Glossary: care washing cleaning


care washing cleaning

Those are international symbols showing how to care for your finished garment. Some of the most common are:

You can use all solvents to dry clean. If in doubt, check with your local cleaner. This symbol is used for yarns that need a little more gentle washing. You should wash your garments in cool or warm water (no higher than 104 degrees noted in the symbol). In most cases these pieces should be dried flat, but look for a machine dry/do not machine dry to accompany this symbol. Garments and projects with this symbol can be washed by machine at a warm temperature. Generally it would be best not to wash your knit or crocheted items at extreme temperature or agitation. This means you can use chlorine bleach. This is not generally used for most yarns. You can dry items giving this symbol by machine. Use a gentler setting than you would for other laundry pieces. You can use an iron to steam a project made from yarn with this symbol. Use common sense and care when steaming any knit or crocheted items.

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