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Mandala® Yarn Made in the USA

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  • Sku: 525U-204
  • Sku: 525U-215
  • Sku: 525U-210
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  • Sku: 525U-200
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Selected Colors

    • Mandala® Yarn Made in the USA - Chimera - 204

      Tomato, fuchsia, mahogany, sapphire, olive, brass, mustard.

      $ In Stock
      7.99 $7.99
    • Mandala® Yarn Made in the USA - Warlock - 215

      Eggplant, russet, forest green, brass, taupe, camel, mauve.

      $ In Stock
      7.99 $7.99
    • Mandala® Yarn Made in the USA - Pegasus - 210

      Teal, cream, coral, lavender, mauve, grey.

      $ In Stock
      7.99 $7.99
    • Mandala® Yarn Made in the USA - Sphinx - 216

      Mahogany, navy, sapphire, aqua, grey, mustard, spring green, pale aqua, brown.

      $ In Stock
      7.99 $7.99
    • Mandala® Yarn Made in the USA - Wood Nymph - 200

      Fuchsia, cream, purple, lavender, pink and lilac.

      $ In Stock
      7.99 $7.99
    • Mandala® Yarn Made in the USA - Centaur - 214

      Grape, bark, russet, taupe, brass, camel, wisteria

      $ In Stock
      7.99 $7.99
    • Mandala® Yarn Made in the USA - Genie - 217

      Mint, pistachio, white, silver, oxford grey, charcoal, mint

      $ In Stock
      7.99 $7.99

    Lion Brand® is proud to announce that this line of

    Mandala® Yarn is made in the USA!

    With an exceptionally wide range of enchanting colors, from jewel tones, to bright children's colors, and even classic shades for men, one glimpse of this mystical new yarn will leave you spellbound. The ideal weight for crocheters, just one ball will allow you to conjure a scarf, small shawl, or even a sorcerer's cap!


    Yarn Category New

    Knit Patterns

    Crochet Patterns

    Fiber Acrylic
    Fiber Detail 100% Acrylic
    Weight (g) 150
    Weight (oz) 5.3
    Length (yd) 590
    Length (m) 540
    Yarn Weight 3 Light
    Care Machine Wash, Machine Dry
    Care Detail Items made from this yarn may be laundered through the use of hottest available water, detergent or soap, agitation, and a machine designed for this purpose. A machine dryer may be regularly used at the hottest available temperature setting.
    Crochet Gauge (4" x 4") 16 sc x 20 r on H-8 (5 mm)
    Knit Gauge (4" x 4") 22 sts x 30 r on #5 (3.75mm)
    Mandala® Yarn Made in the USA

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    • Nice whimsical color combos

      I've purchased 8 skeins of this yarn so far for Christmas presents. Surprisingly, your website has fewer options than either Walmart (where I've purchased mine) or Herschner's online site). Herschner's site has 16 color combos, and one of my Walmart purchases, Troll, is on neither website. I plan to check out our local Walmart again to see what's left, because their price is still the best and their assortment is still quite good. This yarn rocks!

      10/10/2018 By Nancy

    • Beautiful yarn!

      I love this yarn. It works up to a lovely soft blanket with beautiful colors. My only complaint about the yarn itself is that it can go from nice and thick to very thin and back again. Also wish that it was easier to find locally. Purchasing it online takes far too long to arrive! Cotton blend would be awesome!

      5/17/2018 By Cynthia

    • I love this yarn!

      I can't even begin to count how many projects I've made with Mandala yarn. I gave gifts at Christmas made from it... I have two wraps hanging on the back of my door... I have a cowl waiting for shipment to my cousin... I have a cowl in progress... and a scarf in progress with it. I absolutely love this yarn. The color changes are gradual. It doesn't jump from one to the other like other cakes I've tried. There is an intermediate color between, which gives a lovely flow to the colors. The softness of this yarn is unbeatable, and it is so SQUISHY! Makes me want to make a pillow out of it. LOL My favorite color? Honestly, I don't think I can choose. They all work up so beautifully! My next project is going to be an afghan with Phoenix, doubling the yarn. Also, I am so glad to see a thinner yarn coming out. This yarn weight is by far my favorite to work with. I've tried some of the bulkier yarns, but am not happy with the results. My only complaint about Mandala is access. It's becoming really hard to find in my area of Texas and there is no access to the new colors or the new types. Still, this is my favorite yarn!

      5/16/2018 By Julie


      I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE everything about this yarn. Love the colors, love the weight, love the yardage, love the feel. What I DON'T love is the fact that other than spending $7.99 a cake on your website (which is not affordable to a lot of people on fixed income), the only other place you can get it is WalMart. They are not consistent with stocking the yarn. Some WalMarts you can get it for $3.98... some have it on clearance for $1.00. Unfortunately the WalMart closer to me has it for $4.97 and has never changed the price. I wouldn't mind paying the $4.97 if they would update their stock! But for the past several weeks, they have like 6 or 8 skeins in stock... same ones all the time. For that reason, I'm only giving this 4 stars.

      5/15/2018 By Kathy

    • Best yarn ever

      I have been crocheting for over 40 years. This is the best yarn ever. But I am not Happy with how you have market it. It has been so hard to get. Can't get all the colors of enough of a color. Some Wal-Mart's don't want it anymire. Still no cotton at my srores. Never fabric had to drive to all my available carries contraband get what I needed.. The only goidvthingcabout walmart is the price. Please make it more available. I know it can be ordered, but I can't afford the shipping in on a fixed income. Thank you

      5/14/2018 By Christine

    • Has a fan club for a reason!

      Why do I love Mandala yarn? Let me list a few reasons.... Beautiful color palettes. Nice gradual color changes. High yardage. 3 weight. It’s so fun to work with and has a cult following for a reason! Beginners to advanced can enjoy this yarn and make beautiful creations. I’d love to see this yarn offered at more stores, and I’d be thrilled to find it in a cotton blend!

      5/14/2018 By Caroline

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