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Loom Knitting

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  1. Portable Knitting Board

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    24.95 $24.95
    You don't need to know how to knit to create garments, accessories and afghans with this simple-to-use rake loom (convertible to an oval loom). Easy-to-follow instructions for 3 easy stitches and patterns for projects to keep you busy all year-round. Ages 7 and up.By adding two extra knitting pegs called rounders on this Knitting Board, you can knit three different ways with one knitting board. The Old Fashioned Knitting Board is 3-tools-in-1!Includes instructions booklet & size 2 crochet hook (2.20mm). Patterns include: Winter Scarf,Winter Headband, Patchwork Baby Blanket,Fancy Fur Boa Scarf, Chenille Thick & Quick Purse,Preemie Hat Pattern,Furry Rolled Brim Hat(Adult/Teen/Child Sizes),Knitted Cord, Knitted Cord Rug or Chair Pads. Board measures: 10 3/4' x 2 1/4'. Varnished wood.From center of peg to center of peg is 5/8'. Space between pegs is 1/2'. More Details
  2. Sock Loom by Knitting Board

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    27.95 $27.95
    No knitting experience needed! Now you can create beautiful socks with a simple wrap and hook method. The KB Sock Loom is completely adjustable. You can knit a baby sock to a mens large sock. Simply move the slider down the loom to the desired number of pegs and then lock in place with the wing nut. The loom is made of solid 100% Beechwood with metal grooved pins. Size - 9 in, x 3 in. Pin spacing - 3/8 in. Use any sock yarn - try it with Lion Brands Sock-Ease! KB Sock Loom includes: Instructional DVD to learn all techniques (including heel shaping and toe shaping) Written instructions Loom Hook More Details
  3. Knitting Spool (Spool Knitter or French Knitter)

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    5.75 $5.75
    This charming lacquered wood spool knitter (also called a French knitter) is a delightful and entertaining craft tool for children. Using a spool knitter (essentially a very small round knitting loom), you can produce a variety of items. *Color of knitting spool may vary* For spool knitter patterns, click here. More Details
  4. The Knitting Board

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    44.95 $44.95
    Knitting Boards are rake-style knitting looms that creates a double-sided fabric and gives you the ability to do intricate patterns and work with many colors even if you have never knit before. Made of Ponderosa pine, this 28 small gauge knitting board has 84 pegs that will knit approximately 30 width. Four patterns, a hook, and a teaching video are included. For more directions and patterns, click here to purchase our Instruction Card Set. More Details
  5. Silver Reed LK-150 Knitting Machine

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    440 $440.00
    Lion Brand Yarn, Silver Reed LK-150 Knitting Machine, Wonderfully compact and lightweight, this mid-gauge knitting machine can be used in the smallest of spaces and is super easy to carry and store. An illustrated, easy-to-follow instruction book is included. 6.5 mm (3.9 gauge) size needle pitch; 13 mm (2 gauge) when using every other needles. 150 needles. Multiple types of stitches: stockinette, tuck, slip, plating, and Fair Isle (by slip stitch - one yarn feeder only). Handles medium to chunky yarn. Manual needle selection. US Warranty: 1 year parts, 90 days labor on defects in materials and workmanship. SORRY, NO RETURNS ON THIS ITEM. More Details
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