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Crochet Kit - Adirondack Wrap

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Humble triangles and basic stitches come together to make a large, flowing piece of crocheted fabric that can be worn as a wrap, a shawl, or a super scarf. And Mandala’s built-in color variations means you get the gorgeous stripes without any fancy stitch work.

Crochet Kit - Adirondack Wrap includes:

  • One black and white copy of Adirondack Wrap pattern
  • 3 balls Mandala® Yarn

Crochet Kit - Adirondack Wrap requires but does not include:

Pattern Delivery A black and white copy of the pattern for this kit will be included with your order.
Designer ChiWei Ranck (One Dog Woof)
Pattern Designer Information ChiWei Ranck (One Dog Woof) ChiWei juggles being a wife, a mother, a full time events manager, a crocheter, and a knitter. She started learning how to crochet on a whim, trying it together with her husband just for fun. Follow her yarn adventures as she designs and creates beautiful, fun, and functional items for family, friends, and for herself!
Craft Crochet
Skill Level Level 2 - Easy (Beginner+)
Project Type Wrap
Pattern Gauge 15 sts and 8.5 rows = 4inches
Yarn Used Mandala Yarn - 525
Pattern Yarn Weight 3 Light
Dimensions Detail Each triangle is approx 46” x 24” Full wrap is approx 92” by 24”
Important Message Please be advised that each kit is only available as shown, no substitutions can currently be accommodated.
Crochet Kit - Adirondack Wrap

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  • Beautiful

    The Adirondack wrap was very easy to make...the pattern rows are easily remembered and once I crocheted a few repeats, I did not need to look at the pattern. I chose the color Centaur,and what beautiful colors! I absolutely love the pattern and the yarn. I didn't add the tassels because I don't like tassels on anything...just my preference.

    1/10/2019 By Sherry

  • The Adirondack Wrap Woes

    Yarn is very nice to work with. Pattern is ridiculously easy. It is, hands down, the most well-written pattern I have ever followed. I will definitely be using "One Dog Woof" designs again. Here it comes, the big "BUT". But I do not like the yarn itself. In order for this wrapped to look right, you must have 3 identical Mandala cakes. The design of the wrap almost demands this. I had to cut the yarn and make cakes out of each color and still I couldn't get it to work out as the design is shown. I had to size down to a 4 mm hook to even have enough yarn to make each triangle. I just don't believe this wrap can be crocheted AND have enough yarn left to make the over-sized tassels shown in the picture and called for in the pattern. I am highly disappointed with the results of the finished/unfinished (not enough yarn to make tassels) wrap and how it looks without the yarn matching as shown. Thirty dollars is a lot to spend on a project with less than desirable results. I consider myself as an intermediate+ skill level so I know what I am doing. Sorry Lion Brand but I'm just not happy with this yarn. The sad thing is, I purchased 2 of the Adirondack Wrap kits and am not looking forward to working up the next kit. So that makes $60 that I've blown on what would've been 2 nice Christmas gifts.

    11/2/2018 By The_1Grammy


    Making a baby girl's blanket using the Poochie Baby Owl blanket pattern. Love the feel! Now would like to do a baby boy blanket. No baby boy blue? Thinking of using dusty blue/ice blue/white combination, but wish there was a little boy blue skein. The pink combinations worked out well for girls combined with the brown. Just not sure what to use for little boys. Not much yarn on the skein, so buy enough. I am going back for one more pink. 2 pink, 1 brown and 1 dusty pink will do the owl blanket nicely.

    3/26/2018 By Patricia

  • Inconsistent yardage

    The yarn is beautiful to work with and the colorway I bought (Valkyrie) is soft and muted. Lovely. I understand the frustration of Jeanne. You have to memorize the shorthand descriptions otherwise you are checking the pattern notes on every row. But, once memorized it went smooth and quickly. But, my problem was with the yardage in the cakes. The first triangle had enough yarn left over for the planned tassel. Once I made triangle #2, I ran out of yarn with only 30 stitches to go. I hoped that the third cake would be like the first with plenty of leftover yarn which I could use to finish triangle #2 but it was worse. I ran out 45 stitches into the last row - meaning I needed yarn to do another 175 double crochet - that's a lot of yarn! I didn't do a gauge swatch as I typically crochet to gauge but regardless the difference in yardage between the first and third "cake" was significant. To resolve I will rip out the last row on each triangle which will give me yarn to sew it together and to make the tassels. Just a caution for others - you might be wise to weigh the cakes before you start so you can be sure you'll have the same yardage in each one.

    3/24/2018 By SCM

  • Love this shawl!

    I made mine in Cleansing Quartz and it is beautiful and I have gotten a lot of compliments. The pattern is very easy to understand and goes quickly. I am now making a second one.

    3/24/2018 By Holly Bee

  • adirondack wrap

    beautiful,easy to work and inexpensive

    3/22/2018 By Roslyn

  • Gorgeous!

    Once you get the pattern down, this project is fantastic. I loved seeing the color chanfes as I worked. I will definitely be making another!

    3/5/2018 By Melanie

  • Makes me crazy

    This is definitely not an easy pattern. Having fought with it for several weeks, I finally got the first row done, only to learn that there is some way the pattern writer wanted me to go, but I'll be darned if I could find it. The main problem with this pattern is that you must read both the row you are on AND the "abbreviations" above the instructions. However, I'm not returning the yarn; I'm making the Fringed shawl and a lovely scarf, so it's still a good deal!

    2/8/2018 By Jeanne

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