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Home : Community : Customer Gallery : Non-denominational Shawl

Customer Projects - Get Inspired

Would you like to share a project that you have made from our yarns or our patterns?   Hundreds of thousands of people who care about your favorite craft will see your work.  Any submissions, particularly original ones are welcome, as long as the project was made from Lion Brand Yarn. 

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Non-denominational Shawl
Created By: Janell C. Bennett

I don't have a ministry but I have a rather cute prayer shawl story.

In 2007, my only great aunt was turning 90 years old. My great aunt, I feel, is one of the strongest women I known. This woman has buried her husband and five of her ten children. She was the head deaconess of her church for, I do believe, thirty years. Ladygirl has retired but she hasn't stopped praying for people.

Well, when I learn of her birthday I called her and asked her what would she like as a gift. She said the usual thing a long lived person say: "Child, I'm alive because the Lord let me live. I don't need anything but my family."

I wasn't deterred I asked her how and where did she pray. She used a thick pad of towels and throw rug beside her bed. I was delighted. I told her I was going to knit her prayer shawl so she could give her knees an occasional rest from kneeling. She laughed then asked me when did I learn to knit. I informed her that her sister, my late grandmother taught me when I was ten years old. She laughed again and asked if I could find a soft yellow yarn. I told her that her wish was my command. I went out that the following weekend and purchased the yarn and a new set of needles

I chose a "Roman Stripe" pattern with a two fringe. I knitted like I have never knitted before. In fact, the shawl was half completed when one of my overly spoiled cat tossed up an hairball all over the shawl. I was too shocked for words. Needless to say, I threw out the mess, cleaned my needles and started all over again.

I did finish the shawl on time and when my great aunt's birthday arrived I was floating on a cloud. Her oldest daughters arraigned a party for her at a senior citizen rec center. In my opinon it was more of a alter call then a party. Her children had three of their Mother's oldest cousins sing her favorite hymns. I felt like two cents not being able to sing that day. The pollen was as thick as mud that day.

Well, when it came time to give her her gifts, it was like having an audience with an elder stateperson. She accepted each gift with an hug and a kiss. It such a lovely moment.

After about three months, I decided to ask my great aunt how did she like the shawl. She informed me she hadn't taken it out of it's bag. I almost had a conniption fit. I spoke to her eldest daughter and asked why she hadn't used the shawl. What my cousin said had my jar dropping.

"She hasn't taken any of her gifts out of their boxes."

Well, I left it alone until May of 2008 when I made my "just checking in" call and got the shock of my life.

Me: How are you doing?

My great aunt: Not to good the arthritis is really hurting me today.

Me: Well, use your shawl and give your knees a break.

My great aunt: Honey, I know you meant well but I'm Baptist and we don't use icons.

Me: What?

My great aunt: You being Catholic and I'm sure they use shawls to pray with.

Me: Auntie, I'm United Methodist and a prayer shawl is non-denominational. It is a garment made out of and with love for a love one!

My great aunt: You're United Methodist! Oh!

Me: Auntie, I attended a Catholic high school but I'm still protestant!

My great aunt: So the shawl is just a shawl. It isn't a one religion shawl.

Me: (I laying across my bed with a pillow over my face by now) Yes, Auntie. You can use it to keep the chill off your shoulders during church or when you go out for fun.

My great aunt: Oh, I'm so glad to hear that. They finally fixed the air conditioning in the church and I have been getting a little chilled.

Me: As long as you use it Auntie. I want you to be comfortable and happy and if you ever want another one. Let me know. I have dozens of needles and tons of yarn.

My great aunt: Oh, thank you, baby. I swear my family just spoils me!

Me: We like spoiling me and I if find out you put your shawl back in its bag. I'll come over and tease you with Rosary beads!

My great aunt: You had to use 'the beads' when you were in that school?

Me: No, auntie, I'm just playing with you. Enjoy your shawl.

My great aunt: I will baby, I will. God bless and by by.

Me: By by Auntie.

I was seconds from going into a corner, standing on my head and screaming. Oh, well, at least now she is using it and enjoying it but to think my dear great aunt wouldn't use a collection of carefully connected loops of yarn because she felt it wasn't of her faith.

I am still laughing about her confusion and so is her daughter and I am hoping she will ask for another one. Lion brand has some of the most prettiest and happiest looking yarn around.

Thank you for letting me tell my prayer shawl story.

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