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Home : Customer Reviews of a Pattern

Customer Reviews

Image of Crystal Lake Shawl
Crystal Lake Shawl
Pattern Number: 81084AD
Rating: ****
3.6 (based on 22 reviews)
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Crystal Lake Shawl Reviewed by Lisa Sala on 2014-01-31 ****
First of all, thanks ladies for some of the tips and tricks you offer on this pattern. I have done entrelac knitting and a beautiful feather and fan pattern but this pattern has frustrated me. I get to the same row each time on the repeat and my count is off. Argh. Going to try the stitch markers and see if that helps. I WILL NOT let this pattern defeat me!

Crystal Lake Shawl Reviewed by Erika Leahy on 2013-07-13 ****
This came out so beautiful! I added 2 more sets of the pattern to make it a little wider and make it a tad shorter than specified. My sister, who I was making it for, is 5'2" so I felt it didn't need to be that long. I would definitely knit it again for myself once I move to a cooler climate. You have to follow the pattern religiously, it can get a little tricky even if you mess up just a single stitch somewhere.

Crystal Lake Shawl Reviewed by Linda Kring on 2010-10-13 *****
I love this pattern and it works up really quick. I had a problem at first and pulled it out to start over. Then I read another review that said they had placed markers after every repeat. That was a cool trick. (Thanks!) I did it and never had another moments trouble. Now if we could just get this yarn in our local Hobby Lobby. They carry Lion Brand but I couldn't find this particular yarn.

Crystal Lake Shawl Reviewed by Cherie Counter on 2010-03-28 ****
As I was swatching this pattern,I noticed that it looked a bit strange. All of the rows are symmetrical except Row 2. I think this is what causes some confusion with the pattern. I tried making the row symmetrical and it worked beautifully, so here is my modification/correction to Row 2: *K1, yo, k1, (k2tog tbl, p1, k2tog), k1, p1, k1, (k2tog tbl, p1, k2tog), k1, yo, k1; rep from *.

I hope this helps.

Crystal Lake Shawl Reviewed by Felizitas Philipp on 2010-02-19 ****
I loved knitting this pattern. But I agree, it was hard to memorize at first, but then, when about 50% of the shawl was finished it just flew into the sts.

I added only a few changes: I started with 8 rows of purled stitches and this is how I ended the shwal too and I gave on each side a fringe of 4 purl sts. This way the shawl looks even neater than in the original version ;)

Unfortunately I haven't got a pic of it yet, because I still have to block it.

And I used the basic pattern to knit fitting wrist warmer :)

Click to zoom

Click to zoom

Crystal Lake Shawl Reviewed by Beth Howe on 2009-09-28 ****
Being an experienced knitter, I thought this pattern was really easy but I do agree it is not a pattern that can be memorized easily.

This is very soft and knits up very quickly - a great gift

Crystal Lake Shawl Reviewed by Marcia-Dominique Devereaux-Carlson on 2009-08-12 *****
The only reason this pattern seems harder than an easy+ pattern is that you must look at the directions every few stitches. It is not what I call a "mindless" pattern in which a simple, short sequence of stitches is repeated for the row. If there are only 4 to 6 rows for this kind of pattern, you quickly memorize the pattern and only rarely look at the directions. This shawl is easy if you keep on referring to the pattern, and it works up wonderfully. I made it only one itertion of the pattern wide, to make a very slim fashion accesssory scarf and it turned out just gorgeous.

Crystal Lake Shawl Reviewed by Cassie on 2009-06-24 ****
I had quite a time getting this started, I started on a Tuesday and by Sunday I finally got the pattern down. I had problems with the yo , sk2p the yo, then slip your next stitch (keeping in yo fashion) then k2 (still in yo fashion) and then p ...once I got that down I've been flying through it. Put the stitch markers ON your needles as opposed to on the work, that way you don't have to stop at every row to move and re-count. Making pattern cards for each row REALLY helps as well, its not so overwhelming..I attached how I did my note cards

Crystal Lake Shawl Reviewed by Michelle L Peters on 2009-05-07 *****
I tried this pattern several months ago when I first starting knitting because it was "easy +". After 3 horrible failures, I worked some easier lace patterns before attempting this one again. After trying the brilliant suggestions about markers between repeats, my shawl came out beautifully! I was so proud of myself. If you try this pattern, please use the markers; they are invaluble.

Crystal Lake Shawl Reviewed by Denise Becker on 2009-04-19 ****
I tried this pattern because it said "easy plus" and I had never done a lace pattern before. After several attempts, it was suggested to me to place markers before each repeat. This was so helpful because instead of working in a long row of 68, I worked in small sections of 17. I was able to catch my mistakes and fix them much easier. My shawl came out beautiful! My suggestion is to have a recomendation of markers on your repeated patterns. That is what made it "easy" for me.

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