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Stories to Share

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Table of Contents: Our Reader's Stories
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my Favorite To Make Crochet Afghan And Baby...

Margaret Heckathorn 2008-05-16
"abuelita's Example"
Sherry Huish 2007-06-09
"how Knitting Changed My Life"
Bobbie Egelund 2007-03-21
"knitting Back And Forth"
Susan Justiniano 2007-06-10
"this Ain't Your Grandma's Knitting"
Holli Pifer 2007-08-17
"warm Fuzzy" No Brainer!
Sandi Dunn 2007-03-19
'your Husband Has A Brain Tumour. He Probably...
Anne Spencer 2007-08-18
'til My Heart's Content
Abby Wenderoff 2007-06-10
10 Sweaters
Katie Mather 2007-08-19
38 Years Of Crocheting
Bonnie Scriba 2007-03-23
63 Years Of Crocheting
Thelma Jean Paradysz 2007-06-10
8th Grade Knitting
Claudia Green 2007-08-17
9/11 American Flag
Katie Morrissey 2007-06-13
A Ball Of Yarn And A Crochet Hook
Mary De Jong 2008-05-16
A Ball Of Yarn And A Pair Of Needles
Sandra Kazandjian 2007-03-16
A Birth, An Illness And A Rebirth
Debbie Moffitt 2007-03-17
A Blessing
Marion Layton 2007-06-11
A Classic Underachiever, That Was Me. Add,...
Ann Marie Meyers 2007-03-16
A Crafty Solution!
Marcia Estes 2007-03-17
A Family Tradition
Diana Pulido 2007-06-11
A Friend
Nancy Graham 2007-03-16
A Friend For Life
W Wendy 2007-03-21
A Gift From The Past
Balkcom Carokyn 2007-04-03
A Grandmother's Legacy
Lola Stockmaster 2007-07-08
A Grandmother's Legacy
Karen Stir 2007-06-10
A Grandmother's Love
Carol Dowell 2008-05-16
A Group Of Angels
Sandy Barry 2007-03-16
A Knitter For Life
Carol Holtz 2007-08-20
A Late Learner
M Mary 2007-07-10
A Lifetime Fallback.
Sally Ingram 2007-06-10
A Lifetime Of Crafts
Dee Hale 2007-03-16
A Lifetime Of Needlework
Velma Bradley 2007-08-18
A Long Time Ago
Mariea Vanpraet 2007-03-19
A Long Time Learning
M Mary 2007-08-24
A Love Of Yarn
Esther Stoneburner 2007-03-16
A Love Shared
Jody Witt 2007-08-17
A Mix Of Crafts
Vera Abbott 2007-03-22
A Mother With Alzheimer's And A Weekly Visit...
Judy Drong 2007-06-11
A Mother"s Love
Patricia Travis 2007-06-09
A New Found Love
Simmie Asulin 2007-03-17
A New Start
H Hannah 2007-06-10
A New Step-mother's Gift
Debra Jarvie-sexton 2007-06-10
A One-stitch Wonder
Linda Smith 2007-06-09
A Passion For Knitting
R Ruth 2007-03-16
A Passion For Knitting
Janice Sall 2007-03-22
A Passion For Socks
Kate Watson 2007-08-17
A Sensual Craft
Pat Di Stefano 2007-06-09
A Son, A Daughter In Law And A Baby
L Loa 2007-06-16
A Special Blessing At A Difficult Time
River Wenger 2007-08-22
A Special Connection
P Phyllis 2007-08-20
A Stitch In Time...
Caitlin Seida 2007-06-09
A Teacher At Last
Ann Saglimbene 2007-03-15
A Total Joy
Anne Smith 2007-03-24
A Very Pleasant Story
Maria Avena 2007-06-19
A Way To Give Back
Dot Moore 2007-07-07
A Way To Help Others
Sharon King 2007-06-11
A Woman With A Gift
Kristine Torres 2007-08-17
About My Knitting Wife
Paulette Remillard 2008-01-23
Absolute Therapy
Johna Miller 2007-06-11
Adifferent Knitting Story
Hazel Phelps 2007-03-16
Lois Noth 2008-05-15
Afghans For Everyone!
Patricia Beaulac 2007-06-12
After 20 Some Odd Years . . .
Paula Sorg 2008-02-04
After 40 Years Of Trying To Learn Left-handed Knitting.
Jennifer Lewis 2007-06-12
After Heart Surgery
Barbara Vander Meer 2007-03-22
After Serving Several Years As A Navy Medic...
Chrystal Popielarz 2007-03-16
After Years
Jean Phillips 2007-06-15
All Hands!!
Jackie Corby 2007-08-16
All My Life I Have Been Able To Look At A Book...
H Haley 2007-03-16
Almost A Year Ago I Decided I Was Going To Try...
Jennifer B 2007-03-17
Although I Was Taught To Knit At My Grandmother’s...
Sue Conner 2007-03-22
An Angry Teenager And I Learned To Knit
Rhonda Kueck 2007-06-09
An Unexpected "hand-me-down"
Marjorie Meredith 2007-08-17
Angel For Your Pocket
Tammy Maynard 2007-06-24
Another Generation
Susan Gallagher Espanol 2007-06-11
Architecture & Knitting
Annmarie Signey 2007-03-22
Are You Crazy?
Robin-yvette Hayward 2007-06-10
Diana Fisher 2007-06-17
As A Child I Sat With My Grandmother Watching Her...
Shelley Prasad 2007-03-16
As A Young Child I Was Taught Several Different...
Erica Krueger 2007-06-09
Ashley's Creative Gifts Business
Ashley Rose Johnson 2007-08-17
At A Loss
Stephanie Glickman 2007-04-18
At 10, I Remember Crying For A Crochet Hook, A...
Tina Borkowski 2007-06-09
At Least Twice A Year I Travel By Plane To San...
Sharon Weissmann 2008-05-16
Aunt Emma - Aunt Katherine
Maryella Wood 2007-06-09
Awesome Knitsters
Mary Anne Getchell 2007-04-13
Baby Blanket Ministry
Tracie Wallace 2007-03-18
Barn Knitter
Juanita Vaughn 2007-03-29
Barn Knitter Of Another Kind
Kit Wilson 2007-08-18
Beautiful Gifts To Give
Mary Bradshaw 2007-06-10
Becoming Myself
Krysty Underwood 2007-06-12
Being A New Resident In New York City, I Was...
Cynthia Hoffman 2007-03-16
Being Born Disabled
Deborah Griffin 2007-06-14
Benefits Of Knit And Crochet
Kathleen Hawkins 2007-03-16
Best Darn Club
A Annie 2007-06-11
Bickie's Bears
Victoria Drennan 2007-03-16
Blanket For My Husband
Debbie Taylor 2007-06-13
Both Of My Children Were Preemies. When The...
Connie Juhl 2007-04-28
Bringing Family Together
Aileen Braun 2007-03-16
Busy Mom
Geraldine Handa 2007-06-10
By A Thread
Spring Graves 2007-03-19
Poornima Rachel Kuruvilla 2007-03-17
Caps And Shawls
Mary Baucher 2007-07-07
Caps For Cancer/hugs Of Hope
Jean Skahan 2007-03-15
Caps For Kids
Delma Layton 2007-03-16
Captive Audience Crocheting
Elaine Taylor 2007-03-23
Carrying On The Tradition
Janet Dameron 2007-03-22
Celebrate Your Uniqueness
Janice Ogata 2007-06-09
Challenging My Sister: The Dormant Crochet Hook
Irma Tijerina 2007-03-28
Charitable Knitting
Renee Spiess 2007-07-09
Charity Crochet
Carlene Paquette 2007-03-19
Chemo Caps
Jan Goble 2007-08-18
Chemo Caps
Ruth Weidle 2008-05-16
Chemo Therapy
Rachael Ceffaratti 2007-03-16
Child's Perspective On Knitting
C. A. Watson 2008-01-04
Christmas Tradition
Pamela Thalner 2007-03-15
Confessions Of A Newbie Knitter
C Carrie 2007-08-24
Dorothy Rice 2007-08-20
Courage To Try New Things
Sharon Schafer Bennett 2007-03-17
Crafting Memories
M Michele 2007-06-11
Crafts For Christ
Diane Wilhelm 2008-05-16
Crafts On The Go 2008-05-19
Creating Love
Theresa Keller 2007-03-16
Crochet And Me
C Carma 2007-03-16
Crochet For Babys
Jean Bushie 2007-03-16
Crochet For Babys
Jean Bushie 2007-03-16
Crochet For Cancer
Jennie Handt 2007-06-09
Crochet For Charity
Anita Ramsey 2007-07-07
Crochet For Charity
Penny Nieman 2007-08-17
Crochet Granny
Pamela Schmidt 2007-06-10
Crochet Helps My Stress Level
Linda Remillard 2007-06-10
Crochet Is Not Just A Hobby For Me
Roslyn Udle 2007-03-16
Crochet Is Wonderfull And Amazing
Joan Johnson 2007-06-09
Crochet Saved My Sanity!
Sharon Long 2007-03-16
Crochet With A Discalimer!
Michelle Foster 2007-03-26
Crochet-a Gift Of A Lifetime
Wendy Stevens 2007-03-22
Crochet........something I Can Do Well.
Alexia Maben 2007-06-13
Crocheted Angels
Jeanne Mccarthy 2007-08-17
Crocheted Memories
Linda Stewart 2007-03-24
Fran Day 2007-03-22
Dolores Morley 2007-06-12
Crocheting And Chronic Fatique 2007-03-23
Crocheting And The Cancer Patient
Wendi Duvall 2007-03-17
Crocheting As A Man
Albert J Madden 2007-03-21
Crocheting As Therapy
Judy Mills 2007-03-22
Crocheting Definitly Changed My Life And For The...
Melissa Whitley 2007-03-16
Crocheting Did Have A New Purpose
Carol Marohn 2007-03-16
Crocheting For Life
Sharleen Flores 2007-03-19
Crocheting Got Me Through My Pregnancy
Beth Morgan 2007-03-16
Crocheting Has Changed My Life In Many Ways. ...
K Krystal 2007-03-16
Crocheting Helped Me Through A Crisis
T Teresa 2007-06-11
Crocheting Helped My Daughter Earn Her Gold Award
Anna Ho 2007-06-11
Crocheting In Australia
Lynda Carroll 2007-06-09
Crocheting In Southeast Asia
B Benni 2007-08-17
Crocheting Is A Gift
Jenny Wiese 2007-03-15
Crocheting Is Good For The Mind, Body, Soul And Spirit
Zakiyyah Rawhee-el 2007-06-12
Crocheting Is My Connection To Hospice Nursing
Debi Sokol 2007-06-11
Crocheting Keeps Me Sane
Denise Mccall 2007-06-10
Crocheting Salvation
Pamela S 2007-08-20
Crocheting Saved My Sanity
Saundra Bernstein 2007-03-30
Crocheting Through A Liver Transplant
M Marilynn 2007-03-17
Crocheting With Prayer
Connie Hildebrand 2007-06-09
Depression Reliever
Sandra Mccumber 2007-06-14
Different Projects
Jackie Mcandrew 2007-06-11
Doctor's Office Projects
Ellen Dimaggio 2008-05-16
Don't Bother Mommy, She's Knitting.
Sara Davis 2007-06-11
Don't Smoke -- Knit!
Celia Kaye Peters 2007-03-20
Don't Travel Much 2008-05-16
Duncannon Presbyterian Church Prayer Shawl Ministry
Roberta Lightner 2007-03-16
Duncannon Presbyterian Church Prayer Shawl Ministry
Roberta Lightner 2007-03-16
Eleanor In Heaven
Linda Richardson 2007-06-09
Emotional Healing And Crochet
S Sherri 2007-06-12
Empty Nest Scarf
Julie Eggenberger 2007-04-05
Eń Tejido En Mi Vida...
Alba Alfonzo 2007-06-10
Endless Opportunities
Brenda Miller 2007-03-29
Endless Stitches Reaching Over Time
Penrose Ingrid 2007-06-10
Entering A Forbidden World
Ceciliae Vandeloo-annand 2007-08-17
Establishing The Work Of Our Hands
Carson Paula 2008-02-22
Amelia Wakefield 2007-03-22
Every Year My Husband And I Visit Minocqua, Wi... 2008-05-18
Falling In Love!!!
Gena Whitaker 2007-03-30
Family Ties And Knitting
Elizabeth Buckley 2007-03-16
Family Ties And Knitting
Elizabeth Buckley 2007-03-16
Fasinated!! With Threads And Hooks.
Patricia Steffen 2007-06-09
Feeling Sorry For Myself
May Bradley 2007-03-16
Fiberwork As An Identity
Karla Fears 2007-06-09
Finding A Silver Lining
Barbara L Buchanan 2007-06-12
Finding Normalcy
Patti Faurie 2007-06-11
Finding Peace In Creativity
Allison Mosley 2007-09-01
Fingers Flying Through Yarn
Lynn Campbell 2007-03-15
First Of All I Wanted To Say That I Love Your...
Jill Orent 2008-02-16
Flying With Needles
Susan Frye 2008-05-16
Following My Grandmother
Hannah Seipert 2007-03-16
For More Years Than I Wish To Count, I Have...
Marjorie Wimberly 2008-05-16
For The Love Of A Baby
Sharon Repici 2007-06-29
For The Love Of My Daughter
Jo Eitreim 2007-03-16
For Years I Have Knitted Hats And Mittens For The...
Lynne Hammond 2007-04-03
For Years We Have Driven Across Country On Our...
Brenda Deleon 2008-05-16
Fortunate Crocheter
Milta Ayala 2007-10-20
Four Boys! Need I Say More!
Kate Decker 2007-04-11
Four Years Ago I Became Part Of The St....
Alta Lagoey 2007-03-28
Four Years Ago, My Life Was A Dream Come True. I...
Bethany Jayne Harrison 2007-06-10
Free Your Mind
Carmen Garling 2007-06-08
Free-time Waiting For My Mom
Lynn Desjardins 2007-06-09
Fried Brain Recoups With Knitting Tasks
Grace Donoho 2007-03-16
Friends Everywhere
Sally K Yarber 2008-06-03
Anne Iwen 2007-03-16
From My Great Grandmother To A Husband Who Is Deployed...
Jennifer Kuebrich 2007-09-30
From One Heart To Another
S Shari 2007-03-16
From Socks To Lace
Penrose Ingrid 2007-08-17
Full Circle Blessings 2008-04-14
Full Circle Therapy
S. Edith Selzler 2007-03-16
Fun Class - Crochet?!?
Gwen Curtis 2007-06-11
Generations Of Love
Post Helen 2007-03-17
Getting Away From My Pain
Linda Dum 2007-06-08
Getting Control Once More
Marti Johnson 2007-03-16
Getting Together With Friends
Nancy Boyd 2007-08-17
Giving Back To The World
Claudia Duran 2007-06-12
Giving To The Community
Deborah Brown 2007-03-22
God Gave Each Of Us Certain Talents
Julianne Gazin 2007-03-16
God's Purpose For Me
Pam Colsten 2008-05-18
Going Backwards: From Yarn To Sheep
Lisa Foss 2007-06-10
Sue Ben Dor 2007-03-16
Grandma Lived 1500 Miles Awa7
Helen Young 2007-06-10
Grandma' Stroke And How It Changed My Life.
Darlene Young 2007-08-20
Grandma's Inspiration
Sue Mchugh 2007-04-06
Grandma's Spirit
Jennifer Dudek 2007-08-16
Grandmom's Gift.
G A Yaple 2007-03-22
Grandmother's Pleasure
Anne Carpenter 2007-06-11
Linda Kramer 2007-03-16
Grief Crocheting
Regina Peters Kiss 2007-06-10
Hair In My Yarn!!
Robbie Murta 2007-06-11
Happyness And Joy
G Ginacollins 2007-03-16
Martha Sanford 2007-03-22
Hats For Strangers, Made With Love
Carole Henares 2007-03-16
Have Needles Will Travel
Linda Spooner 2007-03-16
Have Yarn Will Travel
Beth Hallead 2008-05-16
Healthy Habits Make For Healthy Living
Mary Gregory 2007-03-17
Heartfelt Thanks...
Robin Comfort 2007-07-09
Helping Myself & Helping Others
Georgia Webb 2007-04-18
Helping Others
A Akia 2007-03-16
Helping To Pass The Time
Phyllis Tuttle 2007-03-15
Hooked On Life
Sharron Mcmillan 2007-03-16
Hope And Recovery
Deborah Smith 2007-03-16
Hope For My Friends
Marie Leibel 2007-03-16
Hoping With Each Stitch
Janell C. Bennett 2007-06-11
Horse Booties
Debbie Domby 2007-03-16
Hot Knitting In The Summer Time
Jean Knipp 2008-05-16
How Crochet Changed My Life.
Laurel Nikolic 2007-06-09
How Crochet Changed My Life
Joy Jackson 2007-03-16
How Crochet Changed My Life
Dorothy Miller 2007-03-23
How Crochet Changed My Life.
Kathy Villanueva 2007-03-22
How Crochet Has Been There For Me
Susan Utter 2007-06-11
How Crochet Ing Changed My Life
Debbie Demers 2007-03-23
How Crochet...
Jeri Clackett 2007-03-20
How Crocheting Changed My Life
Kaye Mabry 2007-03-15
How Crocheting Changed My Life
Lynda Bielby 2007-03-17
How Crocheting Changed My Life
Ferguson Claudette 2007-03-21
How Crocheting Changed My Life
Claudia Duran 2007-03-21
How Crocheting Changed My Life
Judy Pierce 2007-03-22
How Crocheting Changed My Life
Judy Pierce 2007-03-22
How Crocheting Changed My Life!i
Betty Brusco 2007-03-15
How Crocheting Has Added To My Life!
Peggi Scholl 2007-06-13
How Crocheting Has Gotten Me Through Life.
Mary Johnson 2007-06-11
How Crochetting Has Been My Salvation!
L Lauren 2007-03-16
How Crpcheting Changed My Life
Faith Cloud 2007-06-10
How Did Knit And Crochet Change My Life? They...
Carol Deyoung 2007-03-18
How Has Crocheting And Knitting Changed My Life?...
Shaina Caudill 2007-03-21
How I Am Living In Assisted Living
Inez Mistretta 2007-03-16
How I Became A Knitter
E Emily 2007-08-17
How I Didn't Become A Serial Killer
Kristine L Fitch 2007-03-21
How I Got Addicted To Knitting And Crocheting
Dawn Alfonso 2007-03-20
How I Got Through Breast Cancer
Tammy Cates 2007-06-29
How I Learnt To Crochet
L Lynne 2007-03-16
How I Quit Smoking
Laurel Butts 2007-06-09
How I Stay Busy While Waiting
Patricia Wilcox 2008-05-17
How Knitting And Crocheting Has Changed My Life.
D Dee 2007-03-19
How Knitting And Crocheting Saved My Life
Carol Zoromski 2007-03-20
How Knitting Changed My Life
Anna Reich 2007-03-16
How Knitting Changed My Life
Daria White 2007-03-19
How Knitting Changed My Life
Trinity Honse 2007-03-22
How Knitting Changed My Life
Amy Steenson 2007-04-02
How Knitting Changed My Life
Debra Heaphy 2007-04-08
How Knitting Changed My Life (and Others)
Janan Ryan-guerrera 2007-03-22
How Knitting Effects Us All
Kari Falk 2007-06-10
How Knitting Has Benefited Many
Joyce Marcotte 2007-03-19
How Knitting Saved My Marriage!!!
J Julie 2007-03-19
How Knitting Saved My Sanity
Lynn Holloway 2007-03-16
How Knitting Saved My Sanity 2007-06-09
How Knitting Saved My Sanity On The Road!
Carla White 2008-05-16
How Knitting Shaped My Life.
Corene Rodder 2007-03-16
How Knitting/crocheting Changed My Life
Dianna Overall 2007-03-16
How Many Did You Make Today?
D. E. Hayes 2007-06-09
How Much Is That Scarf In The Window?
Katherine Bassett 2007-06-11
How My Hobby Became A Profession!
Ruth Swaab 2007-03-23
How My Knitting Saved My Life.
Hope Kaplowitz 2007-06-09
How The Hobby Of Knitting Turned Into Extra Money.
Jones Gail 2007-06-10
How We Made A Difference Working Together
Beth Cohen 2007-03-21
Daphne Joseph 2007-07-03
I Like To Believe That My Ability To Crochet Was...
Carol A Coursey Young 2007-03-16
I Always Carry My Knitting Bag - In The Car,...
Edna Lewis 2008-05-18
I Am Australian
C Cheryl 2007-06-10
I Am In A Situation That I Never Dreamed I Would...
Colleen Smith 2007-03-21
I Am The Site Director Of A Before And After...
Joyce Cartina 2007-03-16
I Began To Crochet When I Was In My Early...
Elissa Bahmer 2007-03-16
I Came Back To Crocheting...
Daphne Joseph 2007-07-03
I Can Crochet Again!!
Sharai J Coffey 2007-06-09
I Can Do It
Carol Hart 2007-03-16
I Did It For Stacy
Kale Tarbet 2007-03-16
I Dreamed Of Crocheting
Verna J Greenan 2007-06-10
I First Began Knitting This Past Christmas When...
Adriana Sikyta 2007-06-16
I First Learned To Knit When I Was Five. My Mom...
Jan Groeneveld 2008-05-18
I Found An Old Friend
Kala Hannay 2007-03-17
I Guess I Was About 10 Years Old. My Mother Had...
Marian Wilkins 2007-08-17
I Had A Complete Knee Replacement And Went Into...
Cells Forex 2008-05-16
I Had Been Knitting Since I Was In My 20s. I'm...
Blanca Axosta 2007-03-17
I Had To Laugh When I Saw This. How Did Knitting...
Elle Snider 2007-03-16
I Have A Rather Old Afghan Made Of Granny...
Mary Lowe 2008-05-16
I Have Always Been Fascinated By Knitting...
Robyn Hohensee 2007-03-22
I Have Been A Crafter All My Life - Starting As A...
Judith Mecsics 2007-03-16
I Have Been A Knitter For 40+ Years. A Week...
Kathleen Horning 2007-04-13
I Have Been Crocheting Ever Since I Was A...
Sharon Annable 2007-03-16
I Have Been Crocheting For 30 Years
Mary Wiley 2007-11-09
I Have Been Crocheting For The Past Four Years....
Jessica Davis 2008-05-30
I Have Been Knitting For About 40 Years. My...
Kris Westerberg 2007-03-28
I Have Been Knitting Since I Was 9 Years Old-53...
Carol Mcclain 2007-03-16
I Have Known How To Knit Since I Was 8 But Only...
B Beverly 2008-05-16
I Have Learned The Craft Of Cro-knitting When I...
Katherine Ulrich 2007-03-16
I Hooked A Friend
Ellen M Walsh 2007-07-24
I Just Couldn't Get It...
H Heather 2007-03-16
I Knited This Scarf Myself, Love Emma
Linda Beckley 2007-03-16
I Learned To Crochet At Age 8 Yrs; Taught By My...
Magali Domingo 2007-03-24
I Learned To Crochet On The Road
Elaine Greve 2008-05-16
I Learned To Crochet When I Was Seven Years Old. ...
C Cheryl 2007-03-16
I Learned To Knit And Crochet When My Daughter...
Kim Helms 2007-03-16
I Learned To Knit As A Child Growing Up In...
Jennifer Macek 2008-05-21
I Lost 57 Lbs. Crocheting..(.in 3 Mo. Period)
Catherine Albanese 2007-06-10
I Love Crocheting!!
Lisa Corsi 2007-06-10
I Love Flying, But I Hate Being Idle And The...
Anita Elliott 2008-05-16
I Love Knitting!
Anne Dunlope 2007-03-16
I Love To Knit And Crochet So When I Lost My...
Alice Smith 2008-05-16
I Love To Knit Prayer Shawls--most Of Them...
S Sybil 2008-05-17
I Love To Travel,i Love To Knit
Beatriz Ainsztein 2008-05-16
I Need A Baby Blanket Mom!
Gwen Curtis 2007-06-11
I Retired Last Year And My Hubby And I Purchased...
Anita Couts 2008-05-17
I Sat Back And Listened
Fran Paulman 2007-08-18
I Started Crocheting In 1970, I Had Cancer And My...
Barbara Corey 2008-02-15
I Started Crocheting In My Early 20's Making...
Sue Grabowski 2007-03-24
I Started Knitting About A Year Ago After A...
Kristen Joubert 2007-03-16
I Started Knitting And Crocheting When I Was 8...
Betty Johnson 2008-02-15
I Started Knitting When I Was 8 From My Mom In...
Sheryl Bulgrin 2007-03-19
I Started Knitting When I Was A Child. I Did It...
Pat Bennett 2007-03-24
I Taught Myself To Knit.
Brenda R. Shoemaker 2007-06-20
I Thought I Wouldn Never Be Able To Knit Again...until
Elizabeth Trudel 2007-03-18
I Too Have Started Knitting Prayer Shawls. After...
Marsha Clark 2008-02-29
I Took A College Class As An Adult Student Last...
Lori Law 2007-03-16
I Travel To Many Countries Doing Medical Mission...
Beverly Doeden 2008-05-16
I Was Diagnosed With Multiple Sclerosis 3 Years...
Teresa Long 2007-03-16
I Was Due To Go To Iraq For The First Time....
H Heather 2007-03-26
I Was Taught To Knit At The Age Of Fifteen. I...
Arlene Berger 2007-03-16
I've Been Knitting And Crocheting For My 17...
M Marbeth 2008-05-16
I've Been Knitting For Quite A While But...
Dzvinka Borys 2007-03-18
I've Always Wanted To Learn To Knit Or Crochet. ...
A Angi 2007-03-22
In 1991, I Was Diagnosed With Multiple Sclerosis....
Renee Drew 2007-03-22
In Another Life
Laura L. 2007-06-10
In December Of 2003, My Dear Son Maximilian Was...
Edejer Eilene 2007-03-26
In Memory Of My
Madeleine Poe 2007-06-15
In September 2005, I Attended A Conference Wide...
Donna Chandler 2007-03-16
Inspired By Charity
L Leah 2007-03-22
Inspired Within My Silent New Life
Ms Virginia Kessinger 2007-08-17
It All Began With Argyle Socks!
Addie Callahan 2007-03-15
It Keeps Me Seated!
Sherry Brace 2007-06-13
It Only Took Me 24 Years To Learn To Crochet!
D Dawn 2007-03-19
It Saved My Husband's Life A Few Times, I Can Tell You
Donna Smith 2007-06-09
It Seems Funny But Most Of Us Think That We...
Pauline Demanuele 2007-07-07
It Was Time!
Linda Relyea 2007-06-11
It's Like Air, I Have To Knit!
Maureen A Sacchetti 2007-06-09
It's Not Just A Hobby........
P Pw 2007-06-11
Joyful Knitting
Barbara Esmond 2007-06-10
Just Like Her
Ashley Inglis 2007-08-19
Just Mommy And Me
Mary Giles 2007-06-20
Just Pick Up Your Hook
Mary L Gates 2007-05-02
Katrina's Blessings
Teresa C. Odom 2007-03-26
Keep Your Hands Busy
Kathleen Leffard 2007-03-16
Keeping A Legacy Alive
Val Winthrope 2007-03-19
Keeping Busy
Jeree Phillips 2007-04-01
Keeping Kids Warm
Donna Atkinson-wilson 2007-06-18
Keeping My Sanity
Jo-ann De Repentigny 2007-03-17
Keeping My Sanity
Jan Smith 2007-06-10
Keeping Sane
Charlene Hewitt 2007-06-13
Kidneys And Crochet
Melinda Turner 2007-03-21
Susan Klinger 2007-03-22
Kniffty Knifter Looms
Ashley Rose Johnson 2008-02-03
Knit For Life
Nancy Slover 2007-08-17
Knit Unto Others
S Susan 2007-03-16
Knit--don't Fight
Terry Cerullo 2008-05-16
Joyce Dicello 2007-03-21
Mary Dailey 2007-03-26
Kniting On The Road
Ann Bivins 2008-05-17
Knitted Prayers
Karen Linder 2007-03-22
Knitted Thoughts
Deborah Stankevich 2007-08-17
Knitters And Crocheters Everywhere
Darlene Roberson 2008-05-18
Knitters And Knitterhugs
Mary Bednarczyk 2007-03-17
Debbie Rosen 2007-08-18
Knitting & Me
Craig Brandt 2007-03-22
Knitting :cheaper Than Therapy And Twice As Relaxing
R Ryann 2007-03-22
Knitting A Blessing!
Betty Kirk 2007-03-18
Knitting A Productive Hobby 2007-06-10
Knitting And Crochet Have Saved My Life! My Only...
Lynne Mckenna 2008-05-17
Knitting And Crocheting Back To Health
Jocelyn King-delay 2007-06-10
Knitting And Crocheting For The Soldiers And Underpriveleged Children
Chris May 2007-06-10
Knitting And Crocheting Gave Me Back A Working Arm
Sharon Miller 2007-03-18
Knitting And Crocheting In Paradise
Debra Cassinelli 2007-06-11
Knitting And Crocheting Saves A Life-mine
Judee Cooper 2007-03-16
Knitting And Crocheting To Recovery
Arlene King 2007-03-21
Knitting And Solitude
Nancy Niles 2007-08-19
Knitting As A Companion
Patti Fischetti 2007-06-11
Knitting As A Learning Therapy
Luanne Russell 2007-08-17
Knitting As Pain Management
Kathy Mann 2007-03-22
Knitting As Physical And Mental Therapy
R J Jamieson 2007-03-16
Knitting At 54
Susan Carruth 2007-03-22
Knitting Away Time
Laurie Carwile 2007-03-21
Knitting Bits
Joann Pennington 2007-08-22
Knitting Brings Hope
Donna Brosseau 2007-06-11
Knitting Can Save You..change You
Peggy Lind 2007-08-17
Knitting Changes Everything
Tama Vaughn 2007-08-28
Knitting Club At Work
Guy Charbonneau 2008-04-15
Knitting Entered My Life Only A Mere 6 Months...
Amanda Fox 2007-03-21
Knitting Equals Love
C Carol 2007-03-16
Knitting For Jesus 2007-06-11
Knitting For Nursing Homes
Lynne Tognoli 2007-03-20
Knitting For Orphans.
Helen Mitchell 2007-06-22
Knitting For Orphans.
Helen Mitchell 2007-07-06
Knitting For Others 2007-03-16
Knitting For Peace
Ann Bresingham 2007-03-16
Knitting For Sanity
Lori Pritchard 2007-03-16
Knitting For The Military
Jacqueline Le Clair 2007-08-17
Knitting For The Military In 1940
Hannelore Lubben 2007-06-10
Knitting Gave Me Back My Creativity
Colleen Davis 2007-03-27
Knitting Gifts
Renee Sevier-monsey 2007-03-16
Knitting Has Rythym
Mary Bailey Q 2007-09-03
Knitting Heals The Heart
Kay Moretti 2007-08-17
Knitting Helped Me Beat Ppd
Jenny Mcjannet 2007-03-16
Knitting Helped Me Heal
Nancy Thomas 2007-06-11
Knitting Helped Me Stop Smoking
Susan Meluso 2007-03-16
Knitting Is A Common Language
Kellye Self 2008-05-17
Knitting Is A Universal Language
Eileen Thompson 2008-05-16
Knitting Is My Life!
Jeannine Blum 2007-03-16
Knitting Keeps My Mind In Line
Glenna Hicks 2007-06-09
Knitting Life
Kathy Mason 2007-03-16
Knitting Means Love
Kathy Warning 2007-04-13
Knitting My Life Back Together
Ilene Hochberg 2007-03-16
Knitting My Nest
Kathy Bohannon 2007-03-21
Knitting On A Plane
Anita Morton 2007-08-19
Knitting Opens Up Health And Connections
Paul Lee 2007-03-17
Knitting Or Daytime Tv???
Scott Rodrigues 2007-10-16
Knitting Saved My Life
Kat Raco 2007-06-09
Knitting Therapy
Toni Ritchey 2007-03-24
Knitting Therapy 2007-06-10
Knitting Therapy 2007-06-11
Knitting Therapy For Cancer
Yvette Moreau 2008-03-30
Knitting Through The Cancer
Sherrie L Redden 2007-03-23
Knitting, Crochet, Knitting
Janet Simpson 2007-06-11
Knitting-not Smoking
Judy Seagraves 2007-03-25
Knitting: A Metaphor For Life
Carol Loguisto 2007-08-17
Knitting: Strong Medicine
Vicki Botta 2007-03-16
Knitting; Sometimes A Chore And Sometimes Lots Of Love
Lin Loerzel 2007-06-10
Anne Dadosky 2007-03-16
Knittting With Ms
Elaine Lizardi 2007-03-17
Kntting My Way Through Change
Autumn Bates 2007-03-21
Seema Gersten 2007-06-09
Language Lesson
Donna Nothe-choiniere 2007-03-22
Last Fall I Was Starting To Think About How I Was...
L Laura 2007-03-22
Last Year As My Ailing Father Slept, My Mother...
Gina Lieberman 2007-06-10
Last Year My Oldest Granddaughter, Emily, Said...
Marilyn Temple 2007-03-17
Laughter In Stitches
Linda Hagerman 2008-06-06
Learning And Relaxing
Luthmila Busby 2007-03-15
Learning To Crochet
M Marbeth 2007-08-18
Learning To Crochet With Mom
Marianna Teague 2007-06-21
Learning To Knit And Crochet As A Child
Peg Martin 2007-08-20
Left-handed Crocheter
Flora Carter 2007-06-10
Leftover Yarn
Sharon Hull 2008-05-16
Angela Toland 2007-08-17
Let Go Of The Yarn....
Kimberly Garcia 2007-03-16
Let's Hear It For The Boy
Steven Espinosa 2007-08-17
Life Altering Craft
Donna Turcotte 2007-06-10
Life Is Good
Edith Pallmann 2007-06-10
Life Lessons Learned
Teresa Jeffries 2007-06-10
Life Takes Turn
Tamara Hapse 2007-06-15
Tiffany Hooper 2007-08-16
Little Knitters
Mary Anne Getchell 2007-03-31
Live, Love, And Crochet
Hanifah Moss 2007-03-23
Long Lost Baby Blanket
Wendellyn Plummer 2007-06-10
Long Time Affair With Yarns/threads/needles & Hooks
Eileen Hildebrand 2007-06-09
Long Time Coming
Annette Henry 2007-07-10
Love Blankets
Melissa Miller 2007-03-15
Love In Every Stitch
Angelika Headlee 2007-08-17
Making Birthday Special.
Kathy Babcock 2007-07-07
Many Thanks To Patricia Warrick. Her Story...
Tena Gebers 2007-09-18
Me And My Grandma
Sam Josansen 2007-06-16
Me, My Mother And Crochet
Gloria Pesenti 2007-03-22
Memere's Love
Ann Lambert 2007-08-17
Memorial Knitting
Mary Orum Jewett 2007-08-17
Twila Wales 2007-08-17
Memories Of Grandmaw
Kim Ranlett 2007-08-20
Miles To Go Before I Sleep 2008-05-16
Ministry From A Mom's Legacy
Kathie Schwartz 2007-07-02
D Delphina 2007-03-16
Adele Palmiotti 2007-06-10
Mom And Me
Betty Nola 2007-06-11
Momma And Me
Rose Baker 2007-06-11
Mother Bears
Gail Lofy 2007-06-10
Mother Day
Judy Benson 2007-06-12
Dorisann Brandt 2007-08-19
Much To Be Thankful For
Angelika Headlee 2007-11-02
My Beautiful Grandmother
E Elizabeth 2007-08-17
My Best Friend, Sandy
Shari Levy 2007-08-17
My Companion
Patricia Di Cioccio 2007-06-10
My Crochet Teacher
Bernadette Palko 2007-03-20
My Crocheted Creations
Jill Horn 2007-03-16
My Daughter
Janice Anthony 2007-06-10
My Daughter
Gwen Nixon 2007-08-17
My Days With Clara
Glenda Helton 2007-03-16
My Dream Come True
Marilyn Ragogna 2007-06-09
My Dreams Have Come True
Bette Spodek 2007-06-13
My Fascination With Yarn Began When I Was About 5...
Carolyn Buckler 2007-03-16
My Fiance's Folks Live An Hour From Us And We...
Jan Gilson 2008-05-16
My First Blog Sock Pattern
Baumgardner Dan M. Baumgardner 2007-03-16
My First Knitting Project
Rankin Cindy 2008-05-16
My Friend Harriet Wanted Me To Make Her A Really...
Pat Maul 2008-05-17
My Gift
Janet Eason 2007-03-22
My Gran
Jennifer Sarah Best 2007-08-18
My Grandfather Carl
Cathy Hebert 2007-03-16
My Grandma
Karin Whittaker 2007-06-10
My Grandmother
Elaine Roth 2007-06-09
My Grandmother Came To Live With Us When I Was 6...
Sally Tarasoff 2007-06-09
My Grandmother's Legacy
Jeanne Brennan 2007-08-03
My Grandmother's Legacy
Val Winthrope 2007-08-22
My Grandmother, My Aunt Rose And My Aunt Lucy All...
Deb Kasper 2007-03-16
My Hobby
Gina Garcia Sada 2007-03-23
My Hobby
Maybelline Rice 2007-06-11
My Hooks And Needles Save Me!!!
Donna Scherer 2007-08-23
My Husband Was In A Coma When I Taught Myself How To Knit And Crochet
Laurel Bishop 2007-06-11
My Husband's Red Sweater 2007-06-26
My Inner Jump
Noel Johnson 2007-06-15
My Journey To Crocheting And Knitting
Dolores Capp 2007-06-09
My Joyful Obsession...crocheting!
Valeria Simmons 2007-06-09
My Knitting And Crocheting Began 50 Years Ago. ...
Sharon Beauman 2007-03-17
My Knitting Story
Marjorie Thomas 2007-03-17
My Lifetime Of Knitting
Nancy Ludt 2007-03-18
My Love Of Knitting Kept Me Going
Barbara Schneider 2007-06-11
My Many Moods......
C Christina 2007-06-11
My Maternal Grandmother "nanny" Taught...
Wanda Harris 2007-08-21
My Mental Health
Maryann Byrne 2007-06-11
My Miracle Crochet Baby
Laura Roberts 2007-06-11
My Mission
Areena Block 2007-03-15
My Mom Is The Most Amazing Woman
Jo Ann Stewart 2007-03-22
My Mom Taught Me To Do Single Crochet Afghans...
Sarah Young 2007-07-05
My Moms Dying Gift To Me
Tamara Norton 2007-03-16
My Mother Doesn't Knit Or Crochet
Frances Mower 2007-07-07
My Mother Had Three Daughters And One Son. She...
Terry Tocker 2007-03-16
My Mother Insisted I Learn
Cindy Mcmullen 2007-08-17
My Mother Insisted I Learn
Cindy Mcmullen 2007-08-17
My Mother Taught Me How To Crochet When I Was 15...
Elizabeth Martinez 2007-03-23
My Mother's Gift
Marianne Restel 2007-08-18
My Mother's Gift
Rosario Rump 2008-06-19
My Mothers Memories
Cynthia Stevens 2007-06-10
My Name Is Laurelen Whitney And I'm 13 Years...
L Laurelen 2007-03-19
My Newest Crochet Passion
Sue Hoffman 2007-06-17
My Now 17 Year Old Son Was Diagnosed With Autism...
Gina Pepchinski 2007-03-16
My Older Sister Taught Me To Knit
Mary Green 2007-11-12
My Passion For Knitting And Crocheting
Jo Martin-adams 2007-08-20
My Prayer Shawl
Kunni Biener 2008-04-23
My Sister And Her Family Were Visiting Us On...
Joanne B. Collier 2008-05-17
My Sister's Legacy
Sarah Collins 2007-03-23
My Story
Amy Mcfarland 2007-03-22
My Story
Paulette Remillard 2007-03-24
My Story Begins With A Garage Sale. I Found My...
Kathleen Jackson 2007-03-16
My Story Is A Quick Note To Say I Always Take...
Pam Murphy 2008-06-09
My Story Starts About 4 Years Ago. I Was In...
Rochelle Madrid 2007-03-16
My Sweet Mother
Joanne Peyton 2007-03-16
My Therapy
Mildred Arnold 2007-03-16
My Travel Companions
Borbala Petrovay 2008-05-16
My Travel Crochet Story Is Not That Exciting -...
Heather Connett 2008-05-18
My Travel Knit Bag
Louise Keeton 2008-05-16
N We Shared Our Knowledge: She Taught Me Some Computer Skills& I Taught Her To Knit.
Joan M Wilkicki 2007-03-18
Needles In The Punch Bowl
Melissa Thetford 2007-08-21
Never An End To Need
Cynthia Brooks 2007-03-16
Never Bored
Lois Wymer 2007-03-17
Never Too Old
Leslee Heusinkveld 2007-06-10
Never Too Old To Learn Something New
Annie Skarie 2007-03-22
Never Too Young..........
Kathleen Gibbs 2007-08-18
Nifty Nitters
Marilla Lowe 2007-06-12
No More Idle Hands
Connie Schopp 2007-03-16
No Surprises
Virginia Sears 2007-09-06
Not Just A Learning Experience
Jan Schoeppler 2007-06-09
Not Only Women
Geoffrey M Gutzmer 2007-08-18
Nothing Else To Do
Cheryl Mcmillan 2007-03-16
Old For My Age.
Marissa Williams 2007-08-17
On The Road
Catherine Lindsay 2007-03-16
Once Upon A Time, When I Was Three...
Gael Golden 2007-06-11
One Afternoon, I Went Out To Check Our Mail, And...
Genelle Blackburn 2007-08-17
One Dollar Start
Linda Hale 2007-03-19
One Little Cap
L Linda 2007-06-11
One Stitch At A Time
Kathleen Seltenhofer 2008-01-05
Only This Much To Finish Mittens
Aileen Mcatee 2007-03-16
Our Day Out
Kathy Johndrow 2007-08-20
Our Queen Of Knitting
Catherine Shogren 2007-03-22
Our Youngest Daughter, 36 Yrs Old, Died On Oct....
Wilma Soulati 2007-03-19
Pain Relief That Doesn't Come From A Bottle
Michele Michener 2007-08-18
Pam's Story
Pam Gillette 2007-03-21
Passing On A Legecy
Lucy Torkos 2007-06-12
Sara Borgard 2007-03-22
Peace Of Mind
Karen Langridge 2007-03-16
Peaceful Healing
Brenda E Hardiek 2007-03-19
Pencil Knitting
Louise Park 2007-03-16
Peru And Galapagoes
Diane Logan 2008-05-17
Place Setting Favors
Joan F Brown 2008-05-21
Positively Addicted!
T Tammie 2008-02-02
Possessed By The Needle
Linda Weiss 2007-06-09
Prayer Baby Blanket
Alberta Goss 2007-06-12
Prayer Shawl
Maureen Gentry 2007-03-25
Prayer Shawl Ministry
Linda Jewell 2007-03-19
Prayer Shawl Ministry
Marty Guild 2007-08-17
Prayer Shawl To A Tote Bag Idea
Ashley Rose Johnson 2008-02-13
Prayer Shawls
Beth Sharpe 2008-05-16
Prayer Shawls Come With A Hug
Sharon Rast 2007-03-22
Praying And Knitting
Frances Robson 2007-06-10
Precious Moments Spent Making Hand Made Gifts For My Grandchildren
Sophia Els 2007-03-16
Project Linus
Vanessa Cobb 2007-03-22
Realizing What Is Important
Jane Gallant 2007-03-16
Rediscovering Knitting
Gail Kus 2007-03-16
Relaxation 101
Elaine Hewett 2007-03-22
Relaxation 101
Elaine Hewett 2007-03-22
Patricia Hemmes 2007-06-10
Relaxing Crochet
Linda Walsh 2007-03-16
Gail Lofy 2007-09-08
Remembering How To Knit After Brain Surgery
Tommijuana Hersey 2007-03-21
Repetition Is Soothing
Sue Dean 2007-10-10
Road Knitting
Eloise Lanum 2008-05-16
Road To Recovery
M'annette Ruddell 2007-03-19
Rv Knitting-or How Knitting Saved My Vacation
Valerie Tipton 2007-06-11
Scarves And Hats For Missionaries
Carole Pagels 2007-06-10
Screaming Into The Sunset
Deborah Higginbotham 2007-03-20
Seasonal Knitter
S Sharon 2007-06-11
Security Blanket
Cecile Perez 2007-06-09
Self Help Therapy 101
Ruth Atkinson 2007-03-16
Self Taught
Suzan Atterbury 2007-03-21
Self Taught
Diana Keeley 2007-06-11
Share The Serenity
Maria Burg 2007-08-18
Shared Aphgan
Sandy Moilanen 2007-03-16
Sharing God's Love Through Knit And Crochet
Peggy Hensley 2007-03-19
Sharing The Hugs
Sheila Angalet 2007-03-16
Sharing The Warmth While Volunteering
Susan Aldous 2007-03-30
She Said I Didn't Do It Right
Sharon Hood 2008-02-15
Shepherd's Hook In My Pocket
Kathleen Griffin 2007-08-17
Shhh! Don't Tell Mom!
S Sarah 2007-03-16
Showing The European Way To Knit
Geraldine Dick 2007-08-17
Since I Was A Little Girl I Have Loved To Travel...
Darlene Duckworth 2008-05-16
Sisters In Christ For The Needy
Janis Fedor 2007-09-11
Small Yarn Shop
N Nancy 2007-03-22
So Easy To Start Again
Mary Mcnulty 2008-03-03
So I'm Not Such A Klutz!
Barbara Goodman 2007-03-26
Solving My Husband's Sore Throat
Melody Poe 2008-05-18
Some Joys Of Knitting
Marcell Thompson 2007-06-14
Something I've Always Wanted To Do
Davida Polzel 2007-06-09
Something New
J Jodie 2007-06-08
Soothing Memories
Pat Gilardi 2007-03-15
Souvenir Of Italy
Lynnette Dobberpuhl 2008-05-17
Spending Time With My Nonna
A Defilippo 2007-06-18
Spread A Little Love Around
Sandy Van Wormer 2007-03-16
Spreading Warmth
Kj Herzog 2007-03-16
Spreding The Word, Knitting
J Joanne 2008-05-16
Started Knitting When I Was 11 Yrs Old & Crocheting At Age 19.
Karen L. Buser 2007-06-10
Staying Alive!
Kim Holderer 2007-03-22
Still In Stitches 2007-06-14
Stitching To Calm
Ann Wilkinson 2007-03-19
Stress Relief
Randy Brown 2008-03-06
Struggles With Yarn
Sandra Valtas 2007-03-20
Gail Sharp 2007-04-02
Suede Saves Daughter
Juanita Sinclair 2007-08-17
Surprise Scarf
Rebecca Toney 2008-05-16
Teaching Children To Crochet
Tammy Williams 2007-08-18
Teresa's Class
Kim Dallum 2007-07-07
Testimony Of A Knitprayer
Marie Leonard 2007-03-15
Thank You Grandma
Kim Ranlett 2007-03-16
Thank You Nana & Mother
Christine Adamonis 2007-06-10
Thanks Crochet
Donna Hoot 2007-08-21
Thanks For The Challenge...
Molly Bagaglio 2007-09-15
Thanks Mom
Patti Abdalla 2007-06-12
Thanks To My Mother-in-law
Jane Brauch 2007-06-11
That Crazy Day In 2004
Anna Johnson 2007-06-15
The Beginning.....
S Sandi 2007-08-20
The Bessings Of A Prayer Shawl
Georgia Barton 2007-06-10
The Blue Sweater
Joy Kramer 2007-09-07
The Circle Of Knitting
Karla Umland 2007-03-16
The Comfort In Knitting
Carole Havrila 2007-06-22
The Contentment Of Knitting
Lisa Diisso 2007-08-18
The Crochet Club
Virginia Kuzel 2007-03-16
The Desire To Learn To Knit
Valli Blaydon 2007-03-16
The First And Only Thing I Had Ever Knit Until A...
Meredith Fossett 2007-03-18
The Gift Of Crochet
Frank M Daniel 2007-06-11
The Gift Of Giving
Marie Gouldie 2007-06-10
The Gift Of Knitting
Gloria Ericsen 2007-03-16
The International Language Of Knitting
Sarah Lart 2007-08-18
The Joy Of The Journey To Creativity
Sharon Feldman 2007-06-16
The Knutty Knitter
John Nader 2007-04-09
The Lady From England Who Cared.
Charlotte Cox 2007-03-16
The Lessons Grandma Taught Me
Joann Jones 2007-03-16
The Lessons Grandma Taught Me
Joann Jones 2007-03-16
The Lion In Me
June Quinlan 2007-03-16
The Mohair Route
Bonnie Tedrow 2008-05-18
The Office Blanket
Abby Heidebrecht 2007-03-16
The Power Of The Yarn
C Wallis Davenport 2007-03-19
The Red Sweater
Judith V. Arrington 2007-03-22
The Scarf
Barbara Neu 2007-09-09
The Skie Is The Limit
J Jaelyne 2007-03-21
The Sound Of Knitting Needles
A Anita 2007-03-16
The Stress Of Lupus
April Powers 2007-08-18
The Surgery
Annie Barentine 2007-08-18
The Teacher
Linda Patrick 2007-03-19
The Teen Knitting Club
Michaela Johnson 2007-06-09
The Toe Up Sock
Pamela Hayden 2007-08-18
The Traveling Baby Blanket
Lucy Tarangelo 2008-05-18
The Truth Is, I Am A Terrible Knitter. I Start...
Brenda Barker 2007-06-11
The Way Home
Kathy Hamby 2007-03-16
The Way I Give...
Claire Limandri 2007-03-19
There's Greater Happiness In....
Erika Marsili 2007-03-27
They Found My Mother Again!
Colleen Kessel 2008-01-05
Three Generations Of Xmas Stockings
Nancy A Downie 2007-08-17
Throws/baby Blanket (throw)
Barbara Theriault 2007-03-16
Time At The Rest Home
Susan Brown 2007-06-12
Time To Learn Is Never Late 2007-03-20
Time With Grandma
Alani Kerr 2007-08-18
Timing Is Everything
Jean Tanner 2007-08-17
Toddler Speed To Patience
Laura Honeycutt 2008-05-16
Too Young And Bored! 2007-06-09
Tornadoes And Yarn

i Have Learned When...

M Molly 2007-04-16
Transforming Transplant
Marilynn Newman 2007-06-10
Travel Project
Barbara Childs 2008-05-30
Traveling Yarn Worker
Emily Pselos 2008-05-22
Travelling Projects
Mary Lester 2008-05-16
Trials And Tribulations Of A So-so Knitter
Margaret Pahud 2008-01-25
Turning The Heel
Kay Mickel 2008-03-07
Twenty Years Ago, I Was In My Junior Year Of...
Maria Berke 2008-05-15
Twenty-six Years Of Crocheting...and Loving It!
Wilma Walsh 2007-03-22
Twisted Knits
Robin Whitford 2007-03-16
Two And A Half Days To Texas
Kathy Peck 2008-05-18
Sharon Carleton 2007-06-10
Up In Smoke
Joan Johnson 2007-08-18
Waiting And Knitting
Stephanie Lundquist 2007-08-20
Wanting To Make A Difference
Laura Ibach 2007-06-11
War And Peace
Rachel Steiner 2007-07-05
Warm, Fuzzy And Nutty. 2007-06-10
Warm, Fuzzy Feelings About Crocheting And Knitting
Betty Johnson 2008-02-19
We Growing Up As A Child I Knew I Had A Grandma...
Carrie Dyer 2007-07-26
What Grandmas Do...
Betsy Gordon 2007-06-10
What I Discovered My Daughter Noticed
Sheila Sherman 2007-08-17
What My Grandma Taught Me...
Susan Harris-rohde 2007-03-21
What Started Out As A Hobby - Has Helped Many Lives
M Milliehernandez 2007-06-15
What They Don't Teach In High School
Lorelei Azarian 2007-03-26
Whatcha Making?
Pat Baumgartner 2007-03-16
When Didn't I Know How To Knit?
Marie George 2007-06-10
When I Was A Mere Child, My Grandmother Taught Me...
Melody Saylor 2008-05-17
When I Was About 7 Or 8, My Mother Taught Me How...
Laurea Mcleon 2007-03-16
When I Was About Eleven Years Old, I Was Taught...
Wendy Wilson 2007-03-16
When I Was In My Third Year Of University, I Ran...
Amy Orford 2007-03-22
When I Was Young, Maybe Around Seven Or Eight...
Jill Grusak 2007-03-16
When My Dad Was Diagnosed With Leukemia In August...
Cecelia Mercer 2007-08-19
When Rights Were Wrongs
Nancy J Allen 2007-09-18
When Traveling To And Thru China This Past...
Janet Liebowitz 2008-05-16
When We Travel, My Husband Heads For The Antique...
Michelle Goodson 2008-05-16
Where To Begin! I Have A Good Friend Who Can...
Karen Snyder 2007-06-10
Who Knew....
Ruth Sias 2007-06-11
Why I Knit
Lynne Cohen 2007-08-17
Why Insanknity?
Veronica Disilvestro 2007-03-16
Why It Becomes A Passion For Some
Aniko Kiss 2007-08-18
Why Knitting?
Kathryn Jacoby 2007-09-03
Why No Mens Sweaters?
Albert J Madden 2007-06-10
Winners Ride The Bus 2008-05-19
Wise Granny
R Ruth 2007-08-17
Women's Knitting Ministry Touches Lives
Neva Hall 2007-03-19
Worthy Use Of Leisure Time Activities
Shirley Sparks 2007-06-09
Wow That Long!
Jennifer Roth 2007-04-05
Wrapped In Gratitude
Mellanay P. Auman 2007-06-09
Yarn In The Cereal Boxes?
Jan Mcintyre-ba 2007-08-19
Yarn, Yarn And More Yarn.......
Kathy O'callaghan 2007-06-11
Yarns Of Love
Ds Hurd 2007-03-17
Years Ago When My Husband Had A Stroke, I Used To... 2007-06-12
Yes, Ken, Real Men Do Knit!
Rob Jarrad 2007-03-16
You Never Lose The Hang Of Knitting
Barbara K Brown 2007-03-22
Jennifer Krieger 2007-08-22
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