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  • The Lion Brand Outlet

    Did you know we have an outlet store in NJ just fifteen minutes from Manhattan? I like to call it a fairyland of yarn. Many first time visitors walk through the doors and do a happy dance. This is the nicest store of its kind I have come across and that is saying a lot because I have been selling yarn for 34 years and my father sold yarn for 40 years before that. Through the years I have prided myself on giving good advice to the retailers I have worked with on merchandising, lighting, security, environment, etc. But I never thought I would be using this stored intellectual energy to Lion Brand’s benefit and that gives me great pleasure, pride, and a feeling of accomplishment.

    I call the Outlet a treasure hunt because there are great deals, one of a kind buys, and it is a fun shopping experience. In addition to close outs, we now sell our full line of yarn in store. This includes new yarns as they are released and the LB collection including cashmere, silk, and organic wool. Because these yarns are specially made in small batches, these yarns are not available through any other retailer. Toward the back of the store you will find garments for sale. We dig into our sample garment archive and sell pieces that were previously created by our designers for displays or photoshoots. We have also taken some of our favorite pieces from previous window displays at the Lion Brand Studio and added them to the Outlet store.

    We have a great community space I like to call our café. Tables feature low calorie, high fiber snacks. My favorite part of the Outlet is the wall. I have curated a collection of over 100 glossy photos of famous people knitting or crocheting. If you find yourself in the NY/NJ metro area, come by and see this one of a kind store for yourself. We promise you won’t be disappointed!

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  • Try This Stitch: Crochet Cable

    Crochet Cable
    The swatch sample shown was worked in 24/7 Cotton yarn using a G/6 (4mm) crochet hook.

    (Chain a multiple of 4 sts + 3)
    Row 1: 1 Single crochet in the 2nd chain from hook and in each chain across. Turn.
    Row 2: Chain 3 (counts as 1 double crochet), *skip next single crochet, 1 double crochet in next 3 single crochet, yarn over, with hook in front of work, go back and insert hook from front to back into skipped stitch before the 3-double crochet group; loosely draw through a loop and bring it up to the height of the 3-double crochet group; yarn over and complete double crochet (Cable st ); rep from * across, end double crochet in last stitch. Turn.
    Row 3: Chain 1, 1 single crochet in each double crochet across. Turn.
    Rep rows 2 and 3 for pattern.

    crochet cable chart

    Stitch directions reproduced with permission, from Vogue Knitting Stitchionary: Volume Four, Sixth & Spring Books, 2007


    You know the stitch, now what do you use it for? Allover repeats such as this crochet cable pattern can easily be adapted into stoles, scarves, cowls, hats, and garments. Shaping, if required by the item, can be worked on the single crochet rows. Simply make sure you have the required multiple of stitches for the next patterned row.

    Not confident with changing stitch counts? You can still use the crochet cable pattern in items without shaping and end up with stunning results. Anything with a square or rectangular shape is fair game. Think blankets, scarves, stoles, and seamed ponchos.

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  • Perfect Spring Patterns to Layer

    Spring is all about layers. The days often span a wide range of temperatures and having the option to add or remove a layer can be invaluable to your comfort. For example, here in New York City we’re experiencing some wide fluctuations. On the way to work this morning it was just 48 degrees and now in the mid-afternoon it’s 72! How do you prepare for this? Wraps, ponchos, cardigans, and legwarmers, are all possibilities. Below are a few patterns to get you inspired.

    The Granite Cape by All About Ami (kit available on

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