Windows of the Lion Brand® Yarn Studio

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Windows of the Lion Brand® Yarn Studio is a book that celebrates the extraordinary window art from our flagship store in Manhattan. Each window is a story composed in yarn. The windows have recreated Alice in Wonderland, the Zodiac, scenes of New York City, and the Seven Wonders of the World, among many others. The imagery is brought to life in the details where yarn takes the center stage. Yarn is knit, crocheted, glued, felted, wound, and woven to create whimsical sculptures, characters and creatures.

The first year we had the windows on display, we noticed a curious pattern where lots of fingerprints on the outside of the window appeared at about 3 feet high. Eventually we realized that this was where children would place their hands on the windows to try to touch the fiber art within. Neighbors in the Union Square and West Village areas of New York - the area where Studio is located, would tell us that these windows made their day. Once the display changed, the story would disappear. With this beautifully photographed history of these windows, we can finally share these art pieces with everyone!

72 pages, softcover book, 4 color throughout 10” x 10”
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