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Customer Projects - Get Inspired

Would you like to share a project that you have made from our yarns or our patterns?   Hundreds of thousands of people who care about your favorite craft will see your work.  Any submissions, particularly original ones are welcome, as long as the project was made from Lion Brand Yarn. 

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Yarn, Yarn and more Yarn.......
Created By: Kathy O'Callaghan

I have been knitting and crocheting for 50 years...I learned from both my grandmothers at age 5. One who was Irish and loved to crochet baby sweaters, hats and booties and blankets and it amazed me to see something form from that little stick and the wonderful colors of yarns. My other grandmother was from Norway and loved to knit the Scandianavian sweaters and mittens and it facasinated me that those two sticks and the wonderful blend of colors could make such a warm and wonderful sweater....Hence the love affair with yarn, yarn and more yarn was created and a monster was born.

Through the years and after four children and now grandchildren and many family babies and weddings I am constantly making something for someone...and love to create and see the colors blend and feel of a warm and wonderful afghan or garment appear.

I love doing it all..crocheting is faster for some afghans and baby blankets and the many ponchos I have made...knitting for the lovely Irish patterns I love to do in scarfs, afghans and sweaters and I find knitting more relaxing. I can not go into a yarn store or look at a pattern book and not imagine myself not making something out of some new I buy and say someday I will get to many a knitter or crocheter does...only my husband says he will bury me in my room of yarn...I have bins and bins full of it and some how always find new yarns and patterns to buy...sometimes I will go to my stash and take out some of the yarn that I had purchased for some project long ago and now like the color for something new I feel calling me to make.

I love to read and read over 100 plus books a year and it would be my dream to open a store where you could come and I could teach you to knit or crochet and we could discuss the books I would also sell and recommend that you read....but, more than anything I would like just spending the time with someone making a new friend and making and sharing with them a new love of reading and knitting and crocheting. To create something from your heart and give to another is a wonderful to share of yourself.

I taught my grown daughter several years back to crochet first and I told her I would teach her to knit later on...she lives in Minnesota and I in New York so we don't spend that much time together...she not only mastered the crocheting and became an addict to it to but she taught herself to knit before I could and she tackled as one of her first projects a wonderful and intricate sweater for her came out beautiful and such a feat to take on as a first. She knits faster than I do and as I watch her it makes me remember sitting as a child watching with wonder my grandmothers and how I wanted to learn how to do that magic. When my daughter, who homeschools her children and has her masters and is always learning something new was introduced to these skills by me...she asked me, "Mom, is this going to be like when we go to the book store that we can not come out with out buying something?" My reply was it is worse....My husband tried to warn my son-in-law that he will need a room just for yarn but, my daughter is better than me and does not have the stash I have but, then she has not had the time to amass what I have...I tease her that when I die she can have all my yarn.

My granddaughter is 7 and she would like to learn but as of yet she likes her knitting machine as it goes faster. On my next visit to Minnesota hopefully she will show an interest and we can try to master it. She already has the loved of reading her mother and I do and I know that she will also someday have the love of knitting and crocheting and making things for all those that she loves for she has such a loving heart already and donated her hair on her own for Love of Locks for cancer patients. This passing along the love of knitting, crocheting and reading is something that makes the generations seem like we are all connected and will always be one.

One of the most satisfying projects I undertook was four years ago when my sister-in-law died very quickly from lung cancer and my husband's family was devastasted....I decided to make comfort blankets for each member of the family and I made eight afghans with my own stitch and one of my favorite and most comforting yarns...Lion Brands Homespun...I made one for each of her two daughters, her son, one for her when she was sick and her husband now uses, one for each of my husband's sisters,and brother, and of course my husband and a couple of nieces and cousins, With each one I picked out a wonderful color of homespun that made me think of the person I was making it for and then I added alittle poem to each one...

"that while Kathy was no longer with us...every time that they wrapped themselves up in their afghan know that she was with them and wrapping them in her arms with love and memories of all the good times would always would be with them" Those afghans were loved and I am glad that I finished them in less then two months time for the comfort it brought all of them.

Will my love of reading or knitting or yarn, yarn, yarn every cease???? I hope not for I would like to think if there is a hereafter that I will still me doing the is a nice legacy for people to remember of me I would like to think/ Creating and sharing and caring....enjoy one and all...there will never be enough yarn........

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