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Amigurumi Animals at Maker Faire on YarnCraft Episode #16

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Amigurumi Animals at Maker Faire on YarnCraft Episode #16

In YarnCraft episode #16, we shared interviews from the Maker Faire, an INCREDIBLE event featuring all sorts of handmade things and the amazing people behind them. It was even featured in the New York Times.

Our episode features interviews with Stephanie Pearl-McPhee (the popular knitter/author/blogger also known as the Yarn Harlot), Becky and Natalie of the always interesting Craft Magazine, Corey Feldman (a performance artist who knits and drums at the same time!), Kathy Murillo-the Crafty Chica, and more. It was a lot of fun being at the event, and I’m glad that my co-host Liz and I could bring the event to you.

Not only did we teach over 200 people to knit and crochet over the course of the two-day event, we also showcased a selection of our adorable amigurumi animals.

Everyone who walked by our booth stopped to see them, touch them, and pick them up. The animals were SO popular that someone actually took our poor octopus home with them! Maybe we should make a “Missing Octopus” sign to distribute among knitters and crocheters…

Amigurumi Animals at Maker Faire

You can find all of our amigurumi patterns on the Pattern Finder, but here are my top five picks (a tough feat, considering that they’re all so cute):

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  • Yarndorphins are real!
    When I was younger, before having children, I used to spend a lot of time at the gym…there is nothing as awesome as the workout endorphins…I discovered the “runner’s high” as a high school student running track and cross country. Now that I have REAL responsibilities in my life, knitting is my favorite de-stressing activity, although I must admit that when I first taught myself how to knit (using a Lion brand instruction manual from a kit) I wasn’t sure how anyone could find this activity relaxing! Now that I have learned how to “rip back” one stitch at a time to mistakes, not even the trickiest patterns stress me out;)

  • love those amigurumi pets! great animals and figures. thanks for the patterns ….. am making some for the senior center’s holiday bazaar ~ but am using a fine weight for smaller figures. they are sure cute!

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