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The People Have Spoken! Your 5 Favorite Knit Kits

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The People Have Spoken! Your 5 Favorite Knit Kits

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The results are in – these are your 5 favorite knit kits of the year! These kits have stolen your hearts, and we have to say, we’re not surprised. If you’re in the market for a new project, then these would be some stylish options to cast on this summer. For all the juicy details, read on.

Your 5 Favorite Knit Kits of the Year

Favorite Knit Kits

Coast to Coast Wrap (Knit Kit)

1 The Coast to Coast Wrap (Knit Kit)

If you’ve already fallen in love with the Coast to Coast Wrap, we can’t blame you! Two of Wands designed this beautiful piece as she traveled cross-country, so you can see the narrative in the stitches. From the West Coast, through the mountains, and the plains, all the way to New York City!

We actually wrote a whole blog just about this kit, because we love it so – read it here.

Favorite Knit Kits

Telluride Easy Knit Kimono (Knit Kit)

2 Telluride Easy Knit Kimono (Knit Kit)

Mama in a Stitch designed this adorable, beginner-friendly project, and it’s a hit!

The Telluride Easy Knit Kimono (Knit Kit) has been very popular, because it’s a great first garment.

It’s made with Wool-Ease Thick & Quick, so it’ll be cozy on cooler summer nights, but without being too heavy.

Because this yarn is Super Bulky, and the pattern calls for big needles, you’ll have this sweet little kimono whipped up in no time.

It’s simple to put together, so finishing shouldn’t be too intimidating.

Plus, the stitch variation along the edging creates a polished look.

3 Coffee Shop Wrap (Knit Kit)

Favorite Knit Kits

Coffee Shop Wrap (Knit Kit)

Two of Wands is responsible for another fabulous kit on this list – the Coffee Shop Wrap (Knit Kit). For something a bit lighter for the warmer months, this will be just the thing. If you check out the reviews, you’ll see that quite a few crafters have made this project more than once! It turned out so well the first time, they cast it on again right away. Since it’s 24/7 Cotton, it’s light & easy to care for – perfect for summer. You’ll definitely get compliments on this unique & lovely project.

Favorite Knit Kits

Easy Relaxed Marled Cardigan (Knit Kit)

4 Easy Relaxed Marled Cardigan (Knit Kit)

Next on our list of favorite knit kits is the Easy Relaxed Marled Cardigan (Knit Kit), also by Mama in a Stitch!

This cardi is soft and relaxed, with an incredible drape.

The fit is easy, and the marled yarn takes the overall look up a notch.

To make it, you’ll use Wool-Ease Yarn, one of our most well-loved fibers. It’s a blend of wool and acrylic, so it’s easy to work with, and very easy to care for.

You’ll create a comfy, beautiful piece that you’re sure to be proud to wear!

5 Bramble Jumper (Knit Kit)

Favorite Knit Kits

Bramble Jumper (Knit Kit)

Last on our list of favorite knit kits is the Bramble Jumper (Knit Kit), also by Two of Wands.

This is a classic sweater shape, but the fun puff stitch gives it a modern vibe. The drop sleeves are effortless and on-trend, without sacrificing style. It’s an intermediate-level project, but the challenge will be well worth it. This is a pullover you’ll reach for over and over, all summer long.

Knit Your New Favorite

Your favorite knit kits of the year so far are stunningly stylish, we had to put together this list. If you’ve already made one of these pieces, we’d love to hear how it turned out! And if not, let us know which of these projects has caught your eye to cast on first.
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