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Home : Customer Reviews of a Pattern

Customer Reviews

Image of Winter Lace Afghan
Winter Lace Afghan
Pattern Number: 80115AD
Rating: *****
4.4 (based on 52 reviews)
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Winter Lace Afghan Reviewed by Susan Hudgens on 2009-10-26 *
I'm just not having any fun with this pattern at all, and have frogged more than I've knit. I think it's definitely more difficult than the "easy plus" rating, so I am going to make a different project that will be less frustrating and a better use of my knitting time.

Winter Lace Afghan Reviewed by Susan Pell on 2009-09-19 ****
I'm struggling with this Easy+ pattern. I have torn it out and started over 4 times! I guess misery loves company - as I just thought I was failing at this pattern. I'm going to try using the markers to keep track of the 12 stitch pattern - wish me luck!

Winter Lace Afghan Reviewed by Ora Dunbar on 2009-09-06 *****
I made this pattern in the spring as a gift. It came out beautifully. I did have to check pattern rows periodically and when I put it down, made a note of what row to start on when I picked it up again. I love the pattern and am making a second one in a different color. So toasty and warm to snuggle up in when winter sets in.

Ann - Boston

Winter Lace Afghan Reviewed by Diane McCartt on 2009-07-19 *****
Just finished this beautiful afghan. I used the "flash card" method noted earlier and also added a stitch marker after each repeat - also counted all my stitches. Time consuming but I didn't have to tear anything out and do over. I had a problem with the gauge -ended up adding two add'l repeats to each row and a 9th panel at the end. Yarn was too expensive - also had several "end ties" in some of the skeins - one had FOUR! Print out coupons from Michael's on-line and get a bunch of friends to go with you to buy the yarn at 40% off.

Winter Lace Afghan Reviewed by Nonnien on 2009-07-07 ***
I'm struggling with this pattern. I've practiced the lace repeat so I know what it looks like, and although it's really not that hard, I've had to rip back about 6 times so far. I've started stringing a safety line after the purl row. Thanks for the advice you all have posted. I think what annoys me most is that it isn't easy to tink back when I realize I've made a mistake.

Winter Lace Afghan Reviewed by Sherritta Guzman on 2009-06-17 *****
Just finished this afghan and I must say it is beautiful. What I found very helpful was to make "flashcards" for every odd number row. That way I never got lost. Also remember the 85 stitches in the middle begin with a k1 and the next 84 are a repeat lace pattern of 12 stiches.

I just learned how to knit in January and this was my first big project. It is definetly worth doing.

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Winter Lace Afghan Reviewed by Karen Noll on 2009-05-11 ****
This is a lovely pattern, and definitely worth the challenge of all those yarnovers! Having made every mistake that can be made with lace patterns, I can offer a few hints and fixes to those having problems. As other posters have mentioned, review each completed pattern row for mistakes before continuing. Mark any errors with a stitch marker. Rather than ripping out the row, many errors can be fixed as you get to them on the purl side. (1)If you've missed a yarnover, use the M1 increase on the purl side to add the missed yarnover(insert left hand needle from front to back under the bar between the stitches). It will be a bit tight at first, but will even out. (2)If you've added an extra yarnover in error, just drop it on the purl side; the stitches on either side of the dropped yarnover will seem a bit loose at first, but will even out. (3)If you didn't catch a missed yarnover until the next right side row, it can still be fixed. Spread the stitches slightly on either side of where the yarnover should be. You'll see bars between the stiches. Insert a crochet hook from front to back under the second bar down and grab the next bar above and bring it to the front. You've created the missed yarnover on the row below, and the loop on the hook is the missed stitch from the last purl side row. Put this loop on the left needle and continue. Hope these are clear, they should save some time.

Haven't yet found a fix for missed k2tog or ssk!

Hope this helps!

Winter Lace Afghan Reviewed by Carolyn Bradley on 2009-04-21 ****
This is a lovely blanket but much more difficult than expected.....Seem to go along just fine until about the llth row and even with 85 center stitches always end the row with 2 stitches short...I have unraveled this row about 5 times and just can't seem to give it up...I will hang in there as I see others have had their problems....Sure it will be worth it in the end....

Winter Lace Afghan Reviewed by Joanne Ashley on 2009-04-06 *****
I plan to start this afgan in the next week. I read someone made it out of worsted weight - the recommended yarn is quite expensive. I'm curious how the thinner yarn worked out and how much you purchased.

Winter Lace Afghan Reviewed by Laurel Ehnstrom on 2009-03-21 *****
This is such a great pattern, it is so easy to knit too! I think everyone should try this afghan!

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