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  • Charity Crafting For Animals: Comfort for Critters

    Are you an animal lover that knits and/or crochets? If you are and have been looking for a way you can combine your loves and do a little good then you may be interested in Comfort for Critters.

    This volunteer-run organization makes and distributes handmade blankets to shelter pets throughout the US. Currently, they are teamed up with over 200 shelters with options in every state. The goal is to provide pets a blanket for comfort as they await their forever homes. When they are adopted their blanket travels with them to their forever home giving them something familiar and secure in a new environment.

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  • Just $1 Can Make A Difference

    warm up america

    Warm Up America

    Warm up America (WUA) began in a small Wisconsin town in 1991. Evie Rosen, the original driving force behind the foundation, had a vision to collect small knit and crochet pieces and assemble them for blankets. Her idea caught on and evolved into a registered nonprofit committed to providing for those in need.

    warm up america$1 Can Make a Difference

    It might seem small, but when we all come together just $1 can make a difference. Lion Brand Yarn believes in the message behind WUA, which is why you can now find a donation page on the website.

    Lion Brand also offers free patterns (see below) geared toward the WUA foundation. And some of your favorite LB yarns will work perfectly for these, and other, charity projects.

    Make For Warm Up America

    Do you want to put your crafting skills to good use? The WUA Foundation is always accepting donations for the following knitted and crocheted items:
    -- Completed afghans in sizes from baby through full-sized
    -- Adult hats
    -- Scarves
    -- Baby clothing
    -- 7" x 9" knit or crochet sections for assembling into afghans

    Completed items can be mailed to the address at the bottom of this post.

    Afghan Patterns

    If you want to put together an afghan yourself you can find a few free pattern downloads for them on LionBrand.com. These blankets follow the patchwork-type layout of the WUA afghans.

    warm up america

    This beautiful Warm Up America (Knit) Afghan is worked in Vanna's Choice yarn.

    warm up america

    This afghan worked in Homespun yarn is available in both a knit and crochet version.

    You can mail your knit and crocheted items and afghan pieces to Warm up America at the following address:

    Warm Up America!
    3740 N. Josey Lane, Suite 102
    Carrollton, TX 75007
    Attn: Parkland Hospital

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  • Charity Crafting For Animals: The Snuggles Project

    Using your crafty skills to bring joy and comfort to others is one of the most satisfying feelings. Our furry friends can appreciate our handiwork as well. And they will never judge us for misshapen stitches or uneven gauge. If you're a brand new knitter or crocheter why not consider practicing your skills on simple items that benefit a furry critter? Below is a list of organizations and patterns to get you inspired and pointed in the right direction.

    The Snuggles Project

    The Snuggles Project is part of the Hugs Society (previously Hugs for Homeless Animals), a worldwide program calling crafters to make "snuggles" to donate to local animal shelters. Over a million Snuggles have been donated since the project began in 1996.

    A Snuggle is essentially a small critter-sized comfort blanket. The guidelines for making one are loose, since they are more about the textural feel and comfort provided to the animal. As was mentioned above, these fur babies aren't judging your skill level or color choice here. If you would like some inspiration there are sections on the site for knit, crochet, and sewn Snuggle patterns.

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