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Home : Customer Reviews of a Pattern

Customer Reviews

Image of Celtic Afghan
Celtic Afghan
Pattern Number: L20303
Rating: ****
3.7 (based on 48 reviews)
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Celtic Afghan Reviewed by Sherri Andrews on 2015-02-20 *****
I practiced each section of this afghan before attempting the put it all together. I used heartland yarn and a smaller hook size. After I mastered each cable I put it together and it turned out beautiful! I emailed lionbrand for some help and they couldn't have been nicer. This was a fun pattern!

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Celtic Afghan Reviewed by Deborah Kirby on 2015-02-03 *
I, too, am an experienced crocheter (more than 40 years) and find the instructions for this pattern lacking, to say the least. Very difficult to establish the patterns, based on how it's written. I love the look of this, but am going to find a new option. Pretty disappointed.

Celtic Afghan Reviewed by Janice M. Fleischer on 2015-01-25 ***
I am a very experienced crocheter and I am finding the instructions difficult to follow. The graphs were a great improvement over the first set of instructions and help tremendously but I am still struggling a bit. Actual close up pictures of each pattern would be a great addition. Once I get this pattern straight in my own head I will send some. I will not give up because it is such a beautiful piece. My stars are for the pattern explanation (3) but the finished piece is a 5! This is an advanced piece not intermediate- you really need to understand the stitches well.

Celtic Afghan Reviewed by Linda Adams on 2015-01-21 *****
I really struggled the first 2-3 days doing Rows 1 and 3 above the FPTRCross stitch. I ripped out whole rows multiple times when I knew it wasn't right. The problems were solely my own. IF I had read the note 'When working repeats of Row 1 (and 3), work each BPTR around the post stitch only of each FPTRCross', MAYBE I wouldn't have had so many rip-outs. Use your fingers to find the vertical post and work a BPTR around only this post, then work the puff stitch, then again with your fingers find the next verticle post and work another BPTR. I felt so victorious when it finally came together. I LOVE this pattern, and FINALLY am on auto-pilot. Many thanks for sharing this BEAUTIFUL Celtic afghan pattern. I can't include a picture using my old iPad, so I will include a pic from my husband's computer on a later post. Don't give up, you won't be sorry.

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Celtic Afghan Reviewed by on 2014-04-26 *****
I'm active duty Army and currently deployed to Afghanistan. I thought it would be fun to make an 'Afghani afghan' while I'm here. So this is made entirely in Afghanistan from yarn purchased from an Afghani. It is 100% acrylic, so not very luxurious, but I am in love with it.

I could not love this pattern more. I classify myself as a beginner, but I've been crocheting almost my whole life. I've just never done anything more challenging than a zigzag before. It took some learning, and I'm pretty sure I did one of the cable stitches just a little wrong, but that's what makes it unique and I love it.

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Celtic Afghan Reviewed by Raphael Hankin on 2014-03-28 **
The afghan itself is beautiful, the directions are terrible. I'm an experienced crocheter and I'm having the a devil of a time with this pattern. I'm using the N hook and I agree that it makes the afghan a little to lacey. I'm doing this for a wedding present so I will have to soldier on. I would love to see a video on how to do the cabling.

worth the effort Reviewed by Jane Kamper on 2013-12-18 ****
Overall, I say this is worth the initial frustration with the FPTRCross stitch. I have been crocheting for many years, and found the directions for this to be confusing, but the diagram and slowly going over the written instructions helped. I honestly don't think I ended up doing the FPTRCross correctly, but I made it work for me, and the finished project looks beautiful, although "holey". I had to use an L hook to get the proper gauge.

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Celtic Afghan Reviewed by Katie on 2013-11-05 *****
This pattern was so much fun to make and after the tenth row i didn't need to reference the pattern as much. Definitely would make it again and recommend it. I switched color between skeins so you can see how much you get from one skein.

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Celtic Afghan Reviewed by Becky Griffes on 2013-09-11 *****
I was really nervous to do this afghan because I knew it would be the hardest thing I had done. In the beginning I wasn't sure I was going to be able to figure it out, but with a little trial and error - and lots of starting over, I slowly picked up the patterns and new stitches and after a couple rows I had it down! I am so excited with how it has turned out, especially since it is a wedding gift for a friend. The only thing I would do different a second time is tighter stitches - There are so many "holes" between stitches that there is a lot of stretch. It looks great though!

Celtic Afghan Reviewed by P on 2013-08-03 *****
I made this one for my mom using a mid-weight yarn, double stranding it the entire time. The result: I didn't make it as long as this says to make it b/c of the finished weight of the blanket but it is as wide. I did it long enough for one person, if used vertically and short enough for two people as a lap blanket, if used horizontally. It tuned out having a nice, heavy winter weight and looks great draped horizontally (the longer way) on a couch.

It was a great project to make but definitely required thinking the entire time. I am an experience crocheter. It did take 3 rows to get the pattern down but, after that, it was easy to see what to do next but i did have to use the pattern the entire time to figure out when crosses and skips came when. It really wasnt until the last few rows that i was able to remember. But like i said, i didnt make this nearly as long as it says. Think around 3 feet long by 4-5 feet wide.

The extra notes were a bonus and made the pattern easy to understand. I wouldn't do this again b/c I like variety and pride myself in never repeating a pattern BUT, it is a great blanket and I would make it again if another loved one really really REALLY liked it.

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