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Handy Gauge Ruler

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The Handy Gauge Ruler features outlines of black (for light-colored yarn) and white (for dark-colored yarn) knitted stitches in 11 gauges, ranging from 4 stitches/inch to 9 stitches/inch in one-half-stitch-per-inch increments. Simply find the markings that match the stitches in your knitting to get a good estimate of your stitch gauge! Use it to determine whether you’re on track with a work in progress or to check the gauge of something you’ve already completed. The rulers, measure 2” x 9” (5 x 23 cm). A piece of white paper behind the ruler in the photograph makes it easier to read the instructions.
Brand Ann Budd Knits
Accessory Material Plastic
Handy Gauge Ruler

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