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Home : Customer Reviews of a Pattern

Customer Reviews

Image of Olivia's Shrug
Olivia's Shrug
Pattern Number: 60258AD
Rating: ***
3.1 (based on 31 reviews)
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Olivia's Shrug Reviewed by Christine Rolls on 2015-02-24 *
I was excited to crochet this shrug and followed the directions exactly - the pattern is in major need of a re-write and a major fix! The sleeves are short, not long, and there is no front in this pattern! Please fix and repost because I want to finish my shrug!! I will keep it in hopes that this beautiful shrug can have a full pattern

Olivia's Shrug Reviewed by Katie Aker on 2015-01-03 *
I was excited to try out this pattern---what a complete waste of time! This pattern needs some serious work and an altogether rewrite. I'm salvaging the project by making front panels. Stay away from this one!

Olivia's Shrug Reviewed by Lisa White on 2014-03-05 *
I am SO disappointed and unhappy with this pattern! This came out so small it cannot be worn. My gauge was actually larger than recommended but I thought it would make the shrug fit a bit looser. WRONG! It is so small my daughter who is a size 6 thought it was too tight.
The pattern could certainly do with better images and a serious rework of the instructions.
This was to be a gift and now I will need to start over on something else. Sure wish I had read the reviews before I spent so much time trying to figure out how to adjust it so it would be wearable.
It will be a while before I waste my time on another LionBrand pattern.

Olivia's Shrug Reviewed by michelle sorensen on 2013-09-17 **
i love this pattern FOR CHILDREN. There is no way on this planet that this is s/m, l,xl. Its more like xs/s s/m.
I have tried many time to adjust for larger sizes to no avail. I truely wish someone would redo to fit a real large/extra large adult.

Olivia's Shrug Reviewed by Donna on 2013-01-16 ***
I too wish I had read the comments before starting this. I will go back and add rows to the collar to try to make it match the back. I will try to make it again because I do think it is cute. This was not a very well written pattern though. You shouldn't have to adjust as much as you do on this. Also, the picture looks like 3/4 or long sleeves -- the pattern is not. Sizing is wrong too. I made the large and will give it to my teen granddaughter who is very slim.

Reviewed by Juliette Bezold on 2012-11-05 ****
I am pleased with my end result, but agree with the other reviewers that this pattern has some flaws. I feel a lot of them are in the details.

For example on the row with increases for the sleeves - if you do it as written, chaining out from the body, turn and work across chain, continue across body, then chain out from body for second sleeve, turn and work across chain, your sleeve on one side will be one row higher than on the other side. This is a serious problem on a garment where one row = one inch in gauge, and it exacerbates the collar rows fitting to the body rows issue (as many other reviewers have described) on the one side. They then tell you to break off and start at one side to work back and forth - I wonder how odd that would look at the place where the 2nd sleeve returns and is one row higher? I solved this problem by using yarn from another skein to do the 2nd sleeve's chains at the end of the same row, so that when I chained the 1st sleeve's increase chains and turned, I could then work across the 1st sleeve, body, and second sleeve smoothly in one row, and then go back and forth from there.

I also thought the row that finishes the sleeves, with the chain-5 loops and sc's gives a bad end result, but sadly I didn't see that until I was seaming the garment so i couldn't correct it. As you sew the sleeve seams those chain 5 loops create a bigger series of holes along the seam than the holes in the pattern fabric. I do not care for the way that looks when worn, especially as this is an openwork pattern. And the way they have you do the last chain-5 then begin with a dc to pick the pattern stitch back up at the half-shell creates an awkward angled line there where the sleeve meets the body. A solution would be to do the last ch-5, then do a slip stitch into the next space, and chain 4, 2-dc to start with a half-shell as every other row. (Another botched detail - they tell you to ch-5 then 2 dc at the start of each row to equate to the 2dc, ch-1, 1dc at the end. Everyone knows 3 ch = 1 dc, so the equivalent at the beginning should be ch-4 2dc to match the end. If you do the chain 5 as written you get bigger spaces every other row and it looks uneven. I corrected that after one row and started doing a ch-4.) If I were to make this again I think I would omit that entire row and just cut the yarn after the last sleeve row and join with a half shell in the appropriate place on the next.

I bought 4 skeins for the lg/xl size, but had plenty of yarn left over. I added two more treble rows to the collar to make it fit the body rows, doing 3 tr, ch 3, 3 tr in each space, and I added 1 ch between the shells on the final row (I added that extra ch between shells on the original last row as well, to make the collar flare better, as a previous reviewer suggested.) I did not want a short sleeve, so I also added 6 chains to each sleeve to make them 5 shells not 4 in the body, then added a bell cuff at the end following the established pattern.

Overall I am pleased with the result, and am looking forward to wearing it to work tomorrow. I think if I were to make this again I would use a different yarn - though I love Homespun the look is bulky on. I am thinking of trying Amazing as I am dying to use that yarn. I also think I would add just a few more increase shells to the collar on the row after the increase row. I think it would flow a little better. The picture to me looked fuller in the collar than the result I got, yet I definitely agree that you should not increase for three rows, that would be WAY too much, so I'm not sure what the answer is there.

This pattern would be helped tremendously by:

A) a better picture showing the whole garment, so you can see that it is short sleeved, and see where the collar meets the body.

B) a diagram of the piece with dimensions (I suspect, even though I did check my gauge, that my piece ended up small as other reviewers have said)

C) improved, row by row instructions for clarity.

Olivia's Shrug Reviewed by Toni Kling on 2012-06-15 *
I had to give up on this one. It should not be rated easy. I am taking it apart. frown.

Olivia's Shrug Reviewed by Sue Rock on 2012-02-15 *
the reviews are abundant and HILARIOUSLY accurate - I am so grateful my daughter told me to read them.

Thank god for creative women who prevail throughout it all even with WONKY instructions. I am creating this with ribbon yarn so it looks delicious yet CRAZY!

Bless you all for your input - I will print all the comments out tomorrow and lay them out on the table while I work



Reviewed by Mary Nunez on 2011-09-03 ****
I tried this pattern w/ a different yarn than suggested.. It turned out well except I had to make a lot of adjustments.. And my shrug turned out extra small.. I'll probably end up just giving this to my little sister.. And I'll adjust the patterns to make a bigger shrug..

All in all the pattern was easy to follow.. Thank you lion brand :)

Olivia's Shrug Reviewed by Cyndy Sandberg on 2011-07-01 ****
GUAGE is VERY important with this pattern. I had to go up to a L hook to get the guage for the sm/med and I am not a novice at crocheting. It took me three times and I FINALLY got it. I agree with other reviewers that you need to do only 7 rows for the back otherwise the collar will not fit. And you need to follow the collar as the pattern is written with the trim rows. It is a very easy pattern and I think I will do it again, but with a lighter yarn. The homespun just seems a bit bulky as I am a smaller person.

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