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Home : Customer Reviews of a Pattern

Customer Reviews

Image of Savannah Wrap
Savannah Wrap
Pattern Number: 80789AD
Rating: ***
3.0 (based on 29 reviews)
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Savannah Wrap Reviewed by MARILYN KRILL on 2013-03-04 *****
Beautiful and simple (I think)! I like wraps to be a bit wider than the pattern indicates so I cast on 81 sts, which allowed for one extra pattern repeat.
A while back someone asked for a pattern chart. I can't work without them, so attached is the one I made for the Savannah Wrap. Hope it helps!

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Savannah Wrap Reviewed by Margery Hale on 2013-01-08 *****
I loved this wrap especially for my daughters who live in warm weather and have no use for something like a super warm scarf.
Starting was "a bear"! I tore out and counted out loud. I worked in an isolated place. It was worth it. I have one wrap done and am in the process of the second which is now reasonably easy.
I give this 5 stars for the beauty of the finished product.

Savannah Wrap Reviewed by Melissa on 2012-08-02 *****
I saw this pattern and felt it was beyond lovely and since it was rated as easy+ I decided to give it a shot. I did have to restart the pattern two or three times because I was unable to keep track of the stitches at which point I decided to use flexible locking ring style stitch counters for every section (every 16 stitches). I also took the earlier advice I found in a review about writing the pattern out and setting it so that I could only see the stitches for the row I was working on. Deciding to make a heavier shawl I used a #2 weight that was 20% mohair.

By the time I hit 30 inches long (which was where I took the pictures)I had sucessfully memorized the stitch patterns for each row. However I made sure to double check the pattern after every SK2P to make sure that I had the correct amount of stitches and had the pattern for that row correct.

Doing this and moving my stitch markers every 16 stitches (after each SK2P goes a marker) meant that even when I had to drop my knitting to chase my son it was easy to pick up where I left off.

This pattern really does take alot of persistance as well as finding a good method to keep track of your stitches but the end product is well worth it.

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Savannah Wrap Reviewed by Melissa Page on 2012-03-06 *****
I read all of the reviews before deciding to make this my first lacework project. I just finished the first set of 8 rows, and I LOVE it!! It's an easy pattern (for lace--it's not like it's garter stitch or something), and it's so relaxing to sit in a quiet room to knit this, instead of having the TV on like I normally do while knitting. I think everyone who had a hard time with this one just needs to remember that it's not supposed to be easy compared with all other projects, but compared with other lace patterns... only 4 rows of lacework to repeat... and beautiful so far!

Savannah Wrap Reviewed by Filipa Cruz on 2011-09-13 ****
I'm not an experienced knitter at all... Actually it's my first lace project! I decided to try and test my skills, see how it goes, no pressure... and I have to say I'm loving the challenge. I tried other easy patterns I found here and definitely this is not an easy pattern! It requires concentration and organization but it's worth it.
I'm marking the end of each repetition, count the stitches on each one, I also count all stitches at the end of each row to make sure I did nothing wrong. I also used a tip I found on your reviews and wrote all instructions in a piece of paper and with another sheet hide all instruction leaving only the current row visible not to loose track (great tip, tks!). I'm not knitting with mohair, I'm using a sport weight yarn and it's turning out just perfect.

Savannah Wrap Reviewed by Catherine Seebald on 2011-05-12 *****
It looks like a beautiful wrap, and I plan to knit this after I finish a baby blanket that has a very similar pattern. I would also say that this should not be rated at an Easy+ skill level -- it's much closer to intermediate level.

A tip that has really helped me when working with a pattern like this is to insert a "lifeline" at the beginning of each lace repeat (I can't take the credit for this idea). To create a "lifeline": Purl row 1 as called for in the pattern, then use a yarn needle to thread a contrasting piece of yarn through all the stitches (I do this underneath the stitches at the base of my needles), leaving several inches free at each end of the row. Thread it straight through the stitches, DON'T weave in and out of them, and make sure you don't catch the yarn you're knitting when threading through the stitches. Also, when knitting row 2, be careful that you don't knit the lifeline into the piece. Then, if you find you've made a mistake in the rows that follow, you can easily unravel back to the completed row 1 because the unraveling will stop at the lifeline. Place the stitches back on your needles, and reknit the section beginning with row 2. Once you've successfully completed that lace repeat, remove the lifeline by carefully pulling it out. Purl row 1 of the next lace repeat and insert the lifeline again. Repeat with each new section.

Using the lifeline is a lot less work than trying to unknit rows or tearing out sections and trying to figure out where you are. NOTE: Be sure to insert the lifeline after a purl row, or you may find you missed one or more pattern stitches and have to try to pick them up.

Also, to more easily follow the printed out pattern, I use post-it notes to cover the rows I'm not knitting. Another idea I read somewhere....

Savannah Wrap Reviewed by Jenny Reisert on 2011-02-25 *
O.K. .. I tried.... twice. I read the reviews and thought - oh I will give it a go. Just couldnt get it to work - too frustrated. I dont like giving up but going to on this one. Hope to find something else I like better.

Savannah Wrap Reviewed by CARLA HIRST on 2011-02-02 ****
I read a piece of advice once about lace knitting from another knitter that has been tremendous value to me: Carefully write out the stitch pattern directions in pen for each row onto separate file cards and mark clearly each card with its Row Number. THEN knit the lace pattern by only looking at the row you are working. I would add this: also NUMBER your cards with pencil(Row1, Row2, Row3, etc) as you go.
When making an overall lace pattern, this practice can really help you keep your place-and more easily find/correct mistakes. As to yarn, as others have said, mohair is not a beginner's project, and even for stronger knitters, not necessarily fun. Just switch and use another lightweight yarn with a silkier hand. Find a yarn you love and it'll be a little less frustrating to deal with.
Gauge doesn't matter with something like this, unless for someone of a size that needs extra small/large/short/tall consideration.

Savannah Wrap Reviewed by Cheryl McAllister on 2010-11-19 **
Ack! Restarted it 5 times so far. Was sure there were mistakes. But I WILL overcome this! Will try the markers as suggested in another review.

Savannah Wrap Reviewed by Eleanor Gagnon on 2010-09-28 ****
It is easier to knit this wrap if you put a marker at the start of each pattern group (multiple of 16 sts) it was easier to follow the pattern. Eleanor

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