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Home : Customer Reviews of a Pattern

Customer Reviews

Image of Crochet Driving Gloves
Crochet Driving Gloves
Pattern Number: 80007AD
Rating: ***
2.9 (based on 14 reviews)
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Crochet Driving Gloves Reviewed by Mochi MOchi on 2013-09-22 *
I really like these gloves, but this pattern is a nightmare. I can read patterns but it seem like there are some random rows and sts that shouldn't be there. I'm going to keep trying to create something that looks like a glove... Wish me luck people.

Crochet Driving Gloves Reviewed by Kelsi Holly Leithner on 2010-03-13 ***
They weren't very hard but the pattern was a bit confusing. After finishing them I wear them constantly but I had to keep asking for help. Could have been easier. I ended up seaming the back as I had a large flap that just flopped all over the place. I am less than pleased.

Crochet Driving Gloves Reviewed by Jenna Wilson on 2011-12-08 **
First time I tried this pattern, the hand opening ended up on the side of my hand instead of the back. I found as I was going that, even though I followed the instructions closely, the stitches didn't add up. The good news is that these come together really quickly, so trying again isn't too terribly daunting, and I will try again as I intend to give my sister a pair for Christmas. However, I'm going to use the revision someone was kind enough to leave in comments. I hope it works this time!
Y'all might want to consider a serious revision of this pattern.

Crochet Driving Gloves Reviewed by Julie Hunt on 2011-05-12 *****
i just had to make these gloves they look really great.
im not great with pattern reading but didnt have too much trouble with this one i did start the "wrong way round on the fingers, little first" but easily worked out how it was going together
great job i really love the finished project and have made a couple of changes to suit myself. i like longer cuffs so did a few extra rows in the beginning for extra buttons
well done

Crochet Driving Gloves Reviewed by Queenie on 2010-11-03 ***
I absolutely love this pattern but it was confusing to me..I did this like 7 times before I almost memorized the pattern but yeah, sorta hard but it gonna take alot of tries it seems. I think the skill level is intermediate

Crochet Driving Gloves Reviewed by Diana on 2010-08-12 **
When i first saw the gloves, i really liked them, and begun to crochet by the instructions' but as many here wrote the part of "hand shape" is really confusing' and also the "finger shape"- i did'n't know which finger to start first and how. But thanks to J. G. Popolis review, i some how managed to finish this project. It really needs a rewrite.

Crochet Driving Gloves Reviewed by arleen ayala on 2009-10-22 ***
I just finished one of the gloves. now i know what i have to do. in the reviews here, i read a tip left by one of the reviewers and that tip helped to confirm that i was seeing things the same way. so thanks. another thing, maybe because im left handed the fingers did not fall in the same order that the pattern says it is. the middle finger on the pattern was actually the ring finger for me. so you should work on whatever finger is there as you go along. keep trying the glove on. very cute gloves but the patterns needs to be revised to easier reading and an illistration drawing of the first step in shaping the hand. below is a picture of the finished glove minus the button.

Click to zoom

Crochet Driving Gloves Reviewed by jillian jenks on 2009-10-17 *
It's a nice patttern and all, but very confusing. I teach grades 5-8 how to knit and crochet, and I design alot of the patterns we use. This pattern however is impoosible for me to understand and follow the pattern. the stith count dosn't add up, open back of the hand dosn't give enough stitches to show any of my hands and the finger shaping is very hard to follow.

Crochet Driving Gloves Reviewed by J. G. Popolis on 2009-09-05 ****
I had trouble with the "shape hand" part at first too. Maybe this will help:
Place glove in front of you with the starting end yarn to the left. Place your right hand on the glove. Now you see where the thumb side is. Join yarn where it says in the "shape hand" section.

Rnd 1: [STARTING IN SAME SC WHERE YOU MADE SL ST] Sc in next 6 (7,8) sc, skip 8 (10, 12) sc (for Thumb sts) [THE "GAP" CURVES AWAY FROM YOU], sc in next 2 sc, 2 sc in next sc, sc in next sc [YOU SHOULD BE AT THE END OF THE ROW NOW], ch 4, sc in first skipped sc of row to join for back of hand [I.E. JOIN WHERE YOU FASTENED OFF ROW 14 TO MAKE A ROUND] . . . [FINISH ROUND AS PATTERN INDICATES]

Note that you may need more than 4 ch across back of hand (I used 6) and you probably need to make the sc that makes the thumb space very loose. Try the glove on often as you go.

In Rnd 2:, when you "sc in each sc around", omit the thumb stitches.

The rest should be easy! :D

Crochet Driving Gloves Reviewed by twi on 2009-08-26 *
I couldn't follow the directions for shaping the hand part. I've been crocheting for a few years now, and I just couldn't understand some parts, it wasn't adding up...

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