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10 Adorable Knit and Crochet Baby Patterns for Spring

I'm almost positive that this spring of 2012 is baby season.  I personally know a few people who are currently pregnant and a few who just had babies, so I thought I'd share some patterns to get you thinking about yarn-crafting a special hand-made gift for a special little person you may know (or who's on the way!).

I've included knit and crochet patterns made with yarns that are most suitable for warmer weather, from super soft cottons like Nature's Choice Organic and Baby's First— to the brightly colored, and easy care of Vanna's Choice Baby.

(pattern in image: Soft and Sweet Baby Blocks)


Sunshine Day Baby Throw
(Knit) Sunshine Day
Baby Throw in
Vanna's Choice Baby &

(Knit) Baby Booties in
Nature's Choice Organic

(Click here for hat pattern)
Baby Hat with Flower
(Crochet) Baby Hat
with Flower in Vanna's
Choice Baby

(Crochet) Baby Blocks
Throw in Babysoft

(Knit) Fairy Tale Cardi in
Baby's First

(Crochet) Irresistible Baby
Afghan in Nature's Choice

(Crochet) Baby Kimono
in Babysoft

(Crochet) Seashell Poncho
in Tweed Stripes

For fun, I thought I'd share a photo of mine with you.  This was my first ever baby set that I knit for a friend who had a baby a month ago.  As a beginner knitter, I felt so accomplished, finally being able to hand knit something other than a scarf! This Simply Perfect Baby Set was the first pattern I saw and felt inspired by to use. Unfortunately, I never got around to making the blanket. This was knit using Baby's First in "Fairy Tale".

Have you made any baby projects lately, or are you looking forward to starting some now? Share with us!

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