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Best of Both Worlds: Combining Machine Knitting and Hand Knitting

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Best of Both Worlds: Combining Machine Knitting and Hand Knitting

I tend to have many projects going at any given time, and sometimes I want to “skip to the good part” of a project.  It’s not that I don’t enjoy knitting stockinette stitch–I just want to finish more projects and the simple parts sometimes take a while.  Patty from the Lion Brand Yarn Studio posted a great example of how she combined machine knitting and hand knitting to make a sweater go a little faster.  Click here to check out how she got through 8″ of her cardigan in 12 minutes!  I admit, at first I thought it was “cheating”, and then I remembered that I have enough potential hand knitting projects to last me a lifetime.  If machine knitting parts means more projects off the needles, I’m all for it.  If you’re in the New York City area and you’d like a demo, stop by the Studio or call them to book a private lesson.

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  • I knew a lady, years ago in my childhood who taught herself to knit (lace of all things!) whilst hiding in a dark room from Nazi’s in Poland. As an adult she continued her lace knitting on the fronts of absolutely beautiful sweaters, but would knit the backs by machine. I thought it to be ingenious – why not spend more time on the parts of knitting that you love? I have a knitting machine, but haven’t used it much – my current obsession being lace shawls – but I keep it just for the day that I may progress on to sweaters! (And it’s great for cranking out a quick scarf for a last minute present!)

  • As a long time machine knitter, I am so glad to see you combining it with your hand knitting and helping hand knitters give it a little respect. So many times, hand knitters look down their noses at knitting machines – which is a shame. The machine is a wonderful tool and can free you up for the parts of knitting that are fun.

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