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Colorfully Modern Cardigan Crochet-Along #3: The Fronts and Pockets

Colorfully Modern Cardigan Crochet-Along #3: The Fronts and Pockets | Lion Brand NotebookHi everyone! I hope you guys had a great holiday weekend and those sweaters are coming along nicely! This week I was busy making the fronts of my cardigan. I know a few of you wondering about how the pockets join to the body, so we’ll start with that.

Making the Pockets

I had a little trouble joining the pockets, as I just assumed I knew what to do, so I didn’t read the pattern carefully, and kept wondering why I didn’t have enough stitches left at the end! Learn from my mistake! To join the pocket-lining, work the number of stitches required for your size, on the body of the cardigan as normal (this is a wrong side row, so it’s all in single crochet), then skip the first stitch of the pocket lining (this is where I kept going wrong!) and work across the top of the lining, skip the last stitch and skipping 17 body stitches from the first join, single crochet in the next body stitch and work to the end.

Colorfully Modern Cardigan Crochet-Along #3: The Fronts and Pockets | Lion Brand Notebook
 Click the photo to enlarge.

Colorfully Modern Cardigan Crochet-Along #3: The Fronts and Pockets | Lion Brand Notebook
 Click the photo to enlarge.

A few of you also had questions about the next part, continuing in pattern across the pocket stitches. Since we have already done some of the decreases for the body, we will want to continue that way so that all the post stitches still line up on top of each other despite the break in the fabric for the pocket opening. So pay special attention to where your decreases are and make sure that when you are working the post stitches on row 37, that you are working the same number of single crochets between them as on row 35.

What if I Don't Want Pockets?

I love garments with pockets, as I’m notorious for losing things that aren’t attached to me (keys, wallet, etc.) so now I have somewhere to put them! However if you’d prefer to do without the pockets, that’s easy to do: after the decreases on row 33, just work the body even until the next decrease row and then continue following the pattern as written.

Up Next: Armhole and Neck Shaping

Next it’s time for the armhole and neck shaping. Again, just remember to read the pattern carefully as there is shaping on both edges of the garment.

I hope that answered a few of your questions. Next week I’ll be talking about the sleeves and finishing process. The closer I get to finishing, the more excited I am to wear my sweater, especially seeing some of your photos of finished projects!

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