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Lily Combo Case

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Haven۪'t made the decision yet whether you like straights, circulars or double points? Maybe you like them all and want them in one case. This tri-fold case includes nine pockets in the center for circulars. The outer flaps hold 18 straights and/or double points. The case is tall enough for those needles that insist on being a bit too tall to fit in any other case.

The case does not include pre-sewn labels as we don't know what you will put in which pocket. However, we do include a set of knitting and crochet labels that you can attach yourself (via hand stitching or fabric glue). If you just want to be free of restrictions, don't use the labels!

  • Eighteen unnumbered pockets for straights and double points
  • Nine unnumbered pockets for circulars
  • Includes numbered tabs for customization

  • Brand della Q
    Accessory Material Silk
    Lily Combo Case

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