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Community Spotlight: Lovely Colorwork

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Community Spotlight: Lovely Colorwork

Welcome to Community Spotlight, where we’ll be showing you highlights from our Community Gallery. To be featured in the gallery, simply post a picture of your Lion Brand creations to Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #lionbrandyarn. We’ll be choosing some of our favorites to post to the blog.

This week we saw some beautiful colorwork pieces in the gallery. Fair isle and intarsia, knit and crochet, there were plenty of lovely hues and designs to look at. Knitters and crocheters made projects with sports teams, cute animals, and traditional designs. Some were complex while others were simple, but all of them were truly excellent. We even saw one person complete our United States Afghan, which is a pretty fantastic feat of color.

Check out this week’s spotlight below!

Special order for a Seahawks fan! #lionbrandyarn #busyhook GoHawks

A photo posted by Lori Harrington (@busyhook) on

#knitstagram #knittersofinstagram #lionbrandyarn just a few finishing touches left. Like a block M in Michigan!

A photo posted by Emily Wolfe (@emjeanne10) on

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  • Everytime I see this map afghan it irritates me because the NC TN border is incorrect! Part of NC is missing.

    • Well, why don’t you knit it correctly and post it instead of complaining about someone else’s hard work and beautiful art piece.

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