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Home : Community : Customer Gallery : Shawls in Montana

Customer Projects - Get Inspired

Would you like to share a project that you have made from our yarns or our patterns?   Hundreds of thousands of people who care about your favorite craft will see your work.  Any submissions, particularly original ones are welcome, as long as the project was made from Lion Brand Yarn. 

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Shawls in Montana
Created By: Dixie L Feller

I found a father and fan pattern for a shawl on the internet, and knitted it for my mother. Her and my father were moving from Craig Colorado to Misquite Nevada. My mother has COPD and my father suffers from a form of dementia. MY mother wanted to move so my father could be closer to specialist, and my father wanted to move because my mother needed to move to a warmer climate. I started knitting on this shawl while I was helping them pack for the move. I was able to finish it for her before they moved into thier new house. My Mother suffers from the cold. so I gave her the shawl to help keep her warm and to remember the move.

I then started an other shawl while my uncle, Aunt, Brother and I were driving back home after the move. We left my Brother in Grand Junction Colorado to pick up his truck, so he could return to Laramie Wyoming. While driving through Colorado my Uncle took a wrong turn, He took the secenic route. (not the shortest). We did not have a map and did not know what was happening. I was knitting on the shawl. It got dark, we ran out of pavement, there were cattle guards and forest service sign showning the names of roads. Remember we did not have a map it was dark, as in no lights anywhere. The road had curves and bends. We joke that God would have to leave a map in the middle of the road for us to get home. Well we finally seen some headlights and we flashe our lights at the car. He stopped and we ask how to get to Craig Colorado. Well he did not live there but he was able to read off his instructions backward and told us how to find the Highway. A side trip took 2 1/2 hours. We were only 30 miles from Craig when we turned on the secenic route. We found out later we drove over the top of a mountain. So this shawl is for my Aunt so she will never forget this road trip and how God answeren our statement about leaving a map in the middle of the road. (He did) I then knitted a twin shawl for my mother.

I was in church one day and a friend of mine told me that he husband was suffering from a form of dementia. I could see the pain she was in and how hard it was for her as she was trying to take care of the man who had been such a strong support in our church for years.

I felt moved by God to knit her a prayer shawl. I did not know that there were prayer shawl ministrys already started. I ask her what her favorite colors were. She told me that she loved purple and lavenders. So I bought Three shade of purple and lavender in cascade 220. I selected a pattern from the I found an other pattern in the FOLK SHAWLS book by Cheryl Oberle The feather and fan triangel shawl. I did not read the size of the shawl in the patter. 108 inches (9ft) at the top edge and 39 inches. This lady in not over 5'3" tall. She could fold it in half and it fit her fine, She wrapes her self in the shawl during the evenings espically after a hard day. She knows that soon he will need to go into a nursing home, She finds comfort that someone cared enough to make her a shawl.

My next shawl was for a woman who lost her son in a car wreck. He rolled is truck when he over corrected while driving on the freeway. God empressed on me about how much pain she was in. I ask her what color she liked and she told me just to make some out of the remenants from Sherlie's shawl. I ask her again what color she liked. and she told me lavender. This time I found some other purple and lavender yarn for her shawl. I knitted the Wool Peddler's shawl from Cheryl Oberle's Book FOLK SHAWLS. She stated that the pain got harder as time went on. I tried to tell her that the first shock was wearing off, and that when she put the shawl on to remember that people were praying for her and her pain. Her son was a major part in our churches worship team. His services did have several teenagers return to their churches and a couple of new converts, that accepted Jesus as their savior.

My next shawl is a combination of the top of the feather and fan triangel shawl, Plus I have added a row of Hearts that I adapted from a pattern in the NEW KNITTING STITCH LIBRARY by Lesley Stanfield. The next part is the lace part of the peddlers wool shawl. This shawl is for a member of our church whos son killed himself. Red is her favorite color so I selected a red heather for the body and a ruby red for the heart patter and a repeat of the red heather for the bottom to the shawl. I have shown her this shawl as I am working on it. She is very happy because ruby was her sons birthstone, and she is so happy that I have told her I am putting the hearts in the shawl to remind her of the verse in Psalm " I have hidden your laws in my heart that I might not sin against thee" I have shown her the repeat pattern of the yarn overs and that I have done 3 repeats for the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. I like the top of the feather and fan triangle shawl because it looks like a bird trying to fly off the knitting needles when you first start the pattern. I also like the way there are added stitches in the top that help allow the shawls to drap and stay on the shoulders.

I have also knitted some mobius scarfs from Cat Bordhi's book A TREASURY OF MAGICAL KNITTING. These I knit an wear, when the spirit moves me I give them away. These I have 8 or 9 in my closet at any givin time.

Most of my shawls are for people who are suffering pain from a loss, and they need something to wrap around themself to remember someone cares. Mine is a simple one person ministry. I start a shawl when I see the need, I want the person to know that it was made just for them and that The Holy Spirit wants me to make it for them. Each shawl is different.

My next shawl will be for a friend in a assissted living home. It will be red because it is her favorite color. (bright) she is losing her eyesight and can only see colors and shapes. I will also make a knitted red teddy bear for her to go with the shawl.

I knit during the evening while my husband watches the Pro Bull Riding on T.V. I knit 6 to 7 nights a week on my projects.

I also knit for the comunity knit of my favorite knitting shop in Billings Montana THE WILD PURL. We knit hats for premees, women who need hats because of chemo therapy. The Red scarves for children in college that are coming out of foster care. We knit for the Battered womans shelter.

To start a ministry look to see where the people are suffering and how can you help ease the pain. Teach others to knit, knit in public and answer questions. Talk to the people you are knitting for and find out what their needs are. Remember the lady whos husband has dementia, Well I go to her house talk with her husband and knit, so she can go shopping for groceries, go to lunch with a friend, or go to the Doctors office for a check up. Pray for the people you are knitting for, and let them know that you care,

I will email some photos later because I do not have then stored on my compute.

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