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Customer Projects - Get Inspired

Would you like to share a project that you have made from our yarns or our patterns?   Hundreds of thousands of people who care about your favorite craft will see your work.  Any submissions, particularly original ones are welcome, as long as the project was made from Lion Brand Yarn. 

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the joy of the journey to creativity

My name is Sharon Feldman a now mature woman, but due to the wondrous ways with my mind, I am still a child at heart. I learned to knit from my beloved nanny when i was just 5 yrs of age. I had a great curiosity and over the years to come it grew and grew.
As the years came and went and my life didn't turn out to be what every little girl dreamed it would be. I became chronically ill and lived in 24/7 pain. Yet the desire to knit never left me. I knew I would to knit again. I had and still have the dearest man, a friend who bought me all the knitting supplies I needed. So while laid up in bed I knitted afghan after afghan. I created 12 of them in one year and I presented each one for a surprise Christmas gift. Giving them made my heart melt.
At one point in my life I would make all the sweaters I needed to wear for the winter months, but now living in Florida they were no longer needed. Knitting saved my sanity back then, and it would once again do the same. Knowing that it completely calmed me down, I would never again be seen without my needles, yarn and whatever instructions I needed for the particular project I would be working on. While sitting in my doctors offices I was never known to not be knitting.
People say to me..."Oh, how can you do that?" I tell them the joy is in the making in the creating of each project. Like life, where I believe to only take one day at a time, I tell them I take one stitch at a time and I create beauty.
I had joint replacements in my thumbs due to one type of arthritis I have, and I truly never thought I would knit again,.... but I say, "Never say never." I picked up those needles and said, "Fingers and hands, do not fail me now." Sure enough one stitch followed the next and I had and still have a continuous smile on my face, even when I have to rip out many a row, or have many needs to put down the project due to pain. So I say to all you lost souls living with some type of problem and have no one to talk to or be with, find a craft you love and work hard at it. You will find friends just by being in the store where you need to buy the tools, you will get rewarded in more ways than you would even imagine. And if you only complete one square, be proud of that accomplishment and make another and another and so forth till you have many squares. Then join them together, one square at a time, and before you know it, you have an afghan. Now wouldn't you be proud of you?
The person who has benefits from doing this is you, and that is the only person that matters. You will find out you learned a major lesson in life. Just using those two needles and the yarn you needed, they have actually opened more doors to easing you pains and thereby creating a permanent smile on a once sad face. It creates a once lonely person such as I was, and opens doors to meeting many new people like you. If lucky enough as I have been many a time, you will make friends. Knitting is a universal language and I can not tell you how many people I have met just by sitting in waiting rooms in doctor offices, hospitals or such just knitting when all of a sudden a woman will come up to me and say..."May I interrupt you and ask you what you are making?" Conversations are created in a flash and if lucky enough you could get to the point to exchange telephone numbers or e-mails. If like me, who became a shut-in 16 yrs ago and lives in chronic pain 24/7, I now have a new world that opened to me. Life was once again a BEAUTIFUL PLACE TO WAKE UP TO EACH MORNING AND I COULD SMELL THE ROSES ALL OVER AGAIN. BOY DID THEY SMELL GOOD.
We are all put on the earth for a reason and we know not what for but mine could have been just to be a good listener to others who do not have neither family or friends to talk to. While we both knit they talk to me and vent out all the pain in their hearts. I feel if I have helped just one person than I have blessed. So when someone turns up their nose at me, saying how boring it is and how they could never do it, I just smile in return. I enjoy the part where I learn and learn how projects come together, how new yarns come about to be made and what projects they are best used for.
As a scalpel is the tool for a surgeon to make others, well, my choice of tools are needles that create beauty. So if you are like me and have many non-curable diseases, look ahead and knit, so you can keep the fingers moving even if you must stop many times. By keeping the brain cells active and the ability to create something, you know will bring a smile to someone's face. Have you not created the very best thing if you knew how to do to make that person smile? I think not!

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