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The Yarnit - Mr. Sparkles

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The Yarnit a Brilliant new yarn accessory durable and strong it protects and organizes your yarn. No more worries about your yarn projects being damaged by the dirt and grime of the outside world. No more worries of your yarn getting away from you picking up pet hair and “stuff” in its travels. The Yarnit keeps your pet from destroying your yarn or project. No more tangled yarn messes. No more cutting your beautiful yarn to change colors or projects. The Yarnit, a new type of yarn bowl, takes care of all of these problems and more. The Yarnit is a glass like globe made from Lexan, the same material eye glass lens and hurricane windows are made from so it is virtually indestructible.
Brand Yarnit USA
Accessory Material Lexan
The Yarnit - Mr. Sparkles

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