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  1. Rubber Wrist Ruler

    $ In Stock
    9.95 $9.95
  2. Leather Wrist Ruler

    $ In Stock
    19.95 $19.95
  3. Ring Stitch Markers

    $ In Stock
    12 $12.00
  4. Kitchener Keychain

    $ In Stock
    8 $8.00
  5. The Sock Ruler®

    $ In Stock
    11.99 $11.99
  6. Stitch Stoppers

    $ In Stock
    6 $6.00
  7. Moonlit Tatting Shuttle With Hook

    $ In Stock
    3.25 $3.25
    Create gorgeous tatting handiwork using the Handy Hands Moonlit Tatting Shuttle With Hook. It is made of plastic and comes with a steel hook. Keep it handy in your sewing kit for tatting your favorite pieces. Available in a wide range of unique colors, the tatting shuttle makes for a wonderful gift for tatting enthusiasts. This package includes one tatting shuttle with a hook. More Details
  8. Stainless Sock Blocker

    $ In Stock
    16 $16.00
  9. Slipper Bottom Camel

    $ In Stock
    12 $12.00
  10. Knerd Care Tags

    $ In Stock
    1.5 $1.50
  11. Bryson T-Pins 1 1/2"

    $ In Stock
    4.75 $4.75
    35 pc. These T-Pins are strong pin for upholstery, outdoor fabric and crafts. They are ideal for tacking quilt blocks to cork board. Nickel plated steel. More Details
  12. Knitting Row Counter

    $ In Stock
    15 $15.00

    The Cocoknits row counter has been designed with these exclusive features:
    · a steel back so you can attach the row counter to your Knitter's Keep
    · windows that magnify the numbers so you can clearly see which row you are on

    The row counter is constructed of high-quality, translucent polycarbonate for a clean, modern look. It is packaged in a craft cylinder and includes a small cotton bag for storage.

    To count your rows:
    · depress the top button to advance the numbers
    · reset the numbers by turning the side wheels
    · move the switch at the bottom to lock the row counter

    More Details
  13. Bryson Snip-Its

    $ In Stock
    11.5 $11.50
    The self-storing scissor! These great mini scissors are perfect for crafting on the go. The points easily collapse and fold away into the handles for safety. This package contains one 3 inch pair of folding scissors. Made in the USA. More Details
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