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Cozy Up to Fun Fur Art

Artist Amy Caterina is at it again.  We first blogged about the mixed media artist here when we heard about her Pseudo-Sod, grassy looking material knit from Fun Fur.  She has used the material to create topiary animals and even a car cover! Her most recent exhibit, part of Actions, Conversations, and Intersections at the Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery, extended the concept by creating an inviting forest scene, complete with deer and grass against forest images. Amy uses different colors of Fun Fur to represent different stages of grass life, but unlike real grass the “faux” Pseudo-Sod won’t be itchy.

Laying in a fuzzy field of “grass” sounds like a wonderful way to spend a little time!  Click here to see a video of Amy lounging in her Pseudo-Sod Forest.  The exhibit has ended, and I can’t wait to see (and maybe experience) what she comes up with next.  This summer she has a residency scheduled at the Montalvo Arts Center in Saratoga, CA.

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  • Wow. That is very imaginative, definitely different from anything I’ve seen before, and very cool. I love anything you can do with yarn, and this is really unique.

  • This is absolutely fabulous. It’s got my creative juices going. However, Lion Brand might want to think about producing larger skeins of Fun Fur for larger projects. Also, any chance that Amy Catarina might offer her patterns on Lion Brand so the rest of us can try it? I live in the mountains and would love to see that deer sitting outside my dining room window. Thanks for sharing.

  • Where has all of the fun fur yarn gone? It seems to have disappeared and when found is limited in colors, skeins seem skimpy and cost has doubled.
    I have loved playing with this yarn and have made dozens and dozens of scarves for so many here in the Panhandle/Milton, FL, where it does get COLD as well as for family in MI, MO, CN and NJ.
    Looking forward to hearing back from you,
    Dr. Angel

    Zontee says: Hi Dr. Angel, Fun Fur is still one of our most popular yarns and widely carried. You can see and purchase the entire color range at by clicking on “Our Yarns” and then on “Fun Fur.”

    Please note that pricing is set by the individual store/chain, as is the variety of colors which is carried. We aren’t able to tell stores what to carry or how to price the items. Therefore, if you have feedback about either issue, please contact your local store or your local chain’s corporate office to share your feedback.

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