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The Surprising Way Our Color Cards Are Made

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The Surprising Way Our Color Cards Are Made

Color Cards are an inspiring tool for crafters to get ideas, and ours have an inspiring story behind them. Our color cards are handmade by Village of Progress, which is a special facility in Oregon, Illinois. Village of Progress provides resources to adults with development disabilities. They enable people to “live fulfilling and purposeful lives,” and we’re honored to be a part of that goal.

Village of Progress

The Village of Progress provides many services to the members of their community. They employ Registered Nurses who give physicals, flu shots, and many more health and wellness services that can be hard to arrange individually. There are also educational opportunities, covering topics like pre-employment, cooking, and budgeting. The Village is small, but flexible, so these classes are scheduled as students need them. In addition to these services, they also serve fun! In addition, picnics, concerts, and movie nights offer the chance to engage socially and make friends.

Color Card

Sylvia with her hats.

A Village Member Gives Back

When the Village creates our Color Cards, they occasionally have leftover yarn. One Village employee, Sylvia King, has done something extraordinary with these yarn scraps: she works up them up into hats for preemie babies. She donates her hats to the NICU at Mercy Health Hospital in Rockford, IL, which has special significance to her. When Sylvia was a baby, she was born 6 weeks premature, and she spent time in that same NICU. It became important to her to give back, and she was recently profiled by her local news station for her efforts. She was able to visit the NICU, to deliver her hats in person, and receive a tour of the facility that saved her life.

Our Color Cards

Color Cards are a useful way to see all the color options available for a particular yarn. They can be handy when you’re considering a new project, and need some inspiration. They’re also a fun way to get to know what colors are available in a brand new yarn. Color Cards for our newest yarns, ZZ Twist, Rewind, Flikka, and Ice Cream Big Scoop are pictured below:

Whatever you like to use our color cards for, we’re so happy to be able to create opportunities for people at the Village of Progress. And we’re honored that Sylvia King wanted to be even more of a¬†positive force in her community. She exemplifies purposeful living, not only for the Village of Progress, but for all of us.
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  • My son is 15 and has autism. Thank you for doing this.

  • How would I order color cards? I haven;t seen them on the website so far….

  • I have the same question as the previous poster; how can I order the color cards? I’ve wanted and been looking for something like this for a long time. It would be SO helpful to know the colors available in the various yarns.

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