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3 Ways to Create Awesome Color Effects with Amazing Yarn

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3 Ways to Create Awesome Color Effects with Amazing Yarn

I love working with color-change yarns because they make even the simplest stitches look great. But did you know that you can take those self-striping yarns and create even more cool effects with them? Here are three of my favorite techniques in patterns featuring our Amazing yarn:

(Click on the photos to get the patterns on

 Image of Softly Shaded Hat & ScarfImage of Reef Blue Ripple Scarf

Turn Your Project 90°

By making the beginning chain (or cast-on in knitting) the long side (or height) of these scarves and hat, we turn Amazing’s striping on its head and create a totally different look.

It’s a super-simple technique you can use on all kinds of projects to give them a unique spin on stripes, in both knit and crochet.

Elevate Color-Change Yarn with Entrelac

Whether you use your color-change yarn on its own or paired with a solid (like in the Entrelac Hat pictured here), self-striping yarn looks rather spectacular in both knit and crochet entrelac.

Sometimes I find that the different short-row blocks have the uncanny appearance of changing colors just at the right point in the pattern, like in the scarf shown.

Image of Entrelac Scarf Image of Entrelac Beret
Image of Colorful Fair Isle Throw

Have Fun with “Faux Isle”

If you like the look of Fair Isle with many colors, but don’t want to go through the trouble of changing your yarn quite so many times, Fair Isle pairing solid colored yarn and variegated yarn like Amazing (sometimes called “Faux Isle”) can give you more bang for your buck.

It gives you the look of a more complex Fair Isle piece with less work!

What are your favorite ways to showcase color-change yarns? Leave a comment and tell us about it!

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  • […] 3 Ways to Create Awesome Color Effects with Amazing Yarn […]

  • LBY patterns also use Amazing yarn in different colorways in the same item to make stripes within stripes, triangles, miters, logs in log cabin designs, color blocks and patches, granny squares, or whatever shapes you choose in amazing patterns. Think of pink sands and roses for two extremely different colorways but with red family. Or closer ones like constellation and glacier.

    Or use multiple strands of Amazing in the same colorway for a more subtle effect or in different colorways for something really wild.

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