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Stories to Share

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Stories from the Prayer Shawl Ministry
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Table of Contents: Featured Articles
"v" For Victory 2008-10-23
A Baker's Handy Helper 2011-04-14
A Different Kind Of Handmade Warmth: The Iowa City Tree Huggers 2012-11-28
A Knitter's Notes From The Iowa Flood 2008-06-18
A Knitter's Ode To The Sweatshirt 2011-06-23
A Knitter's Portrait 2007-03-01
A Knitter's Resolution 2011-01-20
A Pattern For Life 2007-03-01
All Whimsy And Delight 2009-05-12
An Artful Way To Knit 2007-03-01
Artifacts Of A Knitting Life 2007-03-01
Back To School 2009-08-20
Cashmere: A Touch Of Luxury 2009-01-20
Could I Interest You In A Ruffle? 2007-03-01
Demystifying Darning With Monica Leo 2011-07-20
Ed's Hat: Form, Function And Ultimate Winter Warmth 2008-03-26
Extra Yarn 2012-02-08
Fledglings 2011-12-07
Gaugeless 2012-08-16
Gesture For The Future 2007-03-01
Go Forth In Warmth 2010-05-25
Happy Feet 2010-10-13
Heirloom Knitting: Knitting For The Generations To Come 2007-12-05
Jumper Cables To Bean Bags: Practical Gift Giving 2010-12-15
Karma Mittens 2007-03-01
Knit On! 2007-03-01
Knit Your Bit 2007-11-07
Knitting For Soldiers 2009-04-22
Knitting Moments 2007-03-01
Knitting Needles And Broomsticks 2007-07-17
Knitting Spring: Wristers For Those With Cold Hands 2008-05-28
Making The World A Beautiful Place: A Thank You 2008-01-22
Martha And Maurice 2012-05-16
Memorial Knitting: Many Hands Working Together 2012-07-18
Mitten Knowledge 2007-03-01
One Skein Charitable Knitting 2008-09-23
Pumpkin Hats 2010-09-20
Pumpkin Patch Volunteers 2008-07-21
Reasons To Knit Mittens 2007-03-01
Road Scarf 2007-03-25
Roll-down Wristers With A Touch Of Glamour 2008-11-20
School Supplies For Yarncrafters 2011-08-17
September 11, 2011 - National Day Of Service And Remembrance 2011-09-09
Simple Gifts 2009-06-22
Sisterhood Of The Needle 2007-08-15
Stories From The Lost And Found 2012-06-12
Sustainability 2012-03-08
Tea And Sympathy Shawl 2007-03-01
The Boyfriend Sweater 2007-09-04
The Hawkeye Healing Shawl 2012-04-04
The Knitter And The Mouse 2009-09-21
The Knitting Adventures Of Wetherill Winder 2011-05-25
The Perfect Chemo Cap 2009-10-28
The Prohibition Shawl 2011-10-11
The Sartorialist Mittens 2012-01-11
The Stalled Sock 2010-08-18
The Tiny Purse 2007-03-01
The Wonder Of Knitting 2010-04-28
Ufos: The Sweater And The Shawl 2009-03-19
Valentines All Year Round 2011-02-16
Valentines For All 2009-02-05
Warm Up America And Vanna's Choice 2007-10-17
Welcome To The World Of Charitable Knitting 2007-07-02
Winterizing 2010-11-16
World Wide Knit In Public Day 2010-06-21
Yarn Love 2011-11-10

Author: Mandy Attonito
Nursing, Knitting Needles And Grumpy Old Men
Mandy Attonito 2007-03-01

Author: Lion Brand
4 Ways To Decorate Your Gift Packages With Yarn
Lion Brand 2010-12-13
Charity Feature - Afghans For Afghans
Lion Brand 2007-08-09
Charity Feature - Angels For Hope
Lion Brand 2007-06-20
Charity Feature - Binky Patrol
Lion Brand 2009-09-09
Charity Feature - Care To Knit
Lion Brand 2010-04-13
Charity Feature - Care Wear
Lion Brand 2009-05-27
Charity Feature - Cubs For Kids
Lion Brand 2007-09-18
Charity Feature - Get Well Gang
Lion Brand 2009-04-14
Charity Feature - Glamourgals
Lion Brand 2009-06-17
Charity Feature - Global Knit
Lion Brand 2010-06-09
Charity Feature - Guideposts Knit For Kids
Lion Brand 2008-08-07
Charity Feature - Handmade Especially For You
Lion Brand 2010-05-17
Charity Feature - Hat Box Foundation
Lion Brand 2010-02-11
Charity Feature - Hats (handcrafted And Totally Special)
Lion Brand 2010-03-09
Charity Feature - Knit One, Save One
Lion Brand 2008-10-08
Charity Feature - Knit-a-square
Lion Brand 2009-02-18
Charity Feature - Knitting For Noggins
Lion Brand 2008-11-12
Charity Feature - Knots-of-love
Lion Brand 2009-08-24
Charity Feature - Needle Arts Mentoring Program
Lion Brand 2010-09-01
Charity Feature - Newborns In Need
Lion Brand 2008-07-02
Charity Feature - Operation Caregiver
Lion Brand 2010-08-03
Charity Feature - Operation Helmetliner
Lion Brand 2007-10-31
Charity Feature - Project Linus
Lion Brand 2008-02-20
Charity Feature - Rosie's Cozies
Lion Brand 2012-05-16
Charity Feature - Seamen's Church Institute
Lion Brand 2008-06-11
Charity Feature - Soldiers' Angels
Lion Brand 2008-09-11
Charity Feature - Stitches From The Heart
Lion Brand 2009-03-04
Charity Feature - Tails Of Hope Foundation
Lion Brand 2008-05-07
Charity Feature - The Handiwork Ministry
Lion Brand 2009-10-15
Charity Feature - The Mother Bear Project
Lion Brand 2008-12-03
Charity Feature - The Pink Slipper Project
Lion Brand 2010-07-07
Charity Feature - The Preemie Project
Lion Brand 2008-01-17
Charity Feature - The Snuggles Project Of Hugs For Homeless Animals
Lion Brand 2007-12-13
Charity Feature - Warm Woolies
Lion Brand 2008-04-10
Crochet Blocks Q & A
Lion Brand 2007-10-02
Crochet Stitches Q & A
Lion Brand 2008-02-17
Embellishing Your Socks #1 - An Introduction
Lion Brand 2007-09-11
Embellishing Your Socks #2
Lion Brand 2007-10-10
Embellishing Your Socks #3
Lion Brand 2007-11-15
Embellishing Your Socks #4
Lion Brand 2008-01-09
From 100 Snowflakes To Crochet: Blocking And Stiffening
Lion Brand 2012-10-24
How To Stay Married
Lion Brand 2007-03-01
Institute For Figuring: Why Coral And Crochet Are Perfect Together
Lion Brand 2007-06-06
Mix It Up
Lion Brand 2010-11-18
The Cowl: A Winter Favorite
Lion Brand 2010-12-02
The Principles Of Knitting (excerpt): Circular And Flat Knitting
Lion Brand 2012-02-02
Tips From "when Bad Things Happen To Good Knitters"
Lion Brand 2007-05-21
Tips From Our Design Department
Lion Brand 2007-07-25
Tips From Our Design Department #2: Color
Lion Brand 2007-08-22
Tips From Our Design Department #3: Felting
Lion Brand 2007-09-25
Tips From Our Design Department #4: Beginner Afghans
Lion Brand 2007-10-24
Tips From The Design Department #5: Dressing To Flatter Your Body
Lion Brand 2007-11-21

Author: Barbara Breiter
5 Steps To Designing Your Own Scarf: A How-to Guide
Barbara Breiter 2010-12-21
Add Color With Slip Stitch Patterns: An Introduction
Barbara Breiter 2012-01-04
All About Knitting Needles And Crochet Hooks
Barbara Breiter 2011-08-23
An Introduction To Knit Buttonholes
Barbara Breiter 2012-02-02
Blocking Hints & Tips
Barbara Breiter 2011-03-10
Breaking It Down Stitch By Stitch
Barbara Breiter 2012-11-08
Combining Different Yarns In One Project
Barbara Breiter 2012-12-11
Fabulous Fringe
Barbara Breiter 2012-05-09
Gauge & Why It Matters
Barbara Breiter 2010-10-21
Hints & Tips On Knitting Decreases
Barbara Breiter 2010-05-13
Increasing And Decreasing Evenly
Barbara Breiter 2011-06-07
Keeping To Pattern
Barbara Breiter 2011-05-11
Making Sizing Changes To Scarves And Throws
Barbara Breiter 2009-12-09
More Than Just The End: Binding Off
Barbara Breiter 2012-09-11
Picking Up The Correct Number Of Stitches
Barbara Breiter 2010-03-11
Reading Charts
Barbara Breiter 2010-08-26
Barbara Breiter 2012-03-22
Shaping A Pullover Neckline
Barbara Breiter 2011-09-27
Short Rows: A Primer For Knitters
Barbara Breiter 2011-12-15
Should You Carry The Yarn Along The Side Or Cut It?
Barbara Breiter 2010-09-15
The Basics Of Knit Increases
Barbara Breiter 2011-07-25
The Magic Of Color Changing Yarn
Barbara Breiter 2010-04-19
Tips For Enjoying Knitting & Crochet
Barbara Breiter 2012-10-03
Tips On Knitting In The Round
Barbara Breiter 2012-08-02
Tips On Preventing, Catching, And Fixing Mistakes For Knitters
Barbara Breiter 2011-11-02
Tips On Substituting Yarn
Barbara Breiter 2011-01-27
Understanding Common Pattern Terms
Barbara Breiter 2010-01-19
Understanding Common Pattern Terms – Part Ii
Barbara Breiter 2010-02-16
Using Stitch Patterns To Their Best Advantage
Barbara Breiter 2012-06-20
What Is A Dye Lot?
Barbara Breiter 2011-04-28
What Is Intarsia?
Barbara Breiter 2010-11-09
What Size Do I Make?
Barbara Breiter 2010-06-16
What's Reverse Shaping And How Do I Do It?
Barbara Breiter 2010-07-14
Working With Multiple Strands Of Yarn
Barbara Breiter 2011-02-10

Author: Noreen Crone-findlay
Spool Knitting Embellishments
Noreen Crone-findlay 2010-04-28

Author: Franklin Habit
Forever Your Ghoul
Franklin Habit 2012-10-11
Holiday Creeps
Franklin Habit 2012-12-05
Leaf Me Alone
Franklin Habit 2012-09-04
Summer Cramp
Franklin Habit 2012-07-11
Thanksgiving By The Numbers
Franklin Habit 2012-11-14
Unwillingly To School
Franklin Habit 2012-08-06

Author: Stefanie Japel
Calculating Your Fit
Stefanie Japel 2007-08-16

Author: Shannon Mcclellan
A Teacher's Yarn
Shannon Mcclellan 2007-03-01

Author: Joanne Seiff
Starry Pillow
Joanne Seiff 2007-04-07
The Gala New Year's Evening
Joanne Seiff 2007-03-01
Why Organic Matters
Joanne Seiff 2007-03-01

Author: Cindy Sloan
A Gift Of Love
Cindy Sloan 2007-03-01

Author: Karla Umland
My First Baby Blanket
Karla Umland 2007-03-01

Author: Patricia Warrick
A Journey Of 1,000 Steps Begins With A Single Potholder
Patricia Warrick 2007-03-01
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