Knit Saver Interchangeable Cable 16”/18”

SKU: AC518


HiyaHiya KnitSaver cables have lifeline holes and a 9.5” cable length.

Lace knitting is one of the most challenging types of knitting because of the difficulties involved when you have to unravel one or more rows to fix a problem.

To keep your knitting from unraveling further than you want, knitters often insert a lifeline into their projects.

Although it is possible to insert a lifeline using a needle and thread or dental floss, an easier technique can be accomplished using your HiyaHiya Interchangeable cable with a lifeline hole.

Needle lengths are measured tip to tip.

Cable color way vary.

With 4” Tips:

9.5” cable makes a 16” needle

With 5” Tips:

9.5” cable makes a 18” needle
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