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Stories to Share

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Stories from the Prayer Shawl Ministry
Charity Stories


Table of Contents: Stories from the Prayer Shawl Ministry
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"a Hug From God" In Stitches
Janie Lester 2008-02-21
"if My Shawl Could Sing"
Chris Wolf 2008-02-15
"sharing God's Love"
Penny Belden 2008-02-20
'hugs-to-go' Ministry A Blessing To Stitchers, Recipients
Marie K Salen 2008-03-27
'i Wish You Could Have Seen Her Face'
Deanne Moscrop 2008-09-20
108 Stitches
Judy Gordon 2008-03-28
23 Psalm Bracelt - Shawl
Debbie Wellman 2008-02-15
3 Knitting Sisters
Judy Cockrum 2008-02-27
5th Grade Students Learn And Share
Maureen Pfeifer 2008-09-21
A Blessing For All
Kay Callahan 2008-02-15
A Gift For Heather
Dianna Davis 2008-09-20
A Hug For A Military Wife
Catherine Hollingsworth 2008-02-28
A Hug From God
Juanita Williamson 2008-09-20
A Hug From The Lord
Lynn Recknor 2008-10-24
A Jewish Prayer Shawl
Adele Levine 2008-03-08
A Labor Of Love
Jane Wilkins 2008-02-15
A Missed Stitch (ms)
Elizabeth Stout 2008-03-09
A Simple Gift Can Save A Life
J. T. Laurie 2008-03-01
A Special Friend
Louise Potter 2008-02-17
A Very Special Shawl
Bonniejean Kline 2008-03-01
A Warm Hug
Lori Nicholson 2008-10-19
Accidental Blessing
Velynda Wilson 2008-03-02
After A Dream
Marcia Slater 2008-09-18
All Saints Lutheran Prayer Shawl Ministery
Jean Simmons 2008-02-15
All Saints Parish Prayer Shawl Ministry's
Dona Kocylowski 2008-03-12
Although I Live In A Large City, It Was Difficult...
Jeanne Muse 2008-02-23
An Unintentional Ministry
Barbara Woodfin 2008-02-14
Angel Hugs
Kim Black 2008-02-16
Arms Of Jesus
Nikki Carpenter 2008-03-13
As A Little Girl Knitting Facinated Me - But I...
Lolly Kannai 2008-03-03
Aunties Courage
Sharon Thompson 2008-04-08
Babies To Deacon's Wife
Barbara S. Mcdonald 2008-02-19
Baptismal Stole
Gordon Kilburn 2008-09-18
Before I Made My First Prayer Shawl, I Thought,...
Debbie Calderone 2008-03-06
Benny's Mom
Rosemary Eichler 2008-06-30
Blessings Abound
Rosie Rundell 2008-02-15
Blessings Abound!
Vicki Bridges 2008-02-17
Blessings And Therapy
Kathleen Crapse 2008-09-19
Burial Gowns And Little Boy Sets
Hellen Norton 2008-09-19
Chemo Warmth
Cheryl Gentry 2008-09-27
Comfy And Cozy
Trish Alden 2008-09-18
Coming Full Circle
Vicki Heins 2008-02-29
Cherie Scogin 2008-09-19
Covered In Love From Head To Toe
Carol Tomerlin 2008-02-15
Crafters With Purpose
Dawna Penrod 2008-02-15
Dedicated For A Special Person
Debbie Andretta 2008-02-16
Des Moines Church Prayer Shawl Ministry
Linda Amis 2008-02-15
During The Summer Of 2007, A Great Friend Of Mine...
Joyce A. Hutt 2008-02-14
Easing Her Pain
Marilyn Striano 2008-02-15
Father James Martin, S.j. 105 Years Old!
Carolynn Moritz 2008-02-16
Favorite Projects
Sue Daidone 2008-02-15
Finding A Way
Helen Ashenfelter 2008-02-15
Follow Your Heart
Sandra Everett 2008-02-19
For Karol Ann
Julie Smith 2008-02-15
Friend To Friend
Susan Rogers 2008-02-20
From 5 To 125
Joyce Winston 2008-03-07
From Thread Of Hope To Miracle Mason
Janet Windon 2008-03-05
Giving Back
Yvonne Wigfall 2008-02-24
Giving Peace And Hope To Others
Lindsey Ganon 2008-02-15
Mary Dillon 2008-02-15
God Is Stilll Speaking
Betty-lou Jones 2008-03-07
God’s Hands At Work
Marilyn S Lundquist 2008-02-24
Grace Prayer Shawl Ministry, Jefferson City, Mo
Paula Bone 2008-02-21
Gramma's Yarn
Tami Winkfield 2008-03-02
Have Faith
Marge Murphy 2008-02-19
Healing Shawls Of Maine Donates Healing Shawls To Cancer Patients
Cindy Bulkley 2008-02-19
Healing Through Giving
L Lizzy 2008-02-15
Healing Thru Shawls
S Stacey 2008-02-17
Healthy Cells Blanket
Joan E Barry 2008-09-12
Heavenly Needles
Peggy Knecht 2008-02-15
Heavenly Shawls
Marilyn Wetzel 2008-02-16
Hospice Care
Linda Haverty 2008-09-20
How God Can Use Leftover Yarn
Michele Bowen 2008-03-01
How I Started The Prayer Shawl Ministry At My Church
Connie Juhl 2008-02-15
Hug And A Prayer Shawls
Kathleen Deane 2008-02-22
Hug Rug
Mary Jo Lewellen 2008-11-23
Hugghans 2008-03-01
Hugs For My Grandchildren
Kathy Mathosian 2008-11-12
Humble Hands Prayer Shawl Ministry
Ann Adams 2008-02-29
Hurricane Ike
Sharon Pfrang 2008-11-11
I Already Submitted A Story Telling How Our...
Roberta Lightner 2008-03-09
I Am A Mature (over 50) College Student. I Knit...
Karla Sprague 2008-02-14
I Am Coordinator For Second Congregational Church...
Roberta Ferguson 2008-04-14
I Am The Only Person In My Church Who Either...
Velynda Wilson 2008-02-16
I Began My Prayer Shawl Ministry In 2006 When I...
Cathie Mcfadden 2008-02-16
I Belong To A Group That Meets Once A Week To...
Carol Dowell 2008-03-01
I Came Across One Of The Prayer Shawl Patterns... 2008-03-04
I Created A Prayer Shawl For My Step-mother In...
Stephenie Del Rio Serna 2008-02-16
I Don't Belong To A Formal Prayer Shawl...
Sunny Fullas 2008-02-19
I Don't Have A Story, But I Would Like To...
Carlene Robinson 2008-02-20
I Don't Know If You Would Call It A...
Janet Hatcher 2008-02-20
I Have Always Loved To Knit. I Find It Relaxing...
Barbara Morehouse 2008-02-17
I Have Been Blessed By The Lord!!!
Karen Lyons 2008-04-23
I Have Been Crocheting For Many Years And Joined...
Shirley Nelson 2008-02-29
I Have Two Daughters, Ages 21 And 19. My Husband...
Dani Flowers 2008-02-17
I Joined A Prayer Shawl Ministry At Zion Lutheran...
Mary Beihl 2008-02-15
I Prefer To Knitting And Crochet And I Need To...
Nui Boonparn 2008-02-15
I Recently Purchased Three Baskets From...
Kathleen Cameron 2008-04-04
I Started Our Prayer Shawl Ministry In June 2007...
Kay Holland 2008-02-15
I Started Participating In My Church's (st....
Elizabeth Gober 2008-03-01
I Started To Knit Prayer Shawls For A Friend Who...
Val Gordon 2008-02-15
I Think Sometimes We Wonder If Our Prayer Shawls...
N Nora 2008-02-19
I Was Introduced To Prayer Shawls A Few Years...
Kathleen Crapse 2008-02-17
I Was Working The Election Poll, Held In A...
Anne R. Fitzgerald 2008-02-15
I'd Like To Share The Story Of My First...
Leslie Y Seese 2008-02-19
If Hope Was A Color
Ellen Stites 2008-09-19
In Honor Of My Son
Maria Cieri 2008-02-16
In The Beginning
Linda Gebhart 2008-02-14
Isn't It Amazing What God Can Do With A Little Bit Of Yarn.
Sharon Abrams 2008-02-18
It All Began With One Shawl....
Cathy Schneider 2008-02-15
It May Not Be A Ministry But...
Patricia Milo 2008-09-19
It's Never Too Late!
Teri Smurl 2008-02-17
Joy And Blessings
Sharon Burnett 2008-02-29
Joy Of Service By Laurie Miller
Betty Sheaffer 2008-02-18
Just Learning How To Knit!
Nancy Ward 2008-09-22
Knit One, Pray Too
C Carol 2008-02-16
Knit One, Pray Too
Deanna Van Schagen 2008-03-01
Knit One.. Pray Too.
Mary J Swoboda 2008-02-14
Knit Wits
Betty Marzke 2008-02-27
Knit-ins At First United Methodist Church, Fort Collins, Colorado
Elva Alden 2008-02-15
Knitting For Brisbanes Needy
Megan Scott 2008-03-01
Knitting In Florida
J Jeanne 2008-02-15
Living In Recovery
Donna Lieffers 2008-03-03
Long Distance Hugs
Leann Strobel 2008-02-16
Long Distant Hug
Tracy Fillmore-frey 2008-02-18
Lord, Bless The Work Of My Hands
Melanie Werley 2008-02-15
Losing Our Home
Geoya Stout 2008-09-19
Love Of A Church
Karen E. Showers 2008-02-29
Loving Embrace
Carrie Scalzo 2008-03-01
Make A Difference For Someone
Bonnie Tyo 2008-02-22
Mama's Prayer Shawl 2008-09-18
Maw-maw's Gift
Staci Ellard 2008-09-23
Melissa's Story
Marilyn Warnock 2008-03-02
Methodist Church's Prayer Shawls
Lisa Hayes 2008-03-03
Military Hugs
Terry Sargent 2008-09-19
Miracles All Knitted Together
Virgina Arnette 2008-04-12
Mom's Prayer Shawl
Gail Hollingsworth 2008-03-01
Momma Loves You
Marianne Sipka 2008-02-16
Mother's Love
Candice Taylor 2008-02-24
Mt. Moriah Umc Purls & Chains
Becky Fisher 2008-02-15
Mt. Pisgah's Prayer Stitchers
Sandra Harrington 2008-02-21
My Angel Ann
Fran Onishi 2008-02-17
My Church Started A Prayer Shawl Ministry Several...
Ruth Salter 2008-02-29
My Connection With Prayer Shawls Started In...
Anne Iwen 2008-09-19
My Cousin-in-law, Kelly Was Stationed In Hawaii...
Kunni Biener 2008-02-29
My Darling Daughter
Sherrie Jarrett 2008-02-15
My Experience
Crystal Lowe 2008-09-19
My Family's Prayers
Laura Karowski 2008-02-15
My First Prayer Shawl
Judy Taylor 2008-02-14
My First Prayer Shawl
Valerie Braddock 2008-02-17
My First Prayer Shawl
Pam C 2008-09-19
My First Prayer Shawl Was Last May For My...
Margaret Manning 2008-02-15
My Friend
Terrie Jones 2008-03-03
My Husband Is In The Army And We Are Stationed In...
Laura Lusby 2008-02-17
My Ministry
Jill Helscher 2008-02-15
My Mother
Debra Davis 2008-02-17
My Mother Had Fallen And Broken Her Hip, Only...
Karen Sanford 2008-03-02
My Personal Story
Diane Curtis 2008-11-10
My Pocket Wrap/prayer Shawl Ministry
Sandy Swaney 2008-02-17
My Prayer Afghan Ministry Started With My...
Mary Lou George 2008-02-14
My Prayer Shawls
Brandee Holland 2008-02-15
My Prayer Was Answered
Marcia Sanford 2008-02-18
My Sister Died In A Car Wreck On Feb. 12, 2006. ...
Brenda Deleon 2008-02-15
My Sister Is One Of The Most Giving People I...
Eileen Schmidt 2008-03-01
My Story Is About The Ladies Of The First...
Faye Cline 2008-02-15
Nana's Love Blanket
Shirley Seale 2008-03-02
Nana's Shawl
Jenna Maiorelle 2008-09-19
New Ministry At Episcopal Church
Georgia Brown 2008-02-20
New Shawl Ministry
Sue Rolison 2008-02-18
Non-denominational Shawl
Janell C. Bennett 2008-09-21
Notes On A Prayer Shawl
Michael Leins 2009-06-02
On July 4, 2005 My Son William, At The Age Of 27...
Judy Slarve 2008-02-22
Once Upon A Prayer Shawl
L Laura 2008-02-15
One Blanket Was The Begining
Dale Sereno 2008-04-15
Our Church (emmanuel Episcopal Church) Has A...
Patti Vail 2008-02-14
Our Hands Become God's Hands
Barbara Mays-stock 2008-02-16
Our Ministry Stared 3 Years Ago By Pam Reilly Our...
Anita Scholtens 2008-02-22
Our Ministry Started At Grace Bible Church In Sun...
Claire Bingham 2008-02-15
Our Ministry Started By Someone Receving A Prayer...
M Marylee 2008-03-07
Our Prayer Shawl Ministry
Linda Palmer 2008-02-15
Our Prayer Shawl Ministry At Peace Lutheran...
Susan Woodcock 2008-02-17
Our Prayer Shawl Ministry Began In January 2007,...
Phyllis Apkarian 2008-04-04
Our Prayer Shawl Ministry Began Two Years Ago And...
Sharon Andrews 2008-03-01
Our Prayer Shawl Ministry Began Two Years Ago...
Marilyn Rozelle 2008-02-21
Our Prayer Shawl Ministry Was Started...
Patricia De Long 2008-02-15
Our Synagogue, Young Israel Of Brookline, In... 2008-03-03
Pay It Forward
Shirlene Lucy 2008-03-27
Perfect Timing
Carol May 2008-02-15
Personal Comfort Shawl

a Year Ago On...

Helen Sanford 2008-03-01
Pic Of Shawl.
Cynthia Cunha 2008-02-26
Power In Prayer And Knitting
Connie Jacques 2008-02-14
Power Of Prayer
Connie Galli 2008-03-01
Prayer Knits
Betty L Knutson 2008-02-15
Prayer Scarves
Terry Cavanaugh 2008-03-02
Prayer Shawl
Joyce Powell 2008-02-14
Prayer Shawl
Eva Schwartz 2008-02-15
Prayer Shawl
Bette Perkins 2008-02-16
Prayer Shawl
Pat Talyor 2008-02-16
Prayer Shawl
Nan Chedester 2008-02-19
Prayer Shawl
Doris Caco 2008-03-13
Prayer Shawl Ministry

inspired By The...

Lynne Allen 2008-03-02
Prayer Shawl Ministry
france Memorial...

Susan Pixler 2008-02-15
Prayer Shawl Ministry - One Yr. Anniversary In Goshen Ny
W Wendy 2008-09-19
Prayer Shawl Ministry At St. Andrew The Apostle Church
Julienne Ricchiazzi 2008-03-28
Prayer Shawl Ministry In Memory Of Christine Blatnik
Jean Donovan 2008-02-15
Prayer Shawl Ministry-- Heber Spring, Arkansas
N Nancy 2008-02-24
Prayer Shawl Ministryof Fum Church
Lois Weibley 2008-02-18
Prayer Shawl Story
Nancy Ecarius 2008-02-14
Prayer Shawls
Robin Salai 2008-02-15
Prayer Shawls
C Carol 2008-02-15
Prayer Shawls
C Eden 2008-09-18
Prayer Shawls
Mary Curreri 2008-09-18
Prayer Shawls
Barb Cass 2008-12-11
Prayer Shawls And Friends
Marjorie Flathers 2008-02-18
Prayer Shawls For Angels
Cindy Floyd 2008-02-15
Prayer Shawls For Friends 2008-02-18
Prayer Shawls For Those In Need
Cynthia Cunha 2008-02-17
Prayer Shawls Used For Religious Purposes
Phyllis Newman 2008-03-12
Prayer Shawls...a Circle Of Love
Beverly Fleming 2008-04-04
Prayers In The Pocket
Sandra Woodward 2008-11-08
Prayers To Stay
Mabel Durrell 2008-10-06
Praying Without End
Areena Block 2008-09-21
Presby Prayer Shawls
Roberta Lightner 2008-02-20
Project With Meaning
Tina Dettbarn 2008-02-21
Purls And Prayers
Debbie Miller 2008-03-31
Pvbc Prayer Shawl Ministry
Vicki Difrancesco 2008-11-11
Recycling The Love
Jamie Johnson 2008-04-02
Retired Marine Crochets Shawls
Holly Paulson 2008-02-16
Sending Love And Prayers
Patricia Reed 2008-02-16
Several Years Ago My Husbands Grand Daughter Had...
Fran Dreisigmeyer 2008-02-15
Share The Love
Geneva Larrair 2008-03-01
Sharing God's Hugs
Sherry Davis 2008-03-05
Sharing The Love
Lorianne Fisher Koneczny 2008-02-18
Shawl For A Sister
Mary Ohno 2008-09-20
Shawl Of Hope
Gail E 2008-02-15
Shawls For Health
Claudia Duran 2008-05-30
Shawls From A Legally Blind Lady
Netagene Kirkpatrick 2008-02-16
Shawls In Montana
Dixie L Feller 2008-02-15
Shawls Of Love
Ruth Piper 2008-09-18
Shawls Worn In Love
Jennie Morey 2008-02-15
Silent Witness
Liz O'malley 2008-03-04
Silent Witness Ceremony
Liz O'malley 2008-03-01
Smyrna, Delaware St. Peter's Episcopal Prayer Shawl Ministry
Broshia Andrews 2008-03-11
Soothing Shawls
Debra Taylor 2008-03-01
Soul Stitchers
Nikki Zarefsky 2008-03-01
Special Delivery
Beth Kent 2008-03-01
Spreading Our Love Around
Kecia Stanley 2008-03-01
Squares Of Prayers
Clarke, Anne 2008-02-29
St. Anthony's Prayer Shawl Ministry
Geri Rogers 2008-03-05
St. Matthews By-the-sea Prayer Shawl Ministry
Marie Rowe 2008-02-16
St. Paul Prayer Shawl Ministry
St Paul Lutheran Church 2008-02-16
St. Peter's Prayer Shawl Ministry
Mary Paulson 2008-02-23
Stitches Of Prayers
Gladious Stout 2008-03-01
Suprised To Be A Recipient!
Jane Gegel 2008-02-18
Surrounding Parishioners With Love
Annette Moulton 2008-02-24
The "work" In Our Little Church.
Patsy Atkins 2008-02-18
The Forefront Stitchers Bring Comfort To Patients
Jane Mcatee 2008-09-19
The Journey Of A Prayer Shawl
Sharon Woolery 2008-09-22
The Joy From Giving A Prayer Shawl
Johanna Waller 2008-03-18
The Lawrence King Memorial Group.
Cora Shaw 2008-03-01
The Life Of A Prayer Shawl 2008-03-02
The Ministry At Out Church (trinity Umc In...
Kathy Norrod 2008-02-15
The Morning Glories
Lannie Mease 2008-02-19
The Mystery And Magic Of The Shawl Ministry
The Rev. Johnine Byrer 2008-02-16
The Pray Love Blanket
Amanda Cox 2008-09-19
The Prayer Shaw Ministery At First Presbyterian...
Joan Steven 2008-02-29
The Prayer Shawl Cure
Jill Reeder 2008-02-17
The Strait Stitchers
Judy Churchill 2008-02-29
The Strength Of A Mother
Lori Nicholson 2008-09-24
The Sweetest Words, Thank You Mary
M Mary 2008-02-15
The United Church Of Christ, Norwell...
Judy Paulding 2008-03-04
This Prayer Shawl Is Not Part Of A Ministry. It...
Lois Stanley 2008-02-21
This Shawl Or Lap Robe Was Handmade For You By...
Becky B 2008-03-07
Through Tragedy To Joy
Lynnette Dobberpuhl 2008-09-19
Throws For Recovery
Florence Colburn 2008-02-15
To My Big Guns
Janell C. Bennett 2008-03-01
Touch Of Love
Yvette Tanner 2008-03-23
Touching A Patient In A Different Way
Mary Pelrine 2008-02-28
Tower Of The Lord Prayer Shawl Ministry
W Wendy 2008-02-15
Tpc Prayer Shawl Ministry
Paula Lecates 2008-02-15
Transplant Shawl
Patricia Lingerfelt-tait 2008-09-21
Trinity Ame Church-shawl Ministry
Janette Price 2008-02-15
Trinity's Prayer Shawl Ministry
Moncrief Linda 2008-02-15
Trinity's Prayer Shawls
Ruth Seganti 2008-02-22
Uncle Bob's Legacy
Karen M Watson 2008-03-06
Unexpected Results
M Michele 2008-11-11
Use My Hands O, Lord
Sue Antos 2008-03-28
Vicky Allen Pearce Hands Of Love Ministry
Pam Harris 2008-02-16
We Began Making Prayer Shawls In 2006 After...
Mary Baucher 2008-04-11
We Lost My 23 Year Old Grand Daughter Two Years...
Charlene Sahw 2008-02-19
We Started Our Prayer Shawl Ministry Over A Year...
Judith L Joldrichsen 2008-02-17
We Started Two "knit & Natter"...
Anna Briggs 2008-03-04
We Were Blessed
Kathy Villanueva 2008-02-14
What Goes Around Comes Around
Luann Brodigan 2008-09-21
What Should Have Been A Baby Blanket . . .
Darshani Sukumaran 2008-09-18
What To Do With My Shawl ???
Nancy Williams 2008-03-03
When A Friend Of Mine Told Me That Her Friend And...
Johnette Laconte 2008-02-21
When Grandpa Left Grandma
Monica Hoecker 2008-02-17
When I Submitted My Story About The Prayer Shawl...
N Nancy 2008-02-26
When My Mother Was Dying Of Als, Lou Gehrig's...
Courtney Lawton 2008-03-02
When Our Church Began Its Prayer Shawl Ministry,...
Michelle Green 2008-02-15
While I Am Not Part Of A Ministry, I Have Been...
Annette Klingaman 2008-02-15
While I Have Been Interested In Tis Misnisrty For...
Ang W 2008-02-19
Within A Year 2008-02-26
Women 4 Women Knitting For Peace
Diane Shields 2008-02-15
Wrap Up In Prayer
Ladonna Stout 2008-02-15
Wrapped In Love
Olinda Bradshaw 2008-02-15
Wrapped In Love And Prayers
Linda Earl 2010-03-22
Yarn Help's Spread God's Love, Stitch By Stitch
Mary Bryan 2008-03-12
You Want Me To What, Lord?!
Audrey R Ouhl 2008-02-15
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