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4 Reasons to Bring Yarn on Your Vacation This Spring & Summer

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4 Reasons to Bring Yarn on Your Vacation This Spring & Summer

Take yarn with you when you travelKnitters and crocheters are in demand every fall and winter; making scarves, hats, sweaters, mittens and more for friends and family to keep them warm in the cold months of the year. But what about spring and summer? Do we hang up our needles and hooks, leaving our beloved skeins and hanks tucked away until the chilly weather returns?

Hardly! Spring and summer are the ideal time to experiment with new fibers, new patterns and all kinds of projects you’d never have time for in winter. Here are 4 reasons to bring yarn with you as you travel or keep a project handy at home during the warmer months of the year.

Turn “travel time” into crafting time. Who doesn’t love traveling over the summer? The only downside to taking a vacation can be tedious time spent waiting to get there on trains or planes. Taking along a small project can soothe even the most frustrating travel situations, and turns idle moments commuting into a brand new shawl or sock! Just be sure to check what tools you’re allowed to take with you, especially if you are traveling internationally. Check out this handy regulations update site from TSA: click here.

Relax, the pressure is off. During the fall and winter, it’s easy to feel all kinds of pressure to make and finish projects as quickly as possible to keep yourself warm or to give as gifts. During spring and summer, however, the pressure is off and you can relax with your crafting. Have you wanted to try lace or your first socks, but always felt those projects were too complicated? Try them out this year when the weather is warm!

Having a Stay-cation? Try a new project like dyeing your own yarn. If you’ve wanted to try dyeing  your yarn by hand, then the warmer seasons are the perfect time to get started. Take your dye pots outside and you won’t risk staining your kitchen (though you’ll still want to wear clothes you won’t mind getting stained). Be sure to use non-toxic dyes that won’t hurt your lawn or garden and dispose of the left over dye safely. Click here for help selecting the right dye for your project.

Work memories into your project along with your yarn. Warmer seasons bring longer days, pleasant evenings and time for plenty of adventures you’ve been postponing all winter. Carry your project with you for those moments when you have some time to yourself, and treat yourself to a cute project bag to store it while you’re out having fun! Enjoy those spring and summer adventures now, and remember them forever with the “shawl you made that summer when…”

Do you take along a project when you travel? What do you like to make during the spring and summer? Leave a comment to let us know!

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  • I knit cotton items- wash clothes, hand towels, and try my hand at new airey style shawls.

  • It’s hard to knit (which is what I mostly do) in the hotter months… So I am crocheting granny squares to make a tote with. Change of pace!!

  • I make tons of dishcloths during the warmer months.  I love smaller and more portable projects.  Another great project is knitting (or crocheting) socks!!!  Make them now to wear in the cooler months! 🙂

  • I live in Hawaii in a house with an a/c that we rarely use (electricity is super expensive over here), so I pretty much crochet and knit in the heat all of the time. I had troubles working up the energy to yarncraft when we first moved here, but now that I’ve grown accustomed to it, I find it bothers me less (being cold-natured certainly helps, though!). Still, I find I gravitate toward lacy or cotton-based projects during our own “summer months” as well, and leave my chunkier, warmer projects for the rainy season. 

    Like the other commentors, small projects make for great summer yarncrafting as well. I just finished a scarf and two hats, and will be doing some motif work for a yarn bombing soon.

    • I live in Hawaii too, I actually learned how to crochet while living out here! =D The flights back to the mainland give A LOT of travel time to get a project done, or last little bit that needs to be finished up! =D most of the projects I’ve done out here though were made from granny squares, just cus I’m not that good yet! Lol

  • I crochet smaller projects when we travel. In no time I have a pot holder or scrubbie or dish cloth finished! I also keep my stash of scraps in a separate container so that these too turn into pot holders.

  • I travel full-time with my husband in a semi (truck). I knit and crochet all of the time on the road. I do projects that can fit inside a backpack, mostly. (I have a small shelf for a few extra skeins of yarn and my bag of knitting needles.) I only let myself do two projects at a time–a small one like a baby sweater for our local Crisi Pregnancy Center, and a larger one like a sweater for myself. The only full-size afghans I make are ones made in sections!

  • Always! Newborn blankets! Purses, cotton scarves as well as winter scarves. I use the tiny cotton thread for Southern Belle purses and interesting in the way it opens and closes coin/folded bill bag. After high school I crochetted my long white wedding dress from Knit Crosheen, small cotton thread doilies are made of. Puff sleeves in a tight shell had finger tip belle sleeve added

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