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Customer Projects - Get Inspired

Would you like to share a project that you have made from our yarns or our patterns?   Hundreds of thousands of people who care about your favorite craft will see your work.  Any submissions, particularly original ones are welcome, as long as the project was made from Lion Brand Yarn. 

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Knitting is a common language
Created By: Kellye Self

The question I am answering was "do you knit when you travel". Yes, I do. I have found that pulling out my knitting in an airport, on a plane or train, or just about anywhere will usually invite comment, either on knitting in general or on the project I'm knitting. If the commentary is from a fellow knitter, it is usually about the pattern, the yarn or something like that. When it is a non-knitter, it will usually be a query as to what the project is (unless it is obvious) and questions about how I learned to knit, how long I've knit, etc. Those comments are usually followed with something like "my grandma taught me how to knit when I was a child, but I don't remember how," or "I know I wouldn't have the patience for that." I generally try to encourage them to give it a try.

I learned to knit using knitting how-to videos on the internet and the patient help of a fellow mother at the dance studio who had taught herself to knit the same way. I've logged a lot of hours at the dance studio and knitting helps to pass the time and also give me something lovely at the nd of that time. Garter stitch scarves for a year, followed by a fascination with knitting in the round and felting, followed by socks! I'm still not brave enough for something like a sweater, quite honestly.

My favorite knitting conversation however, happened in the hallway of a dormitory in Novi Sad, Serbia, last summer (2007). I was there for a ballet intensive for my 13yo daughter, and quite honestly, didn't have much to do during the day while she danced...except relax. The heat was almost unbearable while I was there--106 in the shade, and no A/C. One afternoon though, I managed to find a cross-wind through open windows in the long hallway outside our bedroom and I pulled a chair from my bedroom and sat down to work on a lacy scarf in a cool cotton tha I have been knitting on and off for 2 years now...interestingly, it is the project I took along on that trip (I still haven't finished it). One of the ladies who worked for the school/dorm came along the hallway and stopped to look at my work and comment. Unfortunately, she spoke absolutely no English and I spoke almost no Serbian--just a hello, goodbye, see you later conversation on my part. She mimed knitting and indicated that she also knitted. I showed her my pattern and there was a spurt of conversation and, I'm sure, a look of utter confusion on my face. She smiled, patted my shoulder, and held up a finger for me to wait. She then went to get her purse/tote bag to show me what she was working on. Suffice to say that she is a much more skilled knitter than I am. It was a very intricate patterned sweater--absolutely gorgeous.

I managed to compliment her with my limited Serbian and she did the same to me (Dobro). Even though we could not communicate with spoken language, the common language of knitters made a bond between us for the rest of my stay and I can't think of it now, at home, without a smile on my face. For the 2 weeks that I was there, every time we passed each other, it was with a big smile and a mimed motion of knitting to each other. What a beautiful and lovely gift this hobby provided.

I am returning to Novi Sad this summer and hope to see my knitting friend again. This time, I have purchased a phrase book and hope to find out where she buys her yarn for her projects. There is something so enchanting about the idea of shopping for yarn in another country and seeing the variety and offering there. Who knows, perhaps I'll even find some Lion Brand yarn while I'm there--I'll bet it's cheaper at home though!

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