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Yarn: Worsted weight yarn in turquoise (A) and indigo (B) [Featured: Wool-Ease]
Needles: 4 double-pointed needles
Extras: Yarn needle, contrasting color yarn for eyes




Note: This fish is worked in the round, and then the stitches are moved to a single needle and worked flat, in rows.


Body (make 1)
1st round: Using A, cast on 3.
2nd round: K1, m1, k2. (4 sts)
3rd round: K2, m1, k2. (5 sts)
4th round: [K2, m1] 2 times, k1. (7 sts)
5th round: [K2, m1] 3 times, k1. (10 sts)
6th round: [K3, m1] 3 times, k1. Move to 3 needles. (13 sts)
7th round: [K4, m1] 3 times, k1. (16 sts)
8th round: Using B, [k5, m1] 3 times, k1. (19 sts)
9th round: [K6, m1] 3 times, k1. (22 sts)
10th round: [K7, m1] 3 times, k1. (25 sts)
11th round: K all. (25 sts)
12th round: Using A, [k8, m1] 3 times, k1. (28 sts)
13th round: K all. (28 sts)
14th round: K all. (28 sts)
15th round: Using B, [k6, m1] 4 times, k3. (31 sts)
16th round: K all. (31 sts)
17th round: K all. (31 sts)
18th round: Using A, k all. (31 sts)
19th round: K all. (31 sts)
20th round: [K4, k2tog] 5 times, k1. (26 sts)
21st round: [K4, k2tog] 4 times, k2. (22 sts)
22nd round: [K3, k2tog] 4 times, k2. (18 sts)
23rd round: [K2, k2tog] 4 times, k2. (14 sts)
24th round: [K1, k2tog] 4 times, k2. (10 sts)
25th round: [K3, k2tog] 2 times. (8 sts)
Now move the work onto one needle and start working flat.
26th row: [P1, k1] 4 times. (8 sts)
27th row: [P1, k1] 4 times. (8 sts)
28th row: Kfb [k1, p1] 3 times, kfb. (10 sts)
29th row: [K1, p1] 5 times. (10 sts)
30th row: [K1, p1] 5 times. (10 sts)
31st row: Kfb [p1, k1] 4 times, kfb. (12 sts)
32nd row: Kfb [k1, p1] 5 times, kfb. (14 sts)
33rd row: Using B, kfb [p1, k1] 6 times, kfb. (16 sts)
34th row: Finish off.


Top and bottom fins (make 2)
1st row: Using B, cast on 12.
2nd row: [K1, p1] 6 times. (12 sts)
3rd row: [K1, p1] 4 times. K2tog, k2tog. (10 sts)
4th row: [K1, p1] 3 times. K2tog, k2tog. (8 sts)
5th row: [K1, p1] 2 times. K2tog, k2tog. (6 sts)
6th row: K1, p1, k2tog, k2tog. (4 sts)
7th row: K2tog, k2tog. (2 sts)
8th row: K2tog. (1 st)
9th row: Finish off.


Thin front Fins (make 1)
1st row: Using B, cast on 24.
2nd row: Finish off.


Making up
Pull the thin front fin halfway through the body and secure in place with yarn needle. Sew top and bottom fins in place. Add eyes with French knots surrounded by a contrasting color


Directions reproduced with permission, from 75 Seashells, Fish, Coral & Colorful Marine Life to Knit & Crochet. Courtesy of St. Martin’s Press, 2012.



k= knit k2tog = knit two together
Kfb = knit in front and back of st M1 = make 1
p = purl st(s) = stitch(es)