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Enjoy Crafting with Martha Stewart Crafts® Mambo Yarn!


Receive 6 skeins of yarn for $5! Make items for the entire family and your home using this unique, jumbo yarn from Martha Stewart® and Lion Brand®. Mambo comes in 10 tantalizing colors that are sure to impress and brighten the mood. This unique yarn provides endless possibilities for crafting projects. Braid, knot, or wrap it into bold jewelry; crochet it into sculptural shapes; knit with it on large needles; or use it as a trim for home décor and fashion accessories. Just for a limited time, buy one 3 skein pack of Martha Stewart Crafts® Mambo Yarn and receive another pack absolutely free with code MamboB1G1. That's a $32.94 value, all for only $5!


(Discount equal to the price of one 3 skein pack or $5.00 will be applied to cart total, for every two 3 skein packs of the same color that are added to cart. No purchase limit for discount. Cannot be combined with other offers.)



10 Amazing Colorways of Mambo Yarn



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Never heard of Martha Stewart Crafts® Mambo Yarn before? Visit our blog and get access to all the exclusive information about this wonderful yarn. From holiday projects to runway pieces, Mambo Yarn is so versatile it can be used to make practically anything. To read more about what to make with Mambo yarn, see our new blog post Get Six Skeins of Mambo Yarn for $5.



Projects with Mambo Yarn