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Chicken Boots Pattern Holder

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Tri-fold design so you can rotate the holder without your pattern ever being upside down.Non-glare vinyl.Magnetic closure-no pesky snaps that take two hands.Place-holder that slides down line by line to show where you are at in the pattern. The place holder cannot be lost or fall off the case!

Folds closed. When folding, after you fold the first section, snug the vinyl smooth under that first fold. It keeps the vinyl smoother between uses. Because of the different lengths, this part is subtle but ensures a flatter fold.

Cable needle holder on EACH rotating section. This holder will hold a tapestry needle, large cable needle, or small cable needle. Use a wet-erase marker to write on the vinyl for further note taking.

Brand Chicken Boots
Accessory Material Cotton, Fabric
Chicken Boots Pattern Holder

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