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Home : Patterns : Pom-Pom dolls

Free Craft Pattern: Pom-Pom dolls

** Please note that all Lion Brand Yarn Company facilities are closed for religious observance on October 5th & 6th. We ask for your patience regarding correspondence during this time. **

Lion Brand® Jiffy®
Pattern #: 1316
Rating: *****5.0 (based on 3 reviews)
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SKILL LEVEL:  Beginner (Level 1)

SIZE: One Size
Approximately 16" tall


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Image of Pom-Pom dolls
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Color (A)

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Color (C)

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*Jiffy® (Article #450). 100% Acrylic; package size: Solids (except 151 Dusty Grey): 3 oz./85g; 135 yd/123m balls
Multi (plus 151 Dusty Grey): 2.5 oz./70g; 115 yd/103m balls

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•  450-144 Jiffy Yarn: Lilac (Discontinued)
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Pom-Pom Tree   $ 14.95  
Additional Materials
Craft glue

Alternate color choices:


Pom-Pom dolls

Lion Brand® Jiffy®


Exact gauge is not essential to this project.


Approximately 1 hour per doll

Alternate color choices:
(body - other choices #125 Taupe / #157 Pastel Yellow)
(hair - other choices #153 Black hair / #125 Taupe hair )
(clothes - other choices #178 Teal clothes / #359 Country Evening clothes)


Wrap yarn (A) generously around prongs 1 and 5 [4 ¼"] of The Pompom Tree (Prong 1 is at the top; Prong 8 is at the bottom.) Tie tightly in the middle with a 16" length of yarn, leaving its ends intact. Slide yarn off the tree, and cut all loops, forming a full pom-pom.

In same way, use Prongs 1 and 2 [1 ¼"] of The Pompom Tree. Use a 9" length of yarn (A) to tie, and leave ends intact.

In same way, use Prongs 1 and 3 [2 ¼"]. Use a 9" length of yarn (A) to tie, leaving the ends intact.

Body & Arms
Make a tassel body of (C) by wrapping yarn generously around Prongs 1 and 8 [7 ¼"] of The Pompom Tree. Tie just below Prong 1 [if using cardboard, carefully slide off and tie just below top]. Slide off tree and cut all loops, forming a tassel. Separate 24 strands of yarn on each side of body tassel. Divide these into 3 sections of 8 strands, and braid neatly, creating arms. Tie the end of each braid tightly, and trim ends.

Layout 30 strands of yarn (C) , 2' long. Double them over, making 60 strands, l' long. Tie tightly just below the doubled-over point, leaving a loop above the tie-off. Cut the loops at the bottom of the bunch, creating a very long tassel. Divide yarn into 3 sections of 20 strands each, and braid. Tie at bottom of braid and trim ends. Repeat for second leg.

Make hair from yarn (B), using style of your choice:

A. Braids
Layout 15" of yarn (B) to desired thickness. Tie in middle. Cut all loops, and braid. Secure ends of braids with the yarn that you used for the doll's body, tying in a simple bow.

B. Hair with bangs
Make a tassel of (B) using Prongs 1 and 8 [7 ¼"] on The Pompom Tree. Tie just below Prong 1, slide off the tree, and cut loops. The short end of the tassel will be the doll's bangs.

C. Bobbed hairdo
Wrap yarn (B) on Prongs 1 and 8 of The Pompom Tree. Tie in center to form a "part," slide off, and cut loops. To add mini pigtails, separate 4 or 5 strands of yarn on each side of the "part," and tie with bows of the same yarn used for the body.

Attach head to top of body Wrap the long tying ends of the head pompom under the doll's arms, criss-cross in the back, and wrap them back over the arms and tie tightly at the front of doll's neck. Dab craft glue under head to further secure. Attach legs to body With the doll on its back, lift half the skirt strands, revealing the inside of the tassel. Place the legs as close to the neck as possible and dab with craft glue to secure in place. Thread several strands of the tassel through the loops at the top of each leg, and tie tightly. Replace the skirt strands, and tie the whole body tightly with a sash, using 10 strands of yarn, making sure legs are bound securely. Tie sash in a bow at back of doll.

Attach hands and feet Wrap the tying ends of each pompom tightly around each wrist or ankle, trimming ends to the length of the rest of the pompom. Add a dab of glue if necessary to conceal the braid-end with the pompom. Attach hair to head. Place craft glue on underside of hairdo and press gently into top of pompom head. Allow to dry fully. Use scraps of yarn to create eyes, a mouth, etc.

3 oz/135 yd balls



Ratings and Reviews
Pattern Average Rating: *****5.0 (based on 3 reviews)
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Pom-Pom dolls Reviewed by Olivia on 2012-08-10 *****
So cute! I made one, but I wish I took a picture before I sent it!:( This is super easy and quick. I made about 12 with a bunch of friends, but instead of putting them in the ER room they took them home:-D!!!!!!!!!!

When you are in New York City, visit the Lion Brand Yarn Studio at 34 W. 15th Street for a one-of-a-kind yarn lover's experience. For more information, visit the website,
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