name in the pattern info. That takes you to her fabulous “Mama in a Stitch” page. There you can click on the picture of the poncho and many of her other great patterns. You will get the poncho pattern and lots of pictures of the finished poncho. So now you are free to choose any color of yarn you want. You can do this to get free patterns on most of the Lion Brand Kits that are offered.

  • I really miss not being able to download patterns I like!

  • Couldn’t agree with you more! Well said!

  • Mama in a stitch website with pattern

  • Glenda- This pattern (and others) can be found without the kit by Googling the pattern name. You can go to the original site and buy just the pattern there.

  • Sometimes, with a little digging, you can find instructions from the original designer’s website. Here’s this one:

  • I agree wholeheartedly with Glenda!! I have loved Lion Brand and used its beautiful yarns and patterns for decades. However more and more often the pattern I’d like is only offered as a kit. I Love to look online but I prefer to go to my store here so I can touch and feel the yarns i’m looking for. Plus the colors are never the same online so I prefer to literally see them myself up close. I also will often change the yarn suggested in the pattern once I feel it.
    For your loyal following – you need to get with the program Lion Brand! Your company needn’t be so greedy. We’re buying your yarn because of its amazing quality. Stop making us buy someone else’s color and yarn choice.

  • Complete agree with Glenda Andre!!!

  • I totally agree with Glenda Andre’s comment. For years Lion Brand was my first choice when searching for free knitting patterns, now it is my final choice. Not only are Lion Brand patterns being released in kits only, there are fewer and fewer knitting patterns (not crochet). More and more I find myself wishing for the “good ole days” with Lion Brand.

  • I am disappointed because we cannot even buy the pattern.

  • free pattern

  • This is a ruana, not a poncho

  • I have to agree with Glenda. I’ve always loved browsing your website for patterns and ideas. I really enjoy browsing through your yarn pages to select just the right color for a pattern. Right now you have several patterns I’d like to try, but they only come with a kit. I would love to crochet this pattern in a dark red, black, or even white. I too like to shop locally. There’s just something about being able to feel the yarn and see the colors before you buy. But I have purchased patterns from your site in the past, and would be happy to do so again. Please stop limiting us to the kits and the color combinations you select. Options of just 3 colors won’t work for everyone.

    Finally, as Glenda said, I am disappointed in this trend. Please give the selection power back to your customers. Thank you.

  • Glenda Andre (without threaded replies, I don’t know if you’ll see this, but I wanted to try),

    I often am like you wanting to make the same design but in my own choices of colors. Luckily the pages to order the kits also include a link to the designer’s webpage. There you can find the free pattern, and so support the designer with page views (and possibly affiliate links, although I didn’t look this time, I’ll admit) along with buying your yarn locally.

  • Here is link to the free pattern.

  • I completely agree with Glenda Andre. What is the deal with pattern availability is only accessible if a “kit” is purchased. Just signing up as a member used to give us the patterns free. NOW, we must comply with the changes and purchase, or if we don’t want to “pay the price,” then we lose out on patterns that are shown to us to just tease us. The convenience has been ripped out from under our grasp, and now we are no longer special, but are viewed as another “consumer.” so sad that a reputable company has gone to these extremes. There are other ways….don’t have to follow Lion Brand’s lead. Guess I can just purchase their yarns and related products. But since your once gratis patterns are off the shelf, I’ll have to look elsewhere.

  • I have made this Poncho in several colors, and right now I am experimenting using my favorite Shawl in a Ball yarn for a lighter airy piece, I will post the finish on my blog and your Facebook Page giving the details. Glenda Andre is you check back here you can get the pattern free on the Mama in a Stitch website under free crochet patterns.

  • I so wish this was a knitting or loom knitting pattern. It is gorgeous!!!!!

  • Wish I could just buy the pattern. I don’t like any of these colors and want to chose my own.

  • I agree with Glenda. I, too,, would like to choose my own colors as many of the kit colors are not flattering to me, especially shades of grey. And lots of your newer patterns are not suitable for plus size older women.

    I would like the option to get the pattern either as a free pattern or as a purchased one.

  • This is nice, butnwhere do I get the pattern? And I agree with Glenda Andre and her comment.

  • I agree completely. I prefer to download a pattern and buy my own choice of color. Sometimes I keep the pattern for future use.

  • The blanket stitch, not a poncho.

    I wouldn’t fit into it with one ball. I usually need two balls or more for everything. There are a lot of people twice the size of me and I’m overweight. They would need 3-5 balls or more for 300-500 lbs or more.

  • Pinterest has tons of patterns check it out

  • I agree with Glenda Andre. I am one who doesn’t care for most Lion Brand yatns, as they are hard to work with, or made with materials I cannot wear. By the time we get the package we have moved onto something else and the yarn will go in stash or given away. When we are looking for a pattern it is usually because we need something to make NOW, not a week or two later. Unless Lion Brand changes its mind regarding their pattern releases, I will NEVER make or look at another Lion Brand product.

  • It’s not a poncho.

  • Same reason we no longer get free catalogs and swatches = $$$
    Everyone let LB know we liked their patterns and that this kit idea wasn’t such a good one.
    Are you listening LB?

  • I 100% agree with Glenda! I’ve bought masses of Lion Brand yarns after downloading patterns. I can buy yarn a little at a time, but kits are normally out of my budget. I think you’re shooting yourselves in the foot by releasing patterns only this way!

  • Glenda, we have options! In addition to the complete kit offered by Lion Brand, you can choiose the pattern alone at no cost available from the pages of the designer’s blog. Google ”Mama in a stitch” to find it. You can also buy a clean, ad-free copy from the designer’s Etsy shop for $2.99. Enjoy, my friend!

  • I too am extremely disappointed that you have to buy kits to get the patterns! I want to use stash yarn!!

  • Pinterest has tons of patterns even this one no kit involved

  • Dear Glenda Andre – The Casablanca Summer Poncho is not a Lion Brand pattern. The pattern is from

  • I support the previous comment. Plus, the pattern is not too intricate to not release it for free. Please keep patterns accessible.

  • I’m with Glenda Andre. I hate having to pass if I don’t like any of the offered colors or suck it up to spend the money on making something I won’t wear. Like her, I tend to get the pattern and hunt up my own preference of yarn and color.

  • Glenda Andre, this pattern was created by someone else, it is not owned by Lion Brand, but if you go to the creator’s website: Jessica Potasz of Mama in A Stitch, you will find a free copy of this pattern there.

  • Regarding the comment above – when you look at any of these pattern kits the designer and designer webpage is linked in the information. The designer is allowed to post their pattern and all of them do, they note happily “in partnership with Lion Brand Yarn” and talk about how to acquire the pattern in free, paid, and kit mode. It takes less than a minute to find the designers free download or blog posted pattern. I’ve found all the patterns that interest me for free.
    The poster above MIGHT want to remember that this is a commercial website and although they make it super easy to take a pattern for free and use yarn from elsewhere their primary business is, that’s right, selling things, so even if they didn’t offer the free version it still seems weirdly entitled to demand their wares at no cost. And people think Millennials are killing businesses, lol.

  • I agree with you 100%!

  • @Glenda, google for Mama in a Stitch Casablanca Summer Poncho (and you’ll find …

  • I keep seeing comments that this pattern is not a poncho. However I have the pattern and and if you read it carefully this can be a poncho or a shawl depending on how you choose to seam it upon completion.
    I personally don’t mind the kits when they go on sale. I’ve done the math and you save money with the yarn and it gives me the opportunity to try LB yarn that cannot be bought in stores. Can’t please everyone. All in all, LB still offers more free patterns than any other websites I’ve found so far. I’m a knitter and a crocheter. I’m glad LB is offering more crochet patterns. There was a time where it was all knitting. Happy yarning!!!

  • A couple clicks through and I found the designer’s pattern. I think they do not choose to give away bloggers/designers” patterns free on their site but rather have the bloggers/designers be able to sell the patterns from their own sites in respect to the designers. It’s an ethical and good practice. I found this pattern without a problem.

  • Lion are you sensing a pattern in these comments? I noticed most of them complaining about 1) having to purchase a kit and that color choices are limited, 2) that crocheters and knitters prefer to purchase their own yarn and that shipping for the kits is exorbitant, and 3) many of them have given the URL where they could get the pattern free. (Mama in a stitch did mention using your yarn.) But can you see where you may Start losing customers if you continue the kits and start limiting choice patterns. Just sayin’.

  • if i have to waste knit/crochet time finding pattern online elsewhere,be it within Ravelry or search by designer name in safari,most likely i will use any yarn that gives gauge and will not order yarn (or kit) diectly from LB (ie will not return to LB website because i got what i was looking for)in my case,hello joann and/or Michaels for LB yarn or any yarn carried..loss potential LB$as for designer::i can get free ad-free pattern from you myself:select, copy, plunk it into Word,cut out what i don’t want,have free ad-free pattern.if one is comfortable with Word(and i’m using an ancient version)easy enough to do.loss of $..if can’t find exact same thing:hello,Ravelry.(i don’t know how pinterest works) if pattern is fairly easy, can deconstruct with schematic measurements and if have good eyesight can id exact stitches used or sub if i know measurements and gauge. i stress if pattern fairly easy.

    none of this is done out of resentment (i have one or two LB kits) but time /inconvenience and $. i am on a limited income.

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