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Clement Canyon Poncho Crochet-Along Week 1: Grab Your Kit + Gauge Swatching!

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Clement Canyon Poncho Crochet-Along Week 1: Grab Your Kit + Gauge Swatching!


Welcome to the Clement Canyon Poncho Crochet-Along.  I am thrilled to be crocheting again. It has such a satisfying rhythm to it, and it’s so forgiving!

If you are a new crocheter, this project will help you learn new skills to help develop your new-found talent.  If you are an experienced crocheter, you will be happy to see this fresh take on the crocheted poncho.

I love this pattern for 3 essential reasons:

  1. It veers away from the more traditional granny-square poncho technique of crocheting.
  1. It’s made with cotton! Making it the perfect project to make and wear as we head to spring weather!
  1. The color palettes are versatile and outstanding. It took me forever, playing with each of the many color options of 24/7 Cotton, to decide on only 4 kits. I know you will find even more clever combinations.

If you decide to go with one of the kits we have put together, I have labeled each color with a corresponding letter.  The choice is ultimately up to you, but typically I chose the lightest and darkest colors as the single skein option and the 3 other colors as the double skein option.  There is room for playing within the two categories, but I will share here what I would do if I chose that kit.

THE ORIGINAL: A) Jade B) Mint C) Café au Lait D) Silver E) Navy

THE PANTONE: A) Rose B) Denim C) Sky D) Silver E) Charcoal (I’m crocheting this one!)

THE NEUTRAL: A) Café au Lait B) Camel C) Ecru D) Taupe E) Black

THE KRISTY: A) Denim B) Jade C) Ecru D) Camel E) Magenta

This poncho is crocheted as 2 identical rectangles, but there is also room to play here if you make 2 different rectangles. Between the many options available in 24/7 Cotton and your vivid imagination, the sky really is the limit for how this poncho will turn out!  I can’t wait to see all the progress photos in our Ravelry group!

I want to recommend my very favorite crochet hooks of all time here.  The Clover Soft Touch is my very favorite hook.  I usually do handwork for long stretches of time, and this hook allows for the most comfort and coordination while I bingewatch Netflix. Forget Netflix and Chill, I’m all about Netflix and Crochet!

You will most likely need one in a size G for this project.  I usually highly recommend gauge swatching before starting any garment, but this is a poncho, so it could be more forgiving if it is slightly bigger or slightly smaller in the end. I chose to gauge (of course!)

Working with this cotton is so dreamy.  It’s got a beautiful sheen to it, the color is so rich, and it feels great in my fingers even after a long stretch working on it.  I look forward to seeing your progress as we begin this journey together!  Now hurry and get your cotton!

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  • Love this yarn its a delight to work with. I’m using the same color combination you are doing and love it. Where can I post and see pictures?

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