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Jeans® Yarn

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Selected Colors

    • Jeans® Yarn - Faded - 105

      Chambray Blue

      $ In Stock
      6.99 $6.99
    • Jeans® Yarn - Brand New - 108

      Deep navy flecked with white

      $ In Stock
      6.99 $6.99
    • Jeans® Yarn - Stonewash - 109

      Denim blue

      $ In Stock
      6.99 $6.99
    • Jeans® Yarn - Classic - 110

      Deep indigo flecked with white

      $ In Stock
      6.99 $6.99
    • Jeans® Yarn - Top Stitch - 121

      Golden brass

      $ In Stock
      6.99 $6.99
    • Jeans® Yarn - Vintage - 150

      Charcoal grey with flecks of white

      $ In Stock
      6.99 $6.99
    • Jeans® Yarn - Stovepipe - 153

      Black flecked with white

      $ In Stock
      6.99 $6.99

    Meet Jeans® Yarn!

    Like your favorite pairs of Jeans® Yarn is full of character and comfort. Believe it or not, this fantastically soft yarn is 100% pure acrylic, and like a great pair of dungarees, will last generations. Jeans® is available in seven colors that will delight even the most devout denim devotees!



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    Yarn Category Most Favorite Yarns

    Knit Patterns

    Crochet Patterns

    Fiber Acrylic
    Fiber Detail 100% Acrylic
    Weight (g) 100
    Weight (oz) 3.5
    Length (yd) 246
    Length (m) 225
    Yarn Weight 4 Medium
    Care Machine Wash, Machine Dry
    Crochet Gauge (4" x 4") 14 sc x 20 r on I-9 (5.5mm)
    Knit Gauge (4" x 4") 20 sts x 27 r on #7 (4.5mm)
    Jeans® Yarn

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    • Perfect for Baby Cardigans and Pullovers!

      This yarn has worked up beautifully for infant and toddler cardigans and pullovers, including some lovely Henleys. Sturdy fiber works up to soft and warm layers for little ones. I've been particularly impressed in using it for top down and other one-piece no sew designs. Check out Taiga Hilliard and Cabin Fever designs. Match up with metallic buttons for a project that is likely to be passed down from child to child! Excellent!

      11/13/2018 By Marie

    • Very soft and nice to work with. Just missing "white"

      I love this yarn, it is so soft and very nice to knit. I just wish there would be some "natural" or "white" available for colorwork. So far, it does not seem to pill. Very happy with the result eventhough the yarn is a bit bigger than regular DK yarn.

      10/25/2018 By Pascale

    • Lovin the Jeans yarn

      Love Love this Jeans yarn: soft, heathered, and versatile! I'm slowly working on a "Jeansghan" of my own: using 6" grannies from all my saved patterns. I use all the blue/grey/black Jeans yarns and the Topstitch orange also. Some squares are the DC rounds with no granny clusters in solid colors. I hope to use the Topstitch color when I'm done to embroider details on these squares so they mimic jean pockets vibe! Looking good so far! Looking forward to seeing more patterns for Jeans from your great group of designers! Thanks again LB! You're the best!

      6/29/2018 By Shelley

    • Can't use it and sad

      Totally awesome look. Hard to believe it's acrylic by the feel, it's wonderful. So terrible to use, I can't buy any more than my initial test ball purchase. Very sad, because it had such promise. I can't deal with a ball that has no ability to pull from center. I tried every trick in the book, - ended up having to re-skein the thing and it was a nightmare. In today's age, when center pulls are so easy to produce, there is no excuse for this.

      5/11/2018 By Penelope

    • Great yarn, but yarn vomit

      This is great yarn. It's so super soft and looks just like jeans! I LOVE this yarn, but why can't it come with the starting string from inside the skein visible and easy to find? I've ended up with a lot of "yarn vomit" for the skeins I've used. Clare, from, calls the big knot of yarn that comes out when you can't find the starting string, yarn vomit. If other yarn makers can make it easy to find the starting string, then all yarn makers can. There is little to no need of ever having yarn vomit! Come on Lion Brand, give us the starting string to pull from the inside of the skein!

      4/20/2018 By Janine

    • My present yarn in cart

      I would like to buy some more but the outrageous shipping charges there are a sin.

      2/22/2018 By Rosa

    • New Favorite

      Is amazingly smooth to work with and so soft. Colors are amazing. My new favorite yarn!!

      9/1/2017 By ccindy

    • Feels Like Jeans

      This yarn is just plain wonderful and the colors are fantastic! It is soft and actually feels like your favorite pair of jeans that have the softness that only comes from wearing them. I'm making a scarf now but as soon as I'm finished I plan on making a throw to keep me cozy this winter.

      8/29/2017 By Robin

    • Jeans Yarn

      Very easy to work with - soft. Really like the jeans colors. Very pleased how the projects turned out using this yarn.

      7/19/2017 By Sharon

    • Lion Brand Jeans yarn

      Can't say enough about Lion Brand's new "Jeans" worsted yarn! Just got my poncho kit pattern and Jeans yarns today in the mail and couldn't wait to start the project! Denim is my best beloved and these yarns bring on the " jeans vibe" from the get-go! Love the color selection and the soft hand too. More comfy than your ten- year- old pair of Levis! I can't wait til my next visit to the Studio this summer in NYC! Thanks again!

      5/12/2017 By Shelley

    • Beautiful

      it looks is beautiful and I think something safe for me since I am allergic to wool and I can never do anything with that yarn; I guess I am going to have to buy this online because the only Jo an store in town doesn't have a lot of yarns that I can use, like the kitchen cotton, 24/7 cotton and any other that again is safe for me. So I will place my online order because I know this yarn looks beautiful.

      5/7/2017 By Febe

    • Jeans Yarn

      Really looking forward to using this yarn, nice patterns, both crochet, knit and all colors really lovely...

      5/6/2017 By Donna

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