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Christmas in July: 13 Big Projects to Start Now

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Christmas in July: 13 Big Projects to Start Now

How many of us have waited until the last minute to start a massive holiday gift for someone? We’re guessing the answer is: everybody! It can take ages to find just the right pattern for the project you have in mind. And by the time you’ve decided, there’s hardly any crafting time left. There’s nothing more miserable than being up late into the night, whipping through stitches, no longer enjoying the activity of crafting for someone we love. This year, we want to make sure nobody’s in that boat. Get a jump on your holiday crafting by starting major projects now. You’ll have them finished in time to actually enjoy the holidays! For 13 ideas to start now, keep reading.

Big Projects to Start Now: 13 Free Patterns

Make the Perfect Afghan

One of the most classic holiday gifts of all is the afghan. And even if you pick a pattern that’s easy to memorize, chances are it’s still going to take some time. Here are six patterns, 3 crochet and 3 knit, to jumpstart your holiday brainstorming. Afghans are such fun projects to work on, especially as the weather starts to turn, so why rush through? Hand crafting with love means crafting lovingly, not furiously at two in the morning! Start now, so you can relish the process and infuse your stitches with tenderness.


The Sun And Shadows Afghan (Crochet) has a little bit of everything. It features mostly neutral hues, with a pop of elegant yellow, while somehow invoking chic geometric design and the rugged Southwest at the same time. Imagine the reaction when this gift gets opened! It definitely has the ‘wow’ factor. If you want to know exactly what you’re getting into, then you’ll love the 5 1/2 Hour 2 Strand Afghan (Crochet). This will become a cozy favorite of anybody you make it for. Plus, the variety of neutrals make it a safe choice even if you don’t know someone’s decorating style. Now, for a project that feels neutral with a touch of femininity, the Vintage Ripple Throw (Crochet) will be divine. It’s a classic ripple afghan, but with a more modern color palette.


There’s nothing more comforting than seeing ‘simple’ in the pattern title. But the Simple Striped Afghan (Knit) is so much more! It’s an especially great choice for holiday crafting because it uses Wool-Ease Thick & Quick, one of our coziest yarns. Another WETQ pattern is the Textured Afghan (Knit). This afghan is a particularly good choice if the person you’re making it for has very simple taste in decor. You can let the texture speak for itself, while the classic ivory color will go with everything. Yet another pattern to make with our WETQ, the Urban Grid Afghan (Knit) has a slightly more masculine vibe. You’ll achieve the perfect style for a sleek, modern living room, without sacrificing coziness.

4 Cardigans to Craft

Sweaters of any kind make gorgeous, personal gifts that really say, “I was thinking of you!” We’ve chosen 4 cardigans that aren’t too specifically Christmas-y, so they can be worn long after the holiday season. Since they always seem to take an hour longer than you think, these are a great holiday craft to start way in advance. You’ll have plenty of time for blocking, finishing, buttons, and all the other details.


Our Burke Library Cardigan (Knit) is red enough to pass for a holiday-centric gift, but it’s enough of a jewel tone to wear for all the cooler months. You’ll be working in our Touch of Alpaca Bonus Bundle yarn, and the quality of the fiber will be much-appreciated. The fit is slouchy and comfy, but the stitch details keep it looking smart. If you’re looking for a more fitted cardi to knit, then the Cabled Raglan Cardigan (Knit) could be nice. This is definitely one you’ll be happy you gave yourself plenty of time to finish, since it’s a Level 3 – Intermediate pattern.


Strike the perfect balance between fetching and cozy when you craft our Ella Tied Cardigan (Crochet). Because it’s made with our 24/7 Cotton, you won’t have to worrying about giving a gift that’s complicated to care for. And then sometimes, you see a pattern that’s just so right for someone, you can’t wait to get started. The Bettie Cardigan (Crochet) has that effect on people. From the unique details in the stitches to the refined fit, this is sure to be a hit. Plus it’s more of an open-weave, so it can be worn even once the weather warms up again.

3 Christmas Stockings You Can Make

One of the most important projects to start now is Christmas stockings. They make a stellar holiday gift, especially if you’re crafting a set for a family you know & love. They’re a great gift for a new family, too, as people start their own traditions in a new home. To make sure you have plenty of time to finish, start now, just to be safe.

The Festive Snowflake Stocking (Knit) is a fun take on the classic Christmas stocking, featuring a sweet snowflake motif. But if you want to go more traditional, then the Handmade Holiday Stocking (Crochet) will be perfect. Lastly, for something utterly charming, check out the Decorated Christmas Stocking Pattern (Knit). This classic ivory stocking with adorable green and red poms will be something to look forward to every year.

Don’t Wait

Start celebrating your holidays now, and save yourself the headache of stressful crafting later this year. While it might seem silly, it’s surprisingly fun to cozy up with your afghan project in the AC (though, we wouldn’t recommend taking it to the beach!). Especially for projects that are more detail-oriented, like one of the more advance cardigans or a whole set of Christmas stockings, you’ll be so grateful you took the extra time. Plus, you’ll have the chance to think of the person you’re crafting for fondly, and it’s always the right season to craft with love.

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