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8 Fast & Easy Knit & Crochet Projects for Mother’s Day

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8 Fast & Easy Knit & Crochet Projects for Mother’s Day

With about two weeks left before Mother’s Day, there’s still plenty of time left to get started on your handmade gift; especially if you use a little trick – working with multiple strands.  Multiple stranding adds more texture, durability, and makes a project done in a simple stitch look great.

By knitting or crocheting with multiple yarns as one, you create a thicker fabric, speeding up the process; this technique also allows you to play with different colors at once, creating your own “tweed” look.  Click on the images below to see the different possibilities you can explore with multi-strand yarn-cafting!

Berry Sparkle Scarf
Knit Berry Sparkle Scarf
Striped Crochet Throw
Striped Crochet Throw

Crochet 5 1/2 Hour Throw
Knit Simple Cowl
Knit Simple Cowl
Shimmer Mesh Shawl and Bag
Crochet Shimmer Mesh
Shawl and Bag
Crochet Tonal
Tweed Afghan
Brilliant Ripple Scarf
Crochet Brilliant
Ripple Scarf
Silver Lake Afghan
Knit Silver Lake

So tell us, have you already started your Mother’s Day crafting? What do you have lined up in the project queue?


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  • Kscarlett

    As a little extra little thing, I knitted and crocheted dishcloths from an old discontinued cotton yarn that she really likes.  It is quite a feat to find the yard but I’ve looked for about a year and finally found 2 skeins.  I love the patterns above but that’s just not Mama, especially in the warm weather!  Happy Mother’s Day, Ladies!