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5 (Really Good) Reasons to Join Us on Facebook

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5 (Really Good) Reasons to Join Us on Facebook

1. Meet people who will really listen to what you want to talk about.

Ever try to have a conversation with your husband about the hat you are knitting? Can you talk to your friends about the fact that you have 2 bags of yarn under your bed and a secret stash in the back of the closet in the basement? It’s hard enough to find people to talk to (and to listen!) but on our Facebook page you’ll have a forum for your thoughts and people who take you seriously, support you, and debate you in a friendly way on the craft that means something to you.  If you’re the quiet type, just hit the “like” button, but you’re free to say more comments and tell us and your yarn-loving friends what’s on your mind.

2.  Find out about our sales.

If you subscribe to our weekly newsletter, you’ll get an offer for a kit sale each week, but on our Facebook page, we will alert you to free shipping weekends and 24 hour sales on really yummy items that you won’t find anywhere else.  As long as you are checking Facebook regularly anyway and finding out that your old friend from high school had pancakes for breakfast, why not check in to see if we have any goodies for you?

3.  Change the world.

O.K. maybe not the whole world, but you can change our world because we listen to what you say on Facebook.  We look at the conversations and comments on Facebook to see what you like, what you want more of and what we can do better.  We asked you what would be the perfect yarn and many of you said superwash merino.  What we didn’t know was that you didn’t know that we offer this yarn, exclusively on our site and in the Lion Brand Studio.  So hint, hint, if you join Facebook, you might find out about a 24 hour sale near the end of this week.

4.  Explore and discover.

Stay on top of what’s good in the yarn-loving universe.  New fashion trend on knitting from the New York Times Style section? We’ll let you know.  The knit-along or crochet-along is starting on our blog, and you’ll know the minute it does.  When we announced that all our patterns were free, we did it here.  Contest announcement — Facebook!  New yarn coming into your local stores — Facebook! New video on how to knit socks? You guessed it.

5.  Who couldn’t use more friends?

Over 36,000 of them, and they all have something in common with you.

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  • I wanted to thank you very much for having your faq. I have been knitting longer than I care to tell but hadn’t come across this term. The picture demo was good but the video was really a big help!! Thanks again.

    Zontee says: Hi Marilyn, thanks for your feedback. Please keep in mind that comments should be left on the blog posts to which they relate, so that they can be helpful to other readers. You can leave comments right on our YouTube video pages too.

  • My sister, Pamela Holt referred me here. I’m a very amateurish crocheter and also enjoy other crafts. Years ago I use to look on your site but haven’t since returning from an aprx 7yr Internet hiatus. Looks like this is going to be a good thing since I don’t know anyone locally into crafts and crocheting. My family’s long-distance and Facebook is where we tend to meet. Thank you.

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