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  • Yarn Heroes: Cassie May!


    Giving back and being a "do-gooder" - an interview with Cassie May of Little Red Window

    Happy Thanksgiving, fiber fans! This giving season, we are very thankful to the untold thousands (millions?) of charity crafters across the country making comforting items for those in need. We're especially thankful that Yarn Heroes has helped us find and reach some of those people, as well as give us a chance to show off our favorite bloggers! This Thursday, we're talking to Cassie May of Little Red Window. Cassie is best known for her unbelievably creative baby hats! So when it came time to "suit up" as a Yarn Hero, Cassie let her daughter "Super V!" have the spotlight. Have you ever seen a more adorable super hero?

    Show Us Your Moral Fiber - A Charity Campaign Slogan

    LB: Cassie - you design possibly the cutest baby hats on planet Earth. We were SO grateful that you decided to join Yarn Heroes and use your influence and creativity to make a more giving world. Can you tell us a little bit about why you got involved?

    Little Red Window: I think the wonderful thing about knitters is that we all do it because we love it and I really believe you can feel that love in each stitch. Sure, we could buy hats or scarves or mittens and donate them to people in need, but I think that the people who receive our donations appreciate handmade items. They can feel the love we put in and they understand the time and attention that went into making something by hand. And they know that someone really cares about them.

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  • Yarn Heroes: Join Moogly and Crochet for Charity!


    Charity Crocheting with Tamara Kelly of Moogly Blog!

    We hope you have been having even a fraction of the fun that WE have been having with Yarn Heroes, Lion Brand's campaign to inspire knitters, crocheters, and crafters of all kinds to make comforting items for charity. The X-Men have Wolverine, and we have MOOGLY, who should need absolutely no introduction. But in case you're a yarn maven who has been living under a rock, Moogly (aka Tamara Kelly) is one of the guiding lights of the online crochet community, as well as one of the most generous souls you will ever meet.

    We got a chance to catch up with Tamara to talk about her approach to charity crafting, and we are so thrilled to share her insights!

    Show Us Your Moral Fiber - A Charity Campaign Slogan

    LB: Greetings, Tamara! We were so thrilled that you were one of the first people to sign up for Yarn heroes! Can you tell us a little bit about why you got involved?

    Moogly: I love how charity focused the crochet community is! And it doesn’t have to be hats for babies or blankets for the homeless or any of the usual things – you can find a way to help almost any organization you care about, even if it’s a yarn bomb to help raise awareness!

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  • Yarn Heroes: Charity Crafting with All About Ami

    Charity Crafter All About Ami as Yarn Hero Capatain Kawaii

    Yarn Heroes Chapter 2, Charity Crafting with All About Ami

    We hope you have enjoyed the first two posts of our Yarn Heroes, a series all about celebrating Charity Crafting! We were extremely fortunate to collaborate with fifteen of the most creative, generous and spirited yarn bloggers and designers to create new free patterns, host giveaways for new charity crafters, and tell inspiring stories... all while wearing colorful costumes that show just how empowering knit and crochet wear can be!!

    All of our jaws dropped to the floor when we saw Stephanie from All About Ami's charity crafting character... Captain Kawaii! We had an opportunity to catch up with Stephanie and find out more about inspires her to make an impact on the world through crocheting.

    Show Us Your Moral Fiber - A Charity Campaign Slogan

    LB: We hope Yarn Heroes illustrates how empowering yarn craft can be, not just in terms of personal accomplishment, but also giving back to charity and helping others reach their potential. It's hard not to look at this awesome picture of you as Captain Kawaii and really feel an electric power of pure joy! What is the most empowering part of yarn craft for you?

    All About Ami: One of the most rewarding parts of blogging and designing has been hearing that I have inspired others to learn how to crochet.  After seeing images of my creations and reading through the step-by-step process, people feel like they can tackle the challenge and do something out of their comfort zones.  Taking up such an amazing hobby and creating something with your own hands has empowered people and given them a sense of achievement and accomplishment.  People have shared their stories with me where crocheting has helped them through a particularly tough time, a stay at the hospital, or has helped them manage their depression or anxiety.  We as knitters and crocheters can use our hooks and needles for good by teaching and encouraging others to take up our beloved hobbies, unleash their potential, and do things they never dreamed were possible.  Even if it’s not knitting or crocheting, we can encourage people to seek out something they are passionate about!

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